Customer Data! Let The Customers Become The Managers

customer data

Customer data (CD) is being used daily in almost any business. For instance Managers utilize CD to devise strategies, for market segmentation, to serve customers, to cross sell, to retain customers, to identify new needs, to provide customized products, to forecast demand, to foster relationships as we all know that without customer data relationship marketing is futile so on and so forth, so today I am going to give you guys a totally new approach to customer data.

What I mean by new approach is, that this time you are going to give back the CD to your customers, yep, you heard it right! This time you have to let the customers become the managers to decide, take decisions about your brand, products/services.

Sounds new and strange right?!, exactly, let me explain!
When you give it back you will have the following benefits

  • It will convince them (customers) to buy your products/services
In other words customers would take decision about your products/services.

  • It will increase the value of your offering in eyes of your customers
You need to read the whole article to understand this point ;p

  • It will attract more customers and thus increase in sales, profits.
Again you need to read the whole article ;p

Now let me tell you how all of this is going to happen!

Customer Data & Your Product/Service

Once you collect CD, what you need to do is utilize it to the benefit of your products/services.

Now how to do it?!

Simple you need to utilize or explain the collected CD in such a way that it gives your customers some strong reasons to consider your products/services for consumption/utilization etc.

Again how to do it?!

Simple you need to use authorities, (people who are trusted by people because they are authorities in their fields), authority organizations (institutions, organizations that are trusted by people because of their researches, institutes/organizations having international reputation for being factual, unbiased and due to these reasons recognized by Govts, public groups,  locally and internationally for instance ISO, American Council on Science & Health, WHO,  likewise prestigious institutes whose researches are globally accepted California University of Science & Technology, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford, Michigan, Journals, magazines, papers like Nature, Science, HBR, TIME etc ).


In a nutshell you have to explain, relate your products/services in terms of the collected CD, supported by different authorities so to make your explanation, relation of your products/services with CD more credible and acceptable in the eyes of your customers.

And Consequently!

The more credible and reasonable an explanation is the more convincing it becomes.
Likewise such credibility will increase the worth/value of your products/services in the eyes of your customers.

And lastly such credibility would attract even more.

So that’s how you are going to give back CD to your customers.

That’s it, over to you guys!

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