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So you are one of those marketing guys, who can make those really creative Ads that can capture the attention of your audience the minute they see it. But you are not sure rather confused about the beginning, what you should begin with, what framework or plot would be suitable to work on, you believe you just need that little push, that little magic, little spark and you will make it great.

Well don’t worry today I am going to share with you how can you get that little spark, I will give you the framework, explain you the method to make those out of the box Ads.

Okay! let's get to it!

Ad Strategy Framework

Every Ad has two aspects

1.      Actors
2.      Organization Trailer


The individuals that act in an ad, play voice-overs, represents the first aspect. They play two vital roles at the same time in any ad and overlooking or neglecting any one role of those two would significantly affect the effectiveness of an ad.  

1. Organization Representative
2. Target Market Representative 

1. Organization Representative

This is the first role that any actor who is part of the ad plot should be playing. He/She should represent the company in terms of advocating about the brand/product/service etc with all its features and benefits.

2. Target Market Representative

This is the second vital role that those actors must carry out. They should represent perfectly the target market of the company with all its characteristics/attributes. 

Both these roles can be played by each individual that is part of the ad plot or can be divided among actors, some representing the company, others the target market. 

Now let’s move to the second aspect of a successful ad.

Organization Trailer

Your ad is actually trailer of what your company/product/service is about. It gives your target audience a short but elaborate understanding of your organization/products/services etc.

I call it an organization trailer in a sense that every ad has an ad plot, a story to tell in a time that is almost equal to a movie trailer. Such an organization trailer demonstrate/follow three steps.

Steps That Makes Up the Whole Ad Plot

1.      Presents a situation
2.      Bring in the actors in the situation
3.      Happy ending/thought provoking ending

That's it, over to you guys!

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