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26 Jun 2016

New Business Hiring Problems How to hire sales staff

Yep, you read it right, how to hire sales staff that won’t quit ever, do you really believe that ?! Quitting is part of the job, sorry my post title is a bit misleading I guess!

Haha wait!

Jokes apart, there are ways where you can hire guys for sales positions and then never getting bothered by hiring again for good amount of time… by good amount of time I mean like when your sales person expires ;p or you do something really…really stupid or they do something that makes you scream “You fired mf!!”

Hiring guys for a newly started small business can be a tough job because

1.       If that is your first business then you don’t have the expertise, experience in hiring…

2.       New business is like new born baby and almost all sales people don’t like babysitting and so you end up quite frustrated!

3.       You really can’t offer much to the sales guys and they expect much…but you can fix it… I will tell you the fix, don’t you worry! Just keep reading!

16 Jun 2016

Interesting Facts about Small Business (in USA)

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infographic Surprising Facts about small business in US

Kindly view the infographic in "View Web Version" if you are using smart phone/mobile because in smart phone/mobile version it doesn't show clearly.

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To check references, check this article 21 Surprising Facts about Small Business in America

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5 Jun 2016

b2b sales tips 5 tips to utilize in any b2b sales situation

When it comes to B2B sales situations, one need to be really careful as B2B sales situations are not similar to B2C sales situations, where you do almost anything you like with least risk as customer in b2c situation doesn’t care much and those really product, price savvy, smart customers are rarity.

Doing wrong things or things for short term benefits in B2B sales situations can result in permanent sales losses, business failure in long term therefore for survival of your business you need to really make sure that b2b sales situations are handled efficiently & effectively.

And when I say efficiently & effectively, in context of B2B sales situations it means following certain tips frequently and thoroughly!

Once you follow these tips, you will not only see healthy benefits of it for your business but will also come to know that without taking these tips seriously you are less likely to survive as a business.

22 May 2016

How to develop new product ?

In this article you will learn the following stuff

1.      What is a new product ?
2.      Why you should go for “me-too” product instead of absolutely new product ?
3.      How to develop a new  (me-too) product from concept to real thing ?
4.      How to earn over $150k-200k net profit from that new product ?

If you carefully and thoroughly read this article you will know absolutely from where to start when it comes to manufacturing your own new product.

This article is a must read for those who really want to start a business, have investment, relationships and are serious about starting a successful business.

The article provides a real life example of a new product development, production and selling that results in $90,000-$120,000 in net profit in 2-4 months.

16 Mar 2016

What do I need to start a Business ?

Like everything we do in life requires some essential things to do those things, starting business is no exception.
And this article is about highlighting those essential requirements in a way to make it absolutely clear to those who really want to start a new business.

This article is a must read esp. for those who are new (novices) to this whole starting business thingy!”.

10 Mar 2016

Advertising Ideas for Small Business

Advertising is essential for success and survival of your small business, especially in present day market, where there is immense competition among small businesses; research suggests that back in 2010 there were around 125 million small businesses in 132 economies globally [1].

Coming to the stats regarding small medium businesses popping up in US, it's 116 each hour and that exclude online starts up plus partial startups [2].

Clearly these facts suggests that there is immense competition out there in the market, not to mention that due to rare success of new products/services, majority of these businesses tends to be similar, in other words metoo’s.