How To Identify Factors That Hinder Sales (A New Approach)

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Why do you think why we say things like wish I could own a Porsche, I wish I could travel around the world, I wish I could go to the moon…

Interestingly there is a theory that explains all of this and not just that, that theory also provides you an explanation that why such wishes, desires are not fulfilled (read full article to understand how this theory can help you in identifying factors that hinder sales).

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That theory is called theory of planned behavior (TPB), the theory of planned behavior was proposed by Icek Ajzen in 1985 through his article "From intentions to actions: A theory of planned behavior (1).

TPB is basically made up of five parts.
1.      Attitude
2.      Subjective Norm (Others Expectations)
3.      Intention
4.      Behavior Control
5.      Behavior

Don’t worry, it’s not that complicated to understand (trust me), I will make it easypeasy for you guys, just give me 10 minutes, get through this whole article and you will know one more way on how to precisely identify what is it exactly that hinder your sales, prevents your target market from buying a specific product.

So let me explain each part of this theory now and yeah I need your 10 minutes and full focus!


Means our thinking about specific situation, thing etc for instance owing a Porsche, we consider (attitude) it to be a best thing that can happen to any of us.

Subjective Norm (Others Expectations)

Owing a Porsche or traveling around the world or being on the moon is something everyone or most of us would love to have (others expectations/subjective norm), means others wish to have the same, most of us want to have it, love it, like it etc this is called subjective norm or others expectations.

Subjective norms (others expectations) also influence our attitude toward a situation, a thing.

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Attitude + Others Expectations = Intention

Attitude and Others Expectations (subjective Norm) forms our intentions (wish, desire, urge, need).
Think about it, why an African tribe members living in wild don't feel the need to travel to the moon, to wear shoes, to have a nice house… because of other expectations and its influence on each member attitude.

Remember when it comes to others expectation it doesn’t mean just because the whole world want to own a Porsche or wishes to travel around the world or to the moon so you should too (have the same intention).

Rather it simply means ones society, social circle, friends/family expectations.

Behavior Control & Behavior

Behavior control means an individual capacity to fulfill the intended intention, if he has 100% capacity to fulfill the intended intention then that will result in the fifth part of this theory that is “Behavior” or else it will remain just an intention (I wish to own Porsche, travel around the world, go the moon, buy an iphone 6, watch a movie etc).

theory of planned behavior

Sales & TPB

Hopefully you got your head around TPB, come on! It was way too easy!!! Okay now let’s talk about sales.

In our above examples an individual won’t be able to get his desires, wishes, needs, urges fulfilled because he doesn’t have full control on behavior due to lack of money, time, health issues, job won’t allow it,  not having the desired friends, buddies to go on world tour etc.

The same is true for our target market, our potential customers
1.      He/She too may not have full control on behavior for one reason or another.
2.      He/she may not have attitude toward the product/service you are offering for one reason or another.
3.      Others expectations may not be positive, encouraging toward the product/service you are offering for one reason or another.

Now what you need is to identify these reasons or factors and then take corrective measures, feasible measures to shape their attitude that is positive toward what you are offering, to make others expectations positive toward what you are offering, to give them full control on behavior.

Yes you can do that!, a little bit of know how about qualitative/quantitative research will definitely help you to sort it out and in case you don’t know about research, ask a friend, business partner, business graduate and if you don't find anyone then go for business researcher if you can afford.

And yeah I will be writing stuff on how to conduct business research scientifically, systematically, critically and objectively so subscribe if you can't afford researcher or you want to learn business researching and I promise it will be easy because that’s what EMAZ is all about!

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Over to you guys!


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