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22 Apr 2015

Warning: Sales Promotion Can Kill Your Business

Sales Promotion, a common marketing practice employed by business owners, managers with an aim to improve sales, clear out inventories, launch new product, tackle competitors, attract retailers or middlemen so to expand and develop business further etc.

Now one may wonder, "How on earth can it kill your business when what it does is, completely the opposite ?!!!" Well being a franchise manager, I came to know about a situation faced by another franchise manager, what transpired in that manager situation is a lesson that every marketing manager should remember.

sales promotion marketing

2 Mar 2015


Hi my dear Friends

I just wanted to let you know that I will be sharing my posts in Gplus that will trigger notifications both Mr. Jingles & Email notification (in case you have turned off/blocked email notifications you will still receive MR.Jingles notification every time I share a post here on Gplus).

If you don’t like to receive my posts notifications kindly respond to this post. So I remove you from my future Mr. Jingles & Email notifications.

I apologize for any trouble this little post may have caused to you!

23 Feb 2015

Marketing: 30 Solid Facts & Actionable Insights On Sales

Sales are essential, vital part of any business, without it your business won’t survive and so every business search for new, different, effective ways to improve sales, this article won’t provide you methods on how to improve sales but instead will give you some really solid facts, actionable insights gathered from well reputed business, research journals, organizations from world around, to manage your business sales related activities efficiently & effectively.

These facts/insights are not like those “usual internet facts” rather these insights are backed up by solid objective verifiable researches conducted in the last 10 to 15 years, you can’t imagine how many research articles, business journals I went through to collect this stuff.

9 Feb 2015

Marketing: What Must Be a Marketer Pre & Post Sale Objective?

pre post sales objective

When it comes to pre/post sale objectives; every Marketer must have one objective in mind and that is to minimize the following two things.

1.     Perceived Risk (Pre Sale Objective)
2.     Cognitive Dissonance (Post Sale Objective)

2 Feb 2015

Marketing: What Should Be The Primary Function Of A Manager ?

Marketing Manager Primary Function

Everything in an organization, enterprise, small business exists in two states.

Two States

1.      Actual State

2.      Ideal State

A Marketing Manager or any Manager for that matter primary duty/function is to move things from actual state to ideal state by conducting continuous feasible tweaks, improvements, enhancements in all activities that are part of his organization, department, team, job description.

19 Jan 2015

How To Identify Factors That Hinder Sales (A New Approach)

sales drop and theory of planned behavior

Why do you think why we say things like wish I could own a Porsche, I wish I could travel the world, I wish I could go to the moon…

Interestingly there is a theory that explains all of this and not just that, that theory also provides you an explanation that why such wishes, desires are not fulfilled (read full article to understand how this theory can help you in identifying factors that hinder sales).

Interesting Read How to sell the unsaleable Products ?!!!

That theory is called theory of planned behavior (TPB), the theory of planned behavior was proposed by Icek Ajzen in 1985 through his article "From intentions to actions: A theory of planned behavior (1).