28 Nov 2016


There are several reasons that compel majority of would be entrepreneurs to start their own business, in this article I am going to mention the main or core reasons that push people to start their own business.

10 Main Reasons That Push People to Start their Own Business

Financially Healthy

Most people get into entrepreneurship because they have good bank balance probably because of retirement from their job along with all the benefits of retiring or winning a lottery or something in Las Vegas, robbing a bank (just kidding).

When people have money, most of the time they go to entrepreneurship.

Still there are some who are not financially healthy and although they have other reasons, motivators to get into entrepreneurship they really can’t but here is a fix, an article that you should read that will remove financial hurdle from your way.

Big Dreams!

Others go into entrepreneurship because of their gigantic dreams like having a private jet, great super cool mansions, kings life etc.

In fact according to a research around 75% small business owners in US are millionaires [1].

27 Nov 2016

Business Financing

Okay this article is not about the usual methods that are all over internet, talking about how to finance your small business, startup rather this article is about some really unique, practical methods that you can utilize to finance your business.

Side Note: If you have other worries related to business that you think would make things hard or probably worse for you if you go for your own business then you should read my this, a bit thorough article where I provide practical tips on how to manage almost all of your business worries that includes financial woes, marketing hurdles, branding insecurities, human resource related issues, problems etc read I Fear Starting Business!

So without further ado let’s get to those methods.

26 Sep 2016

Starting any business requires a great deal of effort, information, practical know-how and the same is the case with pharmacy business, you will need to consider many aspects before, during and after launching your business and this is what this article is about!

Pharmacy Business in Pakistan

In this not so boring article you will learn:

  1. Different pharmacy business models types, minimum-maximum initial investment required and return on that investment (ROI).
  2. I will be explaining pros & cons of each business model type and how can you increase ROI in each business types, plus I will also talk about important aspects of each business model type, aspects that are crucial to success of a given business model type.
  3. I will also show how you can launch and manage each business model type in a practical, efficient & effective manner, mentioning approximate resources using educated guess and my personal experience.
  4. I will also share how to fulfill legal requirements required by drug authority in Pakistan, to start a pharmacy business in Pakistan.

In a nutshell, by reading this article carefully with eyes popped out ;p, you will not only learn about the options that are available to you to invest in pharmacy business but will also gain good idea about resources needed and how much you are gonna make in profits by investing in a particular idea.

Not only that, you will also learn “no BS, NO beating around the bush, No boring theory” ;p but practical, actionable approach on how to launch and maintain a pharmacy business in Pakistan.

Okay now let’s get to it!

15 Sep 2016

Well if you are thinking about home based manufacturing business, want to launch a business from home by making a specific product or products but you don’t know how to do it practically, don’t know what things you will need, to get started!

Manufacturing Business

Well if that is the case!, then don’t worry, you are on the right page with the right guy ;), in this article I am going to (practically) help you exactly with that.

So bear with me ;) and kindly read the whole thing, without skimming a single line plus by reading I mean, carefully understanding each point, because it will be crucial to the success of your home based manufacturing business.

In this article I will not only highlight the tools, small machines you will need to start your own little business from home that will grow big over time but will also give you enough information, tips, how to’s that will enable you to get any kind of product launched from your own home with ease.

YES! I will give you few real life examples of small product manufacturing from home, explaining each and every step involve in it, from A2Z, leaving nothing out of the picture!

Yep! “no beating around the bush, no BS” but practical tips from how to get your product design, to mass production or manufacturing within budget, to hiring sales guys, to making sales with at least 25% ROI.

One more time! If you skim, if you just read it, without giving it a thought, I am afraid you won’t be able to get the benefits I am intending to give to you!

That is successfully launching a solid product from your home!

So get a cup of coffee and let’s start!

8 Sep 2016

Human Resource Picture

Hey guys, I have been asked online via emails, messages to write an article that delves on the scope of MBA, BBA specialization in human resources in Pakistan and to make a comparison of it with other specializations like marketing, finance etc.
While I have wrote extensively on why marketing is way better than out of all these three options I still needed to explain the benefits, pros & cons of other two as well.

In this little article I am going to elaborate on scope of being Specialized in Human Resources in Pakistan while at the same time I will provide comparison of each point with finance & marketing.

Still for deeper insight you guys should check those articles to, let me give you the links though!

here, check the following articles:

Now let’s get back to the main topic of our article ;)

7 Sep 2016

Hi guys, once again I have some really cool quality pictures on business growth that you can use for free on your weblog, website, pamphlets, brochures etc.

Free Business Growth Pictures

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