Product Design “What You As A Designer/Marketer Must Know”

Product design key guidelines

When it comes to designing the product, it might sound quite complicated and indeed it is when you don’t have the proper guidelines to follow. Don’t worry I am going to give you Fellas some key guidelines that would help you a lot in designing your product so let’s get to it.


Basis of a Perfect Product Design

  • Technology
Technology is something that inspires people to buy, now if your product has something from the present-day technology that would definitely add value to your product. It could be anything from the design itself to its components or its alignment with present-day technology in a productive and unique way.

Like the Mach 3 Sensitive from Gillette, where the company claims to have “shaving technology” in their product design that gives the ultimate shaving experience.

Likewise we find technology in Porsche different components from its engine cooling system to its tire pressure monitoring system. In present-day fast age the customer needs fast swift service and that’s what McDonald has done in improving its product quality, making it cheap at the same time and serving customers swiftly with its McBox machine which cooks and serves food.

That’s what productive and unique way is, all of these examples represent the benefits of technology in design and the quality it adds to your product that results in increased market share.
  • Art
As humans we always have longing for art, art inspires us to create, it helps us to express ourselves in its different forms, so how can one neglect something so important when it comes to designing your product.

Now to add art to your design you need a little creativity, that’s what Zuffenhaus Racing & Fabrication do they combine art and motosports experience to design and fabricate the various components of Porsche. Likewise the design of Gillette Mach 3 Turbo has great art when it comes to its visual design and computer graphics in its promotion (both of these are forms of art).

Technology and Art in Product Design Should Revolve Around


  • Problem solver
If your product core function is to solve a given situation/problem then technology and art should be used in such a way that your product efficiently and effectively perform its intended function ensuring total satisfaction of its user.

  • Luxury item/Status symbol
If your product main purpose it not only help in a given situation/problem efficiently and effectively for which it is intended but also to give luxury and signify as a status symbol then your product design (technology and art) should encompass all these elements.

  • Social symbol/Group symbol
If your product along with its core purpose (problem/situation dealing in efficient and effective manner) also relates to a specific part or segment of the society then design (technology and art) should encompass these elements too. Like the Gillette Mach 3 turbo represents new school shavers so its design and name suggest the modern, sharp, sleek etc and most of you know what Mach represents in aeronautics and aviation.

Points to consider while designing

  • Don’t tempt your buyer with such a design that won’t live up to his/her expectation at the end of the day.
  • Don’t over design as it will make your market skeptical and hesitant to buy your product.(1)
  • Do not cover your product within a packaging that would make it totally out of sight of your buyer. If you have designed it greatly let it tempt, let it be seen this would lead to impulse buying.
  • It is essential for your product design to give the “big sense” means what the customers/buyers expects from your brand and company.



Hope this product design strategy will help you and have provided you the essential insights in terms of designing a product.

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