2013 Top Five Brands Advertisement Strategies Part 4th

This post is the second and last part of Google Ads strategy; today we are going to discuss the Google ad that is about its new product “Google Glass”. We will be using the same framework or methodology for assessment that we have been using in this series so far. And after this assessment we will move to the assessment of ads of remaining three top brands (IBM, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola).

2013 Top Five Brand Advertisement Strategies Part 3

So before starting the assessment let’s get through the methodology that will be using for the assessment, the assessment procedure is as follow.

Assessment Framework

  • Aspects

Rational Vs Emotional Tempting

  • Duration

Based on viewers interest
Considering product

  •  Actors

Number of Individuals (Greater VS Lesser)

  • Colors

Type of colors used
Effects of used colors on human behavior and psychology
Presence duration of each color

  • Ad Plot
Now let’s begin our assessment and analysis of Google ad for product.

Google Advertisements

Ad Name: “One Day”

Google ad strategy


The Ad is filled with both, light background music, sharing things with your loved one, music option demonstration, camera feature demonstration all of these are part of emotional tempting likewise the rational tempting can also be observed in the whole ad. Like the whole ad suggests to the viewer how it can (Google glass) help you in your daily routine from giving you reminders, weather forecast, texting without using hands, informing you about subways, traffic, giving you the shortest routes to your destination while guiding you all the way, making online purchases on the go so on and so forth. The whole ad is well balanced, both aspects (Emotional & Rational Tempting) are nicely demonstrated to the viewer.

I would suggest a similar approach advertisement approach for new products because it has all  the ingredients that an Ad should have. 


Duration: 2:30 Seconds
Based on viewers interest: Perfect
Considering Product: The common belief and practice about an ad length on web is that it should be kept under 3 minutes and that is what this Ad has. While considering the product nature, which is completely out of the box, viewers would definitely like to know more about the product before making any decision about it and that’s where this ad is perfect. It gives enough reasons (emotional & rational tempting) to its target market (viewers) to make decision about the product.
Similarly the ad has done justice with product it provides a clear and reasonable demo of the product in everyday life to the viewers. 


Total individual number: 3
The ad has kept the individual count minimum, which I believe isn’t a great way to introduce your product (new product). It would have been great if each feature, function has been demonstrated by a single individual and giving the product more creditability and assurance to the viewers that product is worth to buy. This is the only mistake perhaps the biggest one in the whole add.


Effects on human behavior: Suggests Power, passion, excitement, energy and physical courage.
Presence Duration: 68 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Trust, Integrity, logic and communication.
Presence Duration: 72 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Money, Universal Love, Environment, Mother Earth and specifically attracts youth.
Presence Duration: 31 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Warmth, Safety, Reliability and Dependability.
Presence Duration: 103 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Quality, Luxury & Decadence.
Presence Duration: 11 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Exclusivity & Glamor.
Presence Duration: 78 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests sophistication, Hygiene, clarity, purity, sterility, efficiency, simplicity, cleanness.
Presence Duration: 141 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggest Happiness, Optimism, friendliness
Presence Duration: 79 seconds

According to a research (1) Ad in colors are read 42% more than Ads with no colors and according to another research (2) between 90% to 62% assessment of product, person (service), environment ( product & service) by an individual is based on color alone. That means colors play significant role in ads, products & services purchase decisions thus it is imperative to understand the importance of colors in terms of its effects on human behavior, sales and viewership. 

Remember that color duration count in each and every Ad is based on all possible shades of that color present in that Ad. And every possible value (tiny and large size) has been considered in the Ad. Read elaborate articles from Business Insider & Color Affects on color effects on human behavior.

Ad Plot

  • Introduce all product features with demonstration (rational & emotional tempting). Demonstrate the features in a way that solves problems, helps in situations etc. suggest that the product is not only necessary, but cool to use and can be used without any effort.

That’s all for now, this is the last post in terms of assessment of Google ad strategy, in the coming posts we will be assessing the remain three brands. Lastly you may like to read an article on how to deal with competitors, what Apple is thinking and why “i” is a popular part of almost every second brand.
Feel free to share your views, insights about the approach, comment box is just under ;)

1.        White, Jan V., Color for impact, Strathmore Press, April, 1997.
2.        CCIColor, Institute for color research.

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