21 Nov 2014

Advertising: Celebrity VS Expert Endorsing, Which One is More Effective ?

advertising celebrity vs expert endorsing

According to a research, on average one out of every five advertisements in U.K and one out every four advertisements in U.S, includes a celebrity as an endorser. Not to mention that every fifth ad on global level features a celebrity (1) (honestly these “celebrity people” are making some really big money I am jealous! Don’t tell me you are not!!!).

Okay now let’s talk about effectiveness of these “celebrity people”, As you know the above research is specifically dealing with celebrity endorsing, so let me give you another reference that deals with both (celebrity & expert), according to another research, around 20% of television advertisements in the U.S  have some famous person as an endorser (2).

18 Nov 2014

25 Surprising Statistics About American Consumers/Customers

facts about american customer consumer

Here are some really interesting facts about American consumers/customers that I believe any small medium business owner would love to know!

13 Nov 2014

Target Market Research: Five Ways To Convince Customers To Take Part In Research

Target market research five ways to convice customers

So you are planning to conduct target market research to gain more insight, data, information to solve a particular problem, situation, to reorganize specific strategy or part of a specific strategy etc.

And for that you are required to have a huge sample so that you can make the most accurate conclusions. I mean when it comes to samples, the larger the sample the more reliable the results, right ?!

Fact: Companies across the globe invest about $33.5 billion in market research (1).

So here are five ways that you can use to convince greater number of prospects, customers to take part in research.

9 Nov 2014

21 Surprising Facts About Small Businesses in America

Small Business facts America

21 facts about small businesses that every entrepreneur, small business owner, investor in the U.S should know.

4 Nov 2014

Sales Lead: How Many Qualified Leads Are Enough?

Qualified sales leads

Well you would suggest, the maximum the better as

Maximum Qualified Leads = Maximum Sales = Maximum Profit

In my opinion, "no, not at all!!" and you ask "why ?!!!, what you mean ???"…

Well let me explain, bear with me!

31 Oct 2014

Direct Marketing: How To Generate Quality And Quantity Leads Via Direct Mail

Direct mail and direct marketing

Having been in direct marketing for over an year, I have learned few tricks that work for me and I wanted to share those tricks with you guys to reap the same benefits.

I have been using three methods for generating quality, quantity leads. 

24 Oct 2014

Business Competitiveness: Is It Possible To Have A Business Without Any Weaknesses?

Business Competitiveness

Is it possible to have such business? Is it feasible?
I have been thinking about this lately and here is my take on it.

Everything In Business (Resources)!

Everything (all resources) has its own use, place, specific purpose and when used properly, smartly according to its specific purpose, it delivers.

But when used otherwise, it results in certain weaknesses, for instance improper or ineffective use of R&D resources can result in poor product quality, poor design consequently product failure, customer dissatisfaction, shrinking profits, market share etc.

Now considering the above point, if you want to have a business without any or minimum weaknesses you need to cover all such weaknesses and for that you need to know the right, proper utilization of all your business resources. 

So the question now is..