Target Market Research: Five Ways To Convince Customers To Take Part In Research

Target market research five ways to convice customers
So you are planning to conduct target market research to gain more insight, data, information to solve a particular problem, situation, to reorganize specific strategy or part of a specific strategy etc.

And for that you are required to have a huge sample so that you can make the most accurate conclusions. I mean when it comes to samples, the larger the sample the more reliable the results, right ?!

Fact: Companies across the globe invest about $33.5 billion in market research (1).

So here are five ways that you can use to convince greater number of prospects, customers to take part in research.

Five Ways To Convince Customers To Take Part In Research 

Offer Money

Who doesn’t like money, everyone does, offering a little amount would definitely tempt them to take part in research.

Offer Freebies

When it comes to freebies, sky is the limit. Gifts, Pens, key chains, books, pictures, hats, toys, pair of gloves,socks, anything!


Isn’t that a great way to delight someone, to connect with someone, become friendly ?! off course it is,  tea, coffee, juice, shakes, ice cream, snacks and research!

Chance to Meet

Offer chance to meet someone famous, an actor, writer, singer, sportsman etc but make sure you deliver on your promise then! 

Chance to Eat /Win

Offer them chance to eat their favorite meal at their favorite place.

Similarly you can offer chance to win iphone, ipad, galaxy S4, wrist watch, cinema tickets etc
That’s it, over to you guys, share what else would convince them, not gun point right ? ;p

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