28 Aug 2016

Well if you are thinking about starting a small business with low investment (in Pakistan) but you seem to have a totally blank mind when it comes to selecting a business due to lack of business ideas then you have come to the right page.

Business Idea Ideas

In this article I am going to not only give you a solid list of business ideas (in two tables below) with essential info for each idea, like:

1.      Initial Investment Needed,
2.      Human Resource Requirements,
3.      Return On Investment (ROI) Per Rupee,
4.      Business Model Type,
5.      Total Monthly Cost For Given Business,
6.      Minimum Required Sales Per Month To Attain Healthy Net Profit

But will also provide a brief but complete overview of each idea to explain things like why given initial investment or ROI per Rupee, Monthly cost is different, higher, lower for each idea and which idea is the most easy to work with and which one is the hard to work with, which one can yield results in lesser time and which one can yield better results but will take much longer etc.
Plus I will also explain important aspects, one being an investor needs to consider while investing in a given business idea.

24 Aug 2016

When it comes to MBA/BBA scope in terms of specialization (Marketing, HR, Finance, IT) in Pakistan, I would say each subject specialization has its scope and that it depends on various key factors.

In this article I am going delve on scope of Mba/BBA in marketing or specialization in marketing subject in Pakistan, in upcoming other articles I would go for other specialization subjects like HR, Finance, IT etc.

So let’s get to it.

23 Aug 2016

G app he ka intezaar ta! ;-)

So you are probably here because your job sucks or you don’t have one that would suck or you don’t think you are job material or maybe you are doing job and it doesn’t sucks rather you have been saving little money and now you thinking how to invest it in a good business that will yield healthy return on investment.

Keep in mind bro/sis, low investment means low returns on investment so just don’t think that without investing money you would be able to gain millions … yeah you can gain something around 20-40% in net profits with your investment but nothing more than that.

low investment small business

Now when it comes to starting a business with little or small investment, you need to consider the following things before you throw down your hard earned little money in and see nothing coming in the end!

21 Aug 2016

The reason I didn’t write all of these strategies in one post was that, that would have made that post way too long and majority of people don’t like lengthy articles, so I have divided it into four easy, digestible parts or four strategies that your business can utilize to compete.

Business Competitiveness

If you want better results in terms of market growth, sales, brand awareness, then follow the order or series of these strategies strictly, for instance go for strategy 2 only if strategy 1 doesn't give you the results you desire, because these strategies follow a logical step by step approach that delivers maximum results, which you may not be able to get if you follow as per your own choice.

17 Aug 2016

Right so you are done with your easy peasy “botti wali” college life and now you are thinking about wasting some more years because to be honest, if you were "THAT SMART" you won’t be doing BBA or MBA ;d

Cheating in exam in pakistan

Cheating in exam in pakistan

Just kidding so after getting some good grades!

You are now looking which career path you should take or maybe you have no option (winks!) 

Or maybe you are just a curious Dad/Mom want to see if your son choice of BBA, MBA or your choice of BBA, MBA is a good one for your kids or not!

16 Aug 2016

Pakistan Business Culture

Yep, there is an ugly face to business culture in Pakistan that would make every Pakistan feel really ashamed or may be proud, I mean there is no accounting for tastes, so you never know! right ?! ;p

I am putting this up to share with the world, to let it know, that like any other nation in the world hamary walay bhi koi dhoodh k dhulay nai hain! (nobody is squeaky clean)!

So let's start with the first truth!

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