Customer Retention By Giving Freebies But…

Customer retention giving freebies
Freebies can deliver, there is no doubt about that, customers love them, they are happy and satisfied when you give them something for free. Giving freebies plays an essential role in customer’s satisfaction and retention. 

But the downside is you can’t afford it, afford it like forever, right? Because giving (freebies) over and over to delight, retain customers, costs. And cost even more when you have to deal with large number of customers.

Plus once you give them something for free, most of them then expect the same over and over or at least every now and then and you know, that doing it  over and over or every now and then is not feasible especially if you are running a small business...

Now the question is, if freebies can help you in delighting, satisfying and retaining customers then how can you use freebies constantly to avails these benefits ?...I guess I have a fix for this one...

The Fix

The math is simple; give freebies that last for long, long enough that you can afford it. Lasts long in the sense that customers will enjoy, appreciate, utilize it for long enough. So that you don’t have to give them over and over in short space of time, so that you can afford it, so that it doesn’t cost you much so on and so forth...

Let me give you some examples

  • Like giving a framed picture of your customers, their favorite or ideal individual from sports, movie actor etc when they visit your hotel, restaurant, club, casino etc. 
         This is something that they will appreciate and remember for long (lasts long)
         instead of giving them free meal, discount in room service, discount in club
         fee etc.
         It is quite clear that framed pictures are easy to afford and will give the same
         rather better results compared to other mentioned freebies (free meal, room
         discount etc) which are temporary and once your customers are done with it,
         utilize it, they expect the same again and that is hard to afford... right ?!

  • Likewise an award or certificate, best customer/client award, certificate, this is something that will make them remember you, like forever (lasts long), they will appreciate it, admire it like forever instead of price discounts, freebies in product/services etc.

  • Giving Classic collections, like classic collection of songs, movies, poetry, food recipes anything would work, just think outside of the box, be creative.

  • Likewise a decoration item, an antique, jewelry, this is something that lasts for long too, it works as a reminder, they remember you and so they come to you when they need something (your product/service).

Bottom Line

Freebies Strategy

That's it, I would really appreciate my dear readers opinion regarding the whole approach :) be my guest in comments.

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