B2B Sales: Most Marketers Don’t Realize The Most From Sales

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Off course a successful deal results in sales, you make money, make your boss happy and next day it’s back to square one again, not because you failed but you are required to make some more money, to make your boss more happy and that goes on and on… right! (I mean “what a life!!!” ;p), that is not “the most”.

I am not saying that marketers are dumb or something, no, not at all, most of the time they just overlook, neglect, you know… I mean “yeah, good sales today, this week, this month, tomorrow gonna be great too... so let’s party” kind of attitude.

Trust me you can be more successful in “making things happen (as your boss says)” if you just put a little more effort in your work. And honestly it’s not too much, but the end result would be, almost every try you make will result in sales or in something way better than what you used to get prior to using this approach.

Now Let me explain how you will get “the most”.

Need, Time, Buying Action

Whenever you are dealing with your client, focus on these three things.

Need (need that is needed to be fulfilled by your brand, product/service):

  • When, how they (clients) realized the need, what were the key reasons?

Questions related to need

1.      Tells you about the exact situation, circumstances that led to the realization of particular need and how that need connects with what your brand offers.

2.      Helps you to understand your product/service, client better. I mean for instance it is not necessary that people just buy your product/service due its core product, sometimes they might buy from you because you are too nice, friendly, your company/brand has been doing great in terms of its social responsibility, client satisfaction etc, there could be dozen reasons and you must know that! Because that helps you understand your client real motives behind the purchase, your strengths, things that are working and things that are not working.

Time & Buying Action

  •  How long does it take (for your client) to carry out buying action?
  • Why it takes that much time?
  • Who, when, what critical factors, individuals played key role that resulted in buying action?

Questions related to time 

1.      Tells you about the buyer priorities, level of interest in your brand, time management etc.

2.      Tells you about your convincing skills, presentation etc.

3.      Tells you how much time on average you will need to do it again next time.

Questions related to critical factors/individuals

1.      Tells you about the important people/positions in client company hierarchy that plays key role, role that results in buying action.

2.      Tells you about the key factors that were in focus of your client which subsequently resulted in buying action.

3.      Helps you to identify the “right buttons” that you can press to get the desired results next time.

So what you need to do is to try to find answers to these questions after every successful sale, deal, it will make you more customer oriented, product oriented, market oriented and more efficient and effective at your job and “the boss” gonna love it. And that’s “the most” I am referring to!

Tip: use a little pad, pocket pad, diary or something to jot down answers.

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