How To Sell the Unsaleable Products (A two step practical approach)

Decrease in sales

Two Steps:

1.       Identification

2.       Motivation

Yes! Just a two step approach! I am not kidding, you will surely like the approach and yes it works.

So let’s get to it!!


Identification is the first step which involves identifying the products that unlike super products are aging on shelves, in your outlet, customers never see them no matter how hard you try they are just invisible to your customers!

So what to do? Well first of all you need to identify them (the "unsaleable" products/services) and then you need to go for the final step that is “motivation”, yes! The next step, I could have made this post way too long, adding too many things, irrelevant details to make it look like some really researched piece.

But I didn’t!, why? Well for simple reason I want to help you guys, I want you guys to learn things quick, so let’s move to the second step!


Motivation here deals with two things.

1.       Customers motivation

2.       Sale team motivation

Customers Motivation

Customers, majority of them always try to save money, nobody likes being charged with high prices unless it’s about branded products/services, quality products/service etc. Such products (branded, high quality products/services) would sell itself but it is often the opposite with non branded, mediocre products/services.

And don’t worry this approach would work even with branded, high quality products/services that for some reasons are not doing well.

So what is customer motivation, well it is to entice, attract customers to your outlet, shop, store , how ? Well you can do that by using different methods like sale, discounts, Customer Loyalty Program etc.

Once you bring them in! the next step is to go for sale team motivation.

Sale Team Motivation

Sale team motivation, well first of all your sale team should be typical example of an effective team, once you have an effective team on your side. The next step is to motivate them!

Money, yes money makes the mare go, people work for, spends precious time, their entire lives for, go to job for, gets the job done for, all of these things just for money! Money motivates people, and yes I am not neglecting the other things like fear, love, self actualization other non money things that can motivate people!

But think for a moment, you are trying to motivate sale team right ? It is “sale team” and at such level money works!

For instance you can offer special Sales commissions on each and every item that is “unsaleable”, not doing well!

Sale commissions will motivate your sale team to do their best to sell those products/services!

So the whole strategy in a nutshell is to identify the unsaleable products, motivate or entice your customers and sale team to buy and sell those products/services respectively by using different methods like discounts, sales, CLP, commissions, bonuses etc.

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