5 Super Easy Business Ideas for Students in Pakistan!

When it comes to business ideas for students, I am not going to share those usual boring, cliche business ideas that you have read over and over on the internet instead I'll share something totally out of the box, new that will earn you some serious money.

business ideas for students Pakistan
Okay, so if you are studying and want to start your own side business because being a student is tough or you have that entrepreneurial dream, where you are a millionaire ;d after graduation then this article is what you have been missing so far!

In this article I am going to share six easy small business ideas that you being a graduation fella can easily work on, making some really good money along with launching a successful entrepreneurial career in Pakistan.

Besides I have already shared over thirty really kick-ass business ideas for serious entrepreneurs in Pakistan, do check this one if you are really serious about your business, even if you are not that serious still check it out because you will learn tons of things about running a business.

Coming back to the topic, first of all I have to share a little details about a machine that you will need to buy so that you can manufacture the products that you will be selling later on.

The Machine!

This machine is called manual blister packing machine, it is used for packing, this machine comes in many different shapes and sizes but for students, I would suggest either one of  the following two (watch the video), which will cost somewhere between 25-40 thousand Pkr.

Check this video too

You can find local dealers of these machines by either connecting with someone in the industry like in sweets industry (candies etc) or in pharma/medicine industry, they will give you contact, price etc of the nearby dealers from whom you can purchase it easily.

For getting contacts from industry you will have to make visit to a nearby industrial zone around you or you will need to connect with them through email, contact via colleague, friend or through social media, google etc.

Update 18/Feb/2022: Here are couple of dealers in Pakistan from whom you can easily purchase this machine, although design wise machine is not similar to the one above in the video but function wise they are similar, check out these links: link1, link2 to contact dealers of this machine in Pakistan and purchase it from them.

Once you have this machine, you can pack many things with it right from your hostel (😋😈😉), home etc!

So now let’s get back to business ideas!

6 Easy, Cool Business Ideas for Students in PK

Bunties Business Idea

You can buy these little sweet things at any wholesale sweet dealer like KK Foods Karachi, Pak Foods Rawalpindi etc.
bunties business idea

Once you buy them, it usually cost around 90-95 Pkr per kg, with one kg bunties you can make around 40-45 packs costing you 2.85-3.00 pkr per pack (including packing cost, foil cost, electricity cost, labor cost etc) and you can sell that pack as a dozen pack bundle for 45 pkr, thus earning you at least 9 pkr in profit for each dozen sold.

The retailer will sell those packs at 5 Pkr to consumer, thus earning him 15pkr in profit by selling dozen, remember in any new small business you will need to give at least 30-35% profit to the retailer, as that will convince him to buy your product.

That 15 Pkr that the retailer earns on 45 rupees is exactly 35% !

Cherry Balls Business Idea

This is yet another similar sweet little thing like bunties, per pack this one will cost somewhat lesser than bunties, so you will earn even more in profit, around 11-13 pkr per a dozen bundle here.
cherry balls business
Imagine selling hundred dozen bundle packs daily, that is 1100-1300 in profit daily, if you look at it monthwise, taking out the Sundays, when you don’t work, you still make handsome cash between 25k-30K pkr, that is quite handsome money, isn’t it! 😉

Dry Milk Business Idea

Kids go crazy for dry milk, they love it, you probably have eaten a lot in your childhood, so why not start dry milk business!
dry milk business
You can again find a wholesale dealer of dry milk around you (if you are from Rawalpindi then Raja Bazar is where you need to go) and then you can pack it up in small boxes with the above machine, each box will cost you around the same amount as one pack of bunties does, then selling a dozen bundle of that to retailers etc and earning handsomely!

This (business idea) one is probably the one I would have launched as a student!

Colorful Marbles Business Idea

Kids love marbles, simply because they are cool, cute little sparkies! 😵

And the best thing about marbles is, they don’t get expired, don’t cost much which means you can make some really good money with that!

