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Well first of all, you should read the article that provides practical, easy,successful small business ideas for Pakistani market , do check this superbly written piece with all the information, practical tips on starting almost any kind of business in Pakistan, be it manufacturing business or otherwise.

Remember: I will be using the word startup at times in this article but that would mean Small Manufacturing Business, for instance if I say how to finance your startup, it will mean how to finance your small manufacturing business.

Note: Present February 2017, One gram gold value equals to 4817 Pakistani rupees, since gold value remains stable while currency value fluctuate thus we see hike/dip in gold price, therefore I will provide estimate of each business ideas in gold too, which will make estimates of this article valid even 100 years from now.

Coming to the  main theme of this article, let me start with what you will learn from it.

What You Will Learn from this Article:

  • You will learn via a practical example about starting any type of small manufacturing business in Pakistan and then you can apply that example to start any type of small manufacturing business.
  • You will learn everything (practically) about small manufacturing business in Pakistani context, that includes but not limited to ROI, Machinery required, Labor requirements, marketing plan, Financial & overall management, acquiring further capital/investment to expand, break-even achievement, sales plan, commission structure for sales team, beating the competition etc.
  • Finally you will learn all of this not only in a practical sense but also with ease!

And this article is going to be quite lengthy plus also at times boring because that’s how it is 😉, so it’s better if you read it in breaks or something or just while having a super huge cup of coffee with you!

And yeah, agar dehan se iss article ko read nahi karo gay toh you won’t be able to get the benefits which I intend to give!

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In my opinion, you must read that article, so do check it out!

Okay now let’s start with the example of small manufacturing business in Pakistan

Practical Example of a Small Manufacturing Business in Pakistani Context

I am going to provide an example of small manufacturing, once you read and understand all the stupid things I am about to say (just kidding 😆 ) I mean practical things you will be in a better position to start any type of small manufacturing business right from home/garage/littleshop/whatever!

The example is of mineral water business

Remember: Before going for any kind of business it is wise to spend some time (1-6 months) with those who are already, successfully running that kind of business, this will help you not only in understanding the whole business model to a good extent but also give you a brief but valuable insights into the workings of each and every aspect of that business.

Okay now let's get to our the main theme of this article

Mineral Water Bottles Manufacturing Business in Pakistan in 9 Steps

Step 1:

First of all you will need a brand name/logo for your business; to get logo you can use any online service that makes cool logos or simply contact a graphic designing expert in your area to make one for you but before you go for logo you need a brand name because your logo will be something based on that brand name.

A cool, interesting brand name with a super cool logo is a must to make your brand standout in the crowd, remember you need to give your brand name and logo considerable thought before you go for one.

Now for instance I have selected brand name Drink Life and so logo maker provided me the following logo.
mineral water business logo

Step 2:

Once you select a brand name, logo then you will need to do registration for the product you will be selling under that name, you can learn that by visiting Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan

You will also need to register your business logo/trademark/brand name, to do that read this post.

Step 3:

Once you have registered your logo/trademark etc along with your product registration the next step is to know what kinds of water bottles are in demand and which one’s aren’t, if you have spent time with someone who is running this business, as already mentioned above, then you will know exactly what types of water bottles will do great in market.

Let’s assume that 1.5 liter water bottles have huge demand.

Step 4:

Now what you need is 1.5 liter water bottles, again internet can provide you help here too, for instance Plaspack (Lahore Based Company) provides all kinds of bottles, caps etc and so what I will need is to contact these guys to give me bulk price of bottles, info on bottle quality, supply method & policy, payment method etc.

Although it is wise to contact many dealers before making your buying decision, so that you get a better deal, once you make your buying decision.

It’s time to move to next step.

Step 5:

Now you need to make labels for these bottles, to do that you will need to contact a graphic design and printing firm.

You will take your bottle size, logo, brand name and they will print labels for you, remember though, you won’t be able to print labels for like 1000 bottles, because design & printing firms don’t do that due to not making sizable profit out of it.

Thus they will agree to print you no less that at least 5-10 thousand labels which depending on quality will cost you from anywhere between 20 to 50 thousand rupees (4 to 10 grams of gold).

Use heat gun to put these labels on those bottles, you won’t be able to put those labels if bottles are already filled, to know what a heat gun is and how it works, read step 6.

Step 6:

Now what you need is a water distillation, purifying, treating machine or plant, again internet will help you.

You can buy a quality RO plant (water purifying, distillation, treatment machine) with modest price tag of somewhere between 80 thousand (16 grams of gold) to 3 lakhs (62 grams of gold).

Check the following video on how a small RO plant works, this one cost around 90 thousand pkr.

You will also need a bottle filling & capping machine which will cost you between 10 thousand to 5 lakhs (4 to 107 grams of gold), the 5 lakh machine will be a heavy duty machine while a 10 thousand machine will be a hand held machine

Check the following video on bottle filling and sealing bottles with caps via a simple handheld machine

You will also need a heat gun if you have shrink labels, shrink labels are labels that wrap around a bottle, similar to nestle water bottle labels and a heat gun is the cheapest way to do it.

Check the following video on how heat gun is used to put labels around a bottle

Step 7:

You will need plastic wrapping to make bulk packaging, like packing of 12 water bottles together, the plastic wrapping will cost you around 300-500 rupees, you can easily get such wrapping from any plastic material dealing shop.

Check the following video on how plastic wrapping of multiple bottles is done with heat gun

Step 8:

Now you need labor to package, remember if you have already spent some time with someone who is already involved in this business you will know that they do water bottle manufacturing from label to filling, sealing to bundle packing in winter season.

Why? Because in summer season you need to focus on sales, supply etc and so you won’t have much time to do it then unless you can hire more labor.

Okay, hire at least two guys and train them on how to operate water distillation plant, how to use heat gun, how to use bottle filler, sealer etc.

Training will take anywhere from few days to one week.

Step 9:

Once your manufacturing process is over, next step is to sell them in the market and for that you will need sales guys with motorcycles having delivery boxes tied on them so that they can take not only market orders but also able to supply according to those orders on their bikes.

delivery box motorcycle

You will need to hire at least four sales guys to go to market, take orders and then do supply.

And that’s how you will make some cool money out of this business, I am sure using the same principles you can start any type of small manufacturing business.

Now if you guys can remember, I also said I will give you solid info on ROI, howto’s on marketing and managing your small manufacturing also I talked about sales plan & commission, acquiring further money, investment to expand etc.

So let’s get to those parts, as for as return on invest (ROI) is concerned you should read the very first article I talked about in the beginning of this article.

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Coming to making sales commission plan, if you don’t know how to make one super effective sales plan then read the following articles and it is likely that sales guys won’t stay around or you may be short on cash/resources to hire experienced sales guys to make huge sales, so if that is the case (which is likely) then read the following articles
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Finally as you all can see that I have provided no b.s but practical stuff, with practical easy suggestions from a2z on how to run a successful small manufacturing business, which is something you won’t find on the internet, I bet you on this.

So if you like it and want to receive more such practical easy approaches to marketing, startups, small business, branding etc through email then subscribe to this website and yeah don’t forget to share this website and this long article with those who you think would be interested in it.

Over to you guys, let me know if you have any questions, suggestions!

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