17 Oct 2014

Direct Marketing: How To Make Mailing Lists That Would Generate Maximum Sales Leads

Direct marketing and mailing list making

So you are planning to use mailing lists (direct marketing approach) for some or all of your products/services but you are wondering about the mailing lists, you are confused rather you have no idea which type of mailing list would deliver, would get you the maximum sales leads.

Well it’s not such a big problem; yes! not a big problem unless you don’t know ;), so today I would give you an easy approach to create mailing lists that will surely deliver maximum.

The approach I am going to discuss with you guys is not ordinary, normal approach of making mailing lists by asking potential customers, buying mailing lists from third parties or capturing addresses of people from here and there and then bombarding them with your mails.

The idea is, your mail should connect, resonate with your potential clients/customers if it doesn’t then it would be waste of time and resources, right ?! and frustration!

11 Oct 2014

Quality Management: How To Identify Best Practices For Your Business In Terms Of Quality

Business Quality Management

About 64% of customers (in the US) consider lower quality to be the major cause of dissatisfaction (1).

Considering that fact, it is imperative for small medium business owners to seriously consider quality. 64% customers is a big number and given the competition such a number can wreck havoc on your business.

Now in my opinion the most important question is what the best practices are when it comes to quality, specific business and how can one identify them. That’s the most important question of all in my opinion. 

If you don’t know what are the best practices or should be the best practices in a given business situation or specific business then you won’t be able achieve what you want to achieve when it comes to quality.

So let’s answer that question ;)

18 Sep 2014

Why Your Business Needs Customer Oriented Salespersons

Customer Oriented Salespersons

In present day market, where customers have far more choices to choose from due to extreme homogeneity, consider the facts that over one million businesses starts in the united states alone each year (114 each hour) that excludes online start-ups (1)(2)

And out of those one million around 134,139 patents are issued roughly to the same number of businesses while the rest of the businesses are essentially “Me-Too’s (product/service)” numbering around 866,000 businesses (3).

Similarly there were around 125 million SME's world wide in 132 economies back in 2010 (4). And in my opinion majority of these businesses are “Me-Too’s (product/service)” too, considering the fact that nearly 50 percent of new products introduced in the market are complete failures and more than 70 percent do not reach their sales goals (5).

This has resulted in extreme homogeneity in products/services, extreme competition in the present day market and excessive number of options to choose from (for customers).

8 Sep 2014

Customer Data! Let The Customers Become The Managers

customer data and managers

Customer data (CD) is being used daily in almost any business. For instance Managers utilize CD to devise strategies, for market segmentation, to serve customers, to cross sell, to retain customers, to identify new needs, to provide customized products, to forecast demand, to foster relationships as we all know that without customer data relationship marketing is futile so on and so forth, so today I am going to give you guys a totally new approach to customer data.

What I mean by new approach is, that this time you are going to give back the CD to your customers, yep, you heard it right! This time you have to let the customers become the managers to decide, take decisions about your brand, products/services.

5 Sep 2014

B2B Direct Marketing: How To Convince Your Target Business Effectively!


I won’t go into details of why direct marketing in b2b makes more sense as most of you guys who are reading this probably know that already.

So let’s move to the main purpose of this article, “How to convince your target business effectively”, well it’s easy, yeah easy! if you know how to do it the right way and if you don’t well I am going to share my approach that would help you to do it the right way, hopefully.

To convince your target business, to cut a deal, you need two things.

1.      Right Message
2.      Right Offer

4 Sep 2014

Small Medium Business: When Do You Need Technology ?!

small medium business and technology

World has become a global business village due to advancements in technology, accessibility and sophisticated business practices (1).

Without any doubt this phenomena is affecting businesses world around. Now some businesses are adapting effectively to the change while others remain static. Static perhaps, because taken totally off guard by the present day technological onslaught or just clueless if their business really need any technology at all.

This article is dealing exactly with that question, to help you solve that riddle, if you really need any technology at all!

There are two things you need to look at, to solve this riddle.

1.      Look Inside

2.      Look Outside

16 Aug 2014

What Does Price Mean To The Customer ?

Whad does price mean to the customer

Good question and I would say the answer depends on the customer, to some it suggest product quality, to others it would mean lower quality etc in a nutshell it varies from one group of customers to another. I have done my own little research on the question and I got different answers.

I have mentioned those answers down below, I believe those answers would compel marketing lovers to look deeper into price, its influence on market, business, why does it carries different meaning to different customers etc.

And to know better, to understand further the underlying reasons, like why price meaning differ from one group of customer to another, I would recommend my readers to read the articles, sources given at the end of the article (in references).