Customer Feedback: How To Get The Feedback That Matters ?!!!

In this article, you'll learn...
  • What customers actually give you and what they expect in return, their expectations?
  • In case of failing expectations, how can you know for sure, when, why, how exactly you failed by getting feedback that matter, in other words feedback from genuinely dissatisfied customer.
  • The article provides tips on how to make a feedback form that will weed out all customers except the genuinely dissatisfied customers consequently you will get the real feedback.
What if you get the real feedback, feedback that gives you real insights about your brand, product/service, insights that matters, insight that results in actionable measures that can make the real difference, what if you know exactly what it is that your customers don’t like, makes them angry, makes them dissatisfied.

Well if you want that kind of insight, feedback, then you should read this article.

Trust & Money

Customers give you two things

1.      Trust
2.      Money

It starts with trust and then that trust results in money. Now they don’t just give you both of these things and forget about it rather they expect something in return.
They expect

1.      Trust Maintained
2.      Money well spend

Now let’s talk about that “trust” a bit.


Trust is, you made certain claims about your product/service and they trusted those claims
  • Like claim of quality
  • Claim of durability
  • Claim of satisfaction
  • Claim of need fulfillment

And if you fulfill your part of the deal, deliver on claims/promises you have made, it fulfills their second expectation that is “Money well spend”.

But to know for sure, to know if you really delivered on your claims, your promises, to know if your customers are satisfied/dissatisfied with your product/service you need “Customer Feedback”.
Okay now comes the essential part of our article.

Two Actionable Approaches

I am going to give you two actionable approaches, one for satisfied customers and other for dissatisfied customer. Bear with me and I assure you that what I am going to share will definitely help you!
1.      Approach to Collect Real Negative Feedback
2.      Approach to Get Real Positive Feedback

Approach to Collect Real Negative Feedback

Make sure your feedback comes through your business website. Don’t tell me you don’t have a website, you can get a website in couple of hours for your business almost with no cost; there are even free website services out there.

Fact:  Average Annual Revenue (1)

Small business average annual revenue with or without website
Without Website
With Website
$3.6 million
$5.3 million

Even if you don’t have a website, these approaches will still work though I believe having a website is better, as almost every customer is in possession of smart phones, tablets, pc etc and thus it is way too easy for them to give their feedback.

Feedback Form

Okay what you need after having a website is a feedback form in it.
And your feedback form is actually the key to get the right, real feedback.

Let me explain, for instance if your feedback form is long, hard to fill, takes time to fill, requires information that only serious customer would like to share etc.

Such feedback form will have certain benefits

1.      Only real serious customers who really have problem will fill it, because filling a long, hard to fill form, a form that takes good amount of time to fill, demands sensitive info, info that only serious customers may share, indicates that whoever fills it completely, is really dissatisfied, having problem with your product/service. And you need to listen to him/her!!

2.      Such feedback form will completely weed out customers who have habit of giving negative feedback, gives negative feedback for no good reason.  Consequently you will get the real feedback, feedback that matters.

Remember, don’t make it too hard to fill (the feedback form) for your customers or else you won’t get any feedback at all.

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Approach to Get Real Positive Feedback

Make your feedback form easy to fill, simple, that saves your customer time.

In case you don’t have a website, follow both approaches by giving your customers both forms along with your product and ask them to mail back (very unlikely!).

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That’s it, over to you guys, let’s augment this article further…

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