Advertisement Strategy: How To Differentiate When There Is No Difference

Advertisement strategy for a small business
So you are in a business that is similar to hundred of thousands other businesses around (in terms of your Product/Service). And so there is nothing where you can differentiate your business (product/service) from all these businesses; you just don’t seem to find those really noticeable competitive differences. Well that is obvious, not every business is supposed to be different, having USP’s (unique selling proposition), competitive advantages etc.

Okay so you are in a situation where you don’t know how to differentiate your product/service to your target market via advertising, because you are one business among hundred others dealing in the same stuff. You don’t know what advertisement strategy would work, would be effective or would any strategy work at all.

Advertisement is an essential and necessary tool to promote your product/service, to manipulate or persuade your target market audience to take decisions about your product/service resulting in sales of your product/service. So in present age, with this huge competition, no wonder it’s an important tool (advertising) to acquire and retain customers.

Okay Now ?

You got the point !, now you are  asking the most important question that is how to use this tool effectively; to achieve desired outcomes. It is simple, just connect your product with a life style (in advertising), that’s the only way to differentiate in such situation.

What You Mean The Only Way ?!

Instead of explaining it in words I believe you guys will understand what I mean if you see it in for of figure...

advertising a small business
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So if you can’t differentiate, then it is obvious your customers won’t be able to do it either, so isn’t it the only logical and reasonable way?!, indeed it is.

Okay Now; What’s Next !

Well advertise about your product/service in a way, where the ads denotes a "lifestyle", a lifestyle that there customer focus on when they make buying decisions related to your products/services or similar products/services offered by your competitors.

And so you will have a competitive advantage, unique selling proposition even when you have no difference, competitive advantage etc.

That’s it, I would really appreciate your ideas, contentions about this approach, speak your mind and be my guest in comments :)

Lastly if you are interested in learning how to make perfect out of the box ad, read Anatomy Of Perfect Ad, also don’t forget to learn how to make those really awesome print ads.

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