Brand Positioning How To Add Value To Your Brand ?!

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Imagine Coca-Cola (brand) vs Amrat Cola (brand), Starbucks (brand) vs Hotcoffee (brand), what comes into your head, a brand of superior value, great quality etc against a brand that is less superior, unknown, alien, mediocre in quality so on and so forth.

It might have happened to you, it happens to all of us, we sometime eat a great burger, ice cream, coffee from a bistro, stand retail that matches superior quality and value of the well known brands rather far better most of the times.

Now the question is if that is the case then why they aren’t famous like the big guns, well at times it comes down to financial constraints that makes it impossible for small business to brand themselves effectively. But for most of the time it’s just about branding ineffectively, taking the wrong way.

So What’s The Right Way ?!

Good question, that’s what I am going to deal with today, how to add value to your brand by brand positioning, we have already discussed when and how to brand effectively, you should read that one to get broader picture of the whole approach.

Now let’s talk about adding and increasing value to your brand by positioning. By brand value I mean your brand position in your target market brain, how do they perceive it, like do they relate your brand to status symbol, superior quality, financial benefits, effective in satisfying particular needs and wants, healthy, amazing, thrill, excitement and joy, luxury and comfort etc.

Okay Got It, How To Add And Increase That Value ?!

It is simple, focus on your target market.

Analyze your target market by conducting research, surveys, interviews, find out to what your target market relates in terms of, for instance status symbol, superior quality, thrill, excitement and joy, luxury and comfort etc.

Next Step

Identify to what majority of target market relates when it comes to, for instance status symbol, superior quality, thrill, excitement and joy, luxury and comfort.

Like for instance target market (age 18 to 23) status symbol would be, owing a Porsche, having a cool awesome smart phone, superior quality would be Apple Macbook, G-Shock wrist watches, thrill would be extreme sports, car racing, surfing, paragliding so on and so forth.

Devise Branding Strategy

A branding strategy that would position (connect) your brand accordingly, according to your target market. An effective branding strategy should deliver; anchor your new brand position through all customer touch points. 

That’s it, speak your mind, share what would make this whole approach more comprehensive and effective, where do we need to focus on beside target market for adding value to the brand, brand positioning so on and so forth.

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