27 Aug 2015

Advertising & Celebrity Endorsement: Here is how You should select your Celebrity

Advertising celebrity endorsement choosing celebrity

In this article I will discuss
1. What essential factors you need to consider while selecting a celebrity for brand endorsement.
2. What you need to know about Marketing Experts when it comes to advertising (esp. using celebrity endorsement),
3. How can you make your Marketing Team more creative, more effective when it comes to differentiating in the ever increasing advertising clutter.

If what concluded by Morgan in his research paper is true “Marketing is all about advertising, nothing else” (1) then I would suggest, advertising is all about celebrity endorsements because “On global scale roughly one out of every five ads includes a celebrity, making endorsements a widely used and popular strategy among marketers to promote consumer products and services” (2).

Now if almost every enterprise, small medium business, organization around the world is utilizing celebrity endorsement as means to achieve its goals, it means one thing, it is working!.

20 Jun 2015

13 Shocking Facts About Marketing That You Must Know!

13 Shocking Facts about Marketing that you must know

Here are some really interesting facts about marketing.

Fact # One Highest Marketing Budget

Samsung had the largest marketing budget in history, whooping $14bn in 2013 (1). That number is equal to the total time elapsed since the big bang when Universe began to exist.

Highest Marketing Budget in History

3 Jun 2015

Three Major Competitors Types That Every Small Business Must Compete With!

This article covers all types of competitors that any small business must compete with in order to achieve its goals, objectives, to survive.

 In this article you will learn

  • Major types of competitors that any small business must compete with.
  • How to conduct target market research to identify the most elusive type of these competitors that is "Indirect Competitors".
  • How to deal effectively with all esp the most elusive type.

Usually, in most cases small business have far more competitors compared to large setups, according to a study each year over one million businesses start in U.S alone that excludes online start-ups (1). That means 116 each hour!

And out of those one million around 134,139 patents are issued roughly to the same number of businesses while the rest of the businesses are essentially “Me-Too’s Businesses” means businesses with same product/service, numbering around 866,000 businesses (2).

small business competitors types

And that means your business needs to compete with at least seventy more businesses each hour!

3 May 2015

Customer Feedback: How To Get The Feedback That Matters ?!!!

In this article, you'll learn...
  • What customers actually give you and what they expect in return, their expectations?
  • In case of failing expectations, how can you know for sure, when, why, how exactly you failed by getting feedback that matter, in other words feedback from genuinely dissatisfied customer.
  • The article provides tips on how to make a feedback form that will weed out all customers except the genuinely dissatisfied customers consequently you will get the real feedback.
What if you get the real feedback, feedback that gives you real insights about your brand, product/service, insights that matters, insight that results in actionable measures that can make the real difference, what if you know exactly what it is that your customers don’t like, makes them angry, makes them dissatisfied.

22 Apr 2015

Warning: Sales Promotion Can Kill Your Business

Sales Promotion, a common marketing practice employed by business owners, managers with an aim to improve sales, clear out inventories, launch new product, tackle competitors, attract retailers or middlemen so to expand and develop business further etc.

Now one may wonder, "How on earth can it kill your business when what it does is, completely the opposite ?!!!" Well being a franchise manager, I came to know about a situation faced by another franchise manager, what transpired in that manager situation is a lesson that every marketing manager should remember.

sales promotion marketing

2 Mar 2015


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