Eight Signs of Customer Satisfaction

Signs of Customer Satisfaction

You just started doing business (in new products) or launched a new product and you are wondering if you are doing okay, if your customers are satisfied with what they are buying from you (organization).

How would you know, what signs to look for, that would give you the confidence to keep on selling, on manufacturing and offering the product, to keep on upgrading it.

No more explanations let’s get to it ;)

Eight Signs of Customer Satisfaction


1.      Product demanded by unintended target market

You are dealing in a product that is doing great, sales are picking up pace, target market is buying it, selling like hot cakes, product demand in the target market is great rather doing a lot better than what was projected. Because an unintended target (unintended use) market is there and is buying your product.

This means you have exceeded your product satisfaction to an extent that the product spillover effect has taken place. This has happened with many products in the past like “Kleenex” a product which was intended for a target market (to be used for makeup removal) later been used to blow noises.

They re-advertised the product for that purpose too and thus earned a lot more than what they were already earning.

2.      Target market is ready to pay premiums

You have done survey, research that suggest that majority of your target market, the bulk don't mind paying you premium if you want to. Or you tweaked the packaging a little bit while keeping the same content (product) and began to charge premium and nobody minds paying you premium that means, they are highly satisfied and thus doesn't mind paying you extra!

3.      Overdue for maturity stage

Considering the sales forecasts and all the demand projections you are overdue for maturity stage but yet you find your sales increasing, your demand growing. That means only one thing your product is a big hit.

4.      Positive Feedback

You are getting great feedback; your product is being appreciated by your customers. But be careful in feedback assessment or you might end up losing customers.

5.      Distributors like to have it

Your distributors (Middle man, wholesalers, retailers etc) really like to have your product on their shelves, they often demand urgent deliveries and you often find yourself overwhelmed by their demands.

6.      Competitors replicates you

You have been dealing in a product for a while and now you find things in market somewhat similar in functions/features to your product with high price range. That means you are a big hit within the market even for your competitors and they just can’t help it, so that’s what they do, doing what you do.

7.      Stiff competition

So you are in a market or targeting a market segment that is having stiff competition and even then you are having better response regarding your product from that target market compared to most of your competitors. Well it’s a good omen, which means you are moving in right direction, your customers are satisfied, keep it up!

8.      Selling like hot cakes

There is no rocket science needed to explain this one.
That's all, Its your turn to add what I missed, overlooked ;). You might be also interested in reading an article on product design.

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