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17 Nov 2015

Direct Marketing 25 Shocking Facts & Profound Insights!

25 Crazy Facts about Direct Marketing

The facts and insights about direct marketing I am sharing with you guys are coming from well reputed research journals, institutions, authorities in the field, means facts you can take to the bank!
I can assure everyone 99.9% about authenticity, authority of these facts, insights and to dig more about each and every fact mentioned here, you guys should check the articles in the references!

Why I am insisting on credibility, veracity of these facts?! Well because first it took me almost five weeks to research all of them, this means real effort second I bet you, if you pay attention, thoroughly understand it and utilize it in your business you can get some real solid results!

5 Nov 2015


This Post will get an update once everyday for whole month :)

By +Tom Southern via +Sherman Smith
small wins lead you to success by Tom Southern Business quote

By Sherry Hakimi

business purpose quote by Sherry Hakimi

By James Doyle

Biz Quote by James Doyle

By Don Purdum via Brent Jones

Biz quote by don purdum

17 Oct 2015

Small Business & Print Advertising: Is it Worth it ?!!!

Print advertising in Small Business

Each year companies, big brands, small businesses in the US spend around 160 billion – 260 billion on advertising (1) that is huge investment! And definitely that means they are doing it because it works or does it ?

14 Oct 2015

Starting Small Business: I want to Start a Business but I have Fear of unknown!

Starting small business and fear of unknown

We all have it, fear of unknown, most of us have great business ideas but what stops us from working on those ideas is fear of unknown, like I used to think "I am new, this is something I haven't done..." "I don't know what to consider while starting a business?" "That guy doing business is so successful because he is so smart! and I think I am not!" "What if I lose all of my money, what if it doesn't pay off" "But I think I don't have the resources or I may not be able to find the right resources to run my business successfully" "I don't know how to manage or plan it, that business plan thing?! "I am afraid I won't be able to hire the right guys.." blah blah.

So today I am going to give you guys some really easy tips and I "Guarantee" you if you work on these tips, the way I am going to explain it, you will never fail, Yes! you can sue me for this one if you fail!!! (winks) because I went through the same things and I learned how to do it effectively, how to run your business efficiently and effectively!.

So lets get over with the fear of unknown and let's start a business now (right after you read this article)!

Fact: According to a research, around 75% of small business owners in USA are millionaires (1)

6 Oct 2015

Lead Generation Via Direct Mail Marketing: Ambiguous VS Unambiguous Email Subject line (advantages & disadvantages)

direct mail marketing ambiguous vs unambiguous email subject line

So you are planning to go for direct mail lead generation campaign, you have the lists but you are wondering about the email subject line, should it be clear or should it be ambiguous. 

You have two options when it comes to email subject lines

1. Ambiguous/Puzzling Subject Line (Option one) 
2. Unambiguous Subject Line (Option Two)

And here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of ambiguous and unambiguous subject lines that can make the email subject line selection job a bit easy for you (hopefully).

12 Sep 2015

Word of Mouth Marketing: 20 Shocking Facts about WOMM


Here are Twenty solid facts about Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) collected from well reputed research journals, research institutes/organizations, work done by Marketing Gurus; that can help you a lot in understanding its significance in present day market plus you can also apply insights gained from these facts, utilizing WOMM to the benefit of your business, brand.

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According to numerous researches, significance and influence of WOMM on customers purchase intention, purchase decisions is well documented (1), objective, scientific thus neglecting its use in your business would be utter foolishness (if I may say).

Now before we get to the facts I think it’s reasonable to define WOMM, so here is one definition by Westbrook (1987) : ‘‘informal communication directed toward other consumers about the ownership, usage, or characteristics of particular goods and services and/or their sellers’’ (2)

Now if that one sounds too old to you or you need an easy one, then here is how  defines it : “An unpaid form of promotion in which satisfied customers tell other people how much they like a business, product or service .” (3)
And here is eWOMM or electronic Word of Mouth Marketing definition: “any positive or negative statement made by potential, actual or former customers about a product or company, which is made available to a multitude of people and institutions via the internet” (4).