Small Scissors Business Idea

Almost all adults, grownups need quality scissors for trimming beard, mustaches, hair, eye brow etc and we often lose them, forgetting where we put it and so we buy another one, and ANOTHER ONE... and that’s how it has been going on for centuries! 
scissors business idea
Buying quality small scissors in bulk and then packing them in quality packs, means awesome money!

Although in Pakistan people don’t usually prefer quality therefore lower cheap quality scissors will do the job!

Some important points to remember!

  1. You will need to design the aluminum for background packing, as per your specification, the machine seller can help you in that.
  2. You will need plastic for front packing, again the machine seller can help you there, explaining everything about it.
  3. You will need to buy plastic, aluminum in bulk to lower the cost, that means you will need some more money, like 5-15K Pkr.
  4. You will need to make separate dyes for each product you are packing, you may right now don’t understand what a dye is, its something you need to put in the machine to pack a given item, a single dye can only pack a single item, for instance bunties dye won’t pack dry milk and vice versa, therefore you will need five dyes if you want to do packing of the above all five items, a machine comes with at least two free dyes.
  5. You have to make sure that you can really do it, don’t just jump in it and then learning the swimming rather think over it for at least a week, do necessary survey etc too, it is really important or else you will end up wasting your money!
  6. Don’t start by investing large, doing large investment without having clue about business means you will most likely end up losing all of your investment.
  7. Really Important! ;p Subscribe to this kickass website of mine to get more business ideas straight into your inbox, to get help on almost all topics related to business, most importantly to get practical insight, no bookish boring theoretical stuff.
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Bonus Idea: Investment 1500/- Only

You may have seen those cool looking, yummy stuff at bakeries & fast food outlets 😋 that makes you wonder how do they do it and how much does it cost to learn to those things and more importantly how much they earn?!

Well it cost nothing, yep just 1500/- Pkr and you can learn around 80 recipes in just about a month course all at home/hostel online at your own convenience.

If you want to launch your own entrepreneurial career in food sector especially bakery & fast food then this course is something you should invest yourself in!

Keep in mind profit margin in Bakery & Fast Food in Pakistan varies between 45-200% means if you make one rupee sales in this business niche, at minimum you will earn 45 paisa per rupee and at maximum 2 rupees in profit (for that single rupee of sale).

And that is honestly huge profit margin and that is is the reason which makes this business one among top lucrative or profitable businesses in Pakistan.

Coming to course, this course isn't about all those usual recipes rather its about recipes that sells (in Pakistani market, has demand) and that gives all bakery, fast food owners those huge profit margins, making them super rich.

You can learn that course for just 1500/- rupees in just one month and then you can launch part time bakery business or you can hire guys, train them as per your own training and launch this business with modest investment at place of your choosing (obviously after you get done with your studies).

Course Details are as follow:

Click on the following pictures to see the course offered in detail:

Bakery Course Pakistan

Fast Food Course Pakistan

Other Details about this Course:

Course Fee: 1500/-
Duration: 1 month
Certification: Yes (you will be provided completion certificate & 80 recipes in text doc form)
Total Number of Recipes: 80
Age limit: None, anyone willing to learn; can learn this course.
Course Instructor: Master Chef Zara
Teaching Method: Online + Live/Offline Question Answers & 80 Recipes Videos.
Course Expertise Level: Beginner/Fresh Candidates (with zero experience)
Institute Name: Zara Bakeshop & Baking School Lahore
Other Support: You will be also provided guidance on how to convert your expertise in baking & fast food into a successful small-medium-large scale business, including as a side or part time business.

Master Chef Zara has been working in baking & teaching niche for over 11 years now, which means she is the expert in it!

If you want to do this or you need more info, then reach me out at my email address which is as follow: 


Through Whatsapp (only) which is: 0341 982 033 9

Or though this website contact form which you can find here (click on it).

Okay that’s it, over to you guys!

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Any questions, let me know in the comments down below!

Update: Recently I have been receiving quite a number of requests from Indian students, low investment beginners for some more unique business ideas, so I put up another post with some more unique, fresh business ideas and I  think that post as relevant to you as to them, so do check it out, here 5 Super Lucrative Business Ideas For Indian Students!

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