Doing The Mount Everest Way (Promotion Mix)

Make Yourself (product) Visible

Pure awe and wonder get hold of us when we see something as amazing as Mount Everest. Most of us wish to see it with naked eyes, and those who happen to see it with naked eyes wish to climb it and most of them actually does. To me going there just looking (naked eyes) at this grand peak in its full white royal grandeur is no less than climbing it.

The same rules should be applied to your promotion campaign or advertisement strategy.

Your visibility shouldn’t be like looking at some ordinary peak but rather like Mount Everest.  If its not, be sure you are neglected by most of your target market. Really I mean think about it how many of people would know the 3rd or 4th tallest peak in the world. See very few, just those peak freaks and that’s how I believe people would react to your visibility (promotion) effort if it happened to be 2nd, 3rd so on and so forth.

Though the top 3 spots for your visibility (promotion) are fine but going down than that is waste of resources, time. So let me say, top spot is what you have to focus on for your product visibility.

Now your visibility shouldn’t be limited to like appearing with full grandeur but think about it, there is something unique about Mount Everest that is its height, level of adventure and emotional satisfaction that it delivers when someone climb it up.

So like that your product should have some unique features and obviously if you want to capture market in current hyper competition with all these complexities and changes on daily basis you need to have something unique about your product.

Once you have it, the next thing is to make it visible in a way that it arouses that urge to climb it, to use it. And likewise it should also have that emotional side to it that it satisfies whenever utilized.

Things to remember

  • Don’t ever go for the cheap limited time ads (promotion sources, campaigns) that instead of making the whole visibility a great happening/sight makes it something normal. Don’t ever be tempted by cost saving when it comes to promotion use the best resources in the best possible way. Make it the Everest way.
  • As promotion is all about spreading the awareness about a product, company, brand you should focus on the type of medium you use in promotion. Like in radio promotion dig out the things that attracts customers, that makes them listen to things on radio it could be anything, voice over, a specific music etc use all these things in a best way possible to give your potential customers the feel of Mount Everest(product) on listening. Likewise focus on things in visuals that would captivate the minds of your audience. As it goes “seeing is believing”. Use the similar strategy for any other medium that you want to use.
  • Remember to focus on your uniqueness and other competitive edges in your promotion campaign plus the emotional satisfaction that your customers would have.
  • Remember, don’t be discriminatory on any basis in your promotional campaign if there is a Mr. perfect or super model in your campaign add some ordinary Joes too as we know quite different type of people (Mark Inglis) had climbed to the world tallest peak. So should your product be for all, you shouldn’t limit your product to BMW or Porsche holder (unless necessary, like it is meant for that segment). Associate your product with ordinary people in extraordinary ways.

Short and sweet

If you do it the Everest way you aced it, because that’s what appeals to human nature.

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