Quality Product/Service: What’s The Key ?

Product Service Qulity Improvement
Today’s post is about how to improve quality of your product/service, what are those key factors on which if one focus would lead to improved, better quality product/service.

Quality is important, it earns you not only premiums but also customer trust, improves brand recognition, competitiveness and tons of other benefits. 

What I am going to share today are some key factors that anyone (small, medium, large, XL business) can use to improve their product/service quality and reap the aforementioned benefits.

So let’s get to it ;)

Less Risk

Well if you can afford guarantees, warranties, easy return policies it’s great because it talks about quality to your customers. It gives your customer a sense of quality, like “The guarantee is there because it is a quality product/service or else why would they give guarantee?”. “I should try this one, because it seems reasonable to buy this one with the return policy they offer, no bad stuff right, no risk of losing money”.


Look, feel, aesthetics of your product/service. For instance what kind of look/aesthetics your product has, its packaging, coloring, size, ease of handling and how does your customer feel about your over all service, customer over all experience with your service.

You can improve your service feel by going an extra mile, delivering effective in-time service, knowing your customer (data base marketing), maintaining relationships with them so on and so forth all speaks of a quality product/service.

Similarly exterior of your outlet, office, etc also counts in aesthetics, look & feel and thus can give a sense of superior/inferior quality product/service to your customers, so learn how to impress your customers with those aspects of your business too. Small tweaks would do it, just be a little classy, elegant than rest of your competitors, a little different, try to deliver that “feel good”.


Technology that makes your product/service more useful, easy to utilize, lessens the efforts on part of your customer to get the intended results from your product/service adds to quality too.


The more you customize the customer experience, the more you give them as per their preferences, choices, the more satisfied would be your customers; consequently the more they will associate your product/service with quality.


How do people(customers) perceive your brand, do they relate it to something ordinary, just another product/service or something even worse than that ? or they don’t have any clue about your brand.

And we all know branding is another way to tell your potential customers that “Yes we know what you want and we can deliver what no one else can” or “We are World apart” in other words superior quality that no one else can deliver.

Check these articles on branding, they will surely help!

Features VS Price

Too many for seemingly too little means quality!


Unique selling proposition, in simple words

1.      Giving better than others (competitors)
2.      Giving what (customers) they want


Step 1
Research your target market in terms of what they want, prefer, like, buy when it comes to your product/service or to similar product/service. Likewise assess your competitors (SWOT) like for instance what makes your competitors offer (Product/Service) better than yours.
Step 2
Associate/alter your product/service according to those preferences/likes of your target market. Likewise alter, improve, redesign your product/service in features, attributes etc to overcome your competitors.
Step 3
Promote your product/service through all available/feasible touch points (online, social media, mass media, outlets, PR etc) with focus on customers preferences, likes etc and competitors, that’s it, if carry it out effectively you will soon be on top in terms of quality, customer likes, preferences in your niche.

Online Presence

Especially on social media, the more followers, likes you have the more you will be perceived as quality brand in your niche. This is the simple math! 


Yes they work, they get you this “Friendly, Caring, COol!” brand image, that also add to your product/service quality.

Read this one little article on what kind of freebies would get you there, costing you very very! Little! Yes little!

Customer Retention By Giving Freebies 

That's it, speak your minds, share with me your secrets ;) that you have been using to improve product/service quality!

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