5 Super Cool Creative Brand Names For Potato Chips

In this super boring article 😃 I will be brainstorming some really creative names for chips, these names will tend to be easy, different, brief (I'll explain that in a bit) and along with that I will also be developing chips packaging mock-ups for those kick-ass brand names.

potato chips mockups with creative brand names
Designing mock-ups will not only help you in seeing how things on paper convert into a real 3D plus I will also explain each and every mock-up, like their texture, fonts, colors etc in light of brand building or branding, customer attraction & retention etc and with all of that I will also explain other things like how can colors, logo design, brand name affects, increases your brand mind-share, brand recall, make your brand stand out in the crowd etc.

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Okay now let’s get back to the main topic of this article.

5 Cool Creative Brand Names For Potato Chips!

I can make tons of cool brand names but again, that won’t be sufficient as there is no accounting for taste, so how about I give you a simple rule to get as many creative names as possible?!

That rule is actually based on three points, point number one make sure the name you are selecting is easy, point number two that name should be different/unique and number three it should be brief.

Easy in a sense, that people don’t forget it, can be easily pronounced, for instance take Apple name, it’s easy, no one would ever forget it.

Apple is also different, unique for its category, you see Apple is a fruit while the company that has it as its brand name deals in consumer electronics, so instead of using names like high tech, brain tech, smart tech, futuretech, futech, bigtech etc they went for something that is totally different, thus making itself stand out in crowd and that makes it more noticeable.

The more different, unique it is, the more it will stand out in the crowd and consequently far easy for it to get inside your target market head, making a permanent place in there!

Apple is made of five alphabets, that is quite brief, thus making it more easy to absorb, to be remembered, think about Pepsi, Toyota, Ford, Facebook, Twitter, Tesla, Nestle, Ikea etc.....

So we will be using these three rules to make few names.

Now let’s get to it!

Brand Name: Kitty Crisps!

Brand Slogan: So tasty & crispy that even your cat will eat it!

Kitty Crisps Packaging Design:

Kitty Crisps Packaging Mock-up:

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up 1

The name combines two easy words, one is Kitty, second is Crisps, people love cats, that’s why YouTube is so full of cat videos, while Crispy is related almost exclusively with snacks especially chips.

Brand slogan not only highlights the above mentioned two facts but also clarifies to the target market that it’s not a cat food 😉

In the above packaging mock-up I have used orange, yellow as background colors, orange color is mainly used to signify warmth and happiness while yellow signifies original thought and inquisitiveness.

The design is pretty simple, less is more in this case plus a picture of kitty signifies the overall message while the brand phrase “So tasty & crispy that even your cat will eat it”, will make your consumer curious to read the whole thing and would make him/her smile (hopefully 😉), that will not only give your consumer a push to buy it (not just for himself but a bag or two for the kitty too! means more sales lol) but will also help in achieving a bit space in his/her mind, thus increasing mind-share for your brand.


Brand Slogan: Potato Meteoroids!

Super Spicy Packaging Design:

Super Spicy Packaging Mock-ups:

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up two

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up 3

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up 4

The name combines two quite well known, simple, easy words, Super and Spicy, Super represents chips that are extremely good in taste, crispness, quality and Spicy represents potatoes chips spiced up with subcontinent spices.

Brand slogan “Potato Meteoroids!” is quite different, unique, making it stand out in the crowd, plus represents something out of this world, something from beyond, something different, the potato in meteoric descend in the middle represent all of this meaning in form of imagery thus further attaining target consumer attention which will definitely improve mind-share of the brand in the long run.

While the words “Indian Masala & Vinegar”, further highlights the special Spicy side of the brand.

Likewise the brand name “Super Spicy” written in a flame like font and with flamy look, further highlights the brand claim, its promise.

The background Black color represents sophistication of the brand, makes the packaging more expensive looking, of higher perceived value while the gold background color represents quality, suggests that this brand is expensive and exclusive, thus making it more important, worthy of attention in the eyes of its target consumer.


Brand Slogan: Super Spicy

POTATOROIDS Packaging Design:

chips packaging design idea

POTATOROIDS Packaging Mock-up:

mock-up idea potato chips
I have only changed the name from Super Spicy to Potatoroids, combining the two words Potato & Meteoroids, thus making a unique, new brand name, which not only conveys uniqueness to the target consumers which helps a lot in improving mind-share but also gives marketers some basic idea on how to combine two ordinary words to make a really cool, simple, easy & unique brand name.

The name Potatoroids is also quite easy and brief (to some extent ;p)

For the rest of details on this brand name, follow the details given in above Super Spicy brand name.

Brand Name: EAT ME!

Brand Slogan: n/a

EAT ME! Packaging Design:

potato chips cool design idea

EAT ME! Packaging Mock-ups:

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up

Potato Chips Packaging Mock-up seven

The brand name is simple, super brief, super easy; conveys a straight message to its target audience, that is, to eat it, the brand name is unique (as you won't have heard a chips brand with similar name) which is good for attaining target consumer attention, focus.

The brand font, represents uniqueness, which again is good for mind-share, the clutter free design represents clarity, simplicity, focusing on its core message, which is fire roasted jalapeno pepper being used to spice up the quality potato chips.

The exclamation mark in the brand name end further suggests a strong urge from the brand side to its target consumer to eat it, which kind of makes the whole brand name way more unique than all these other brands out there. 

And that uniqueness will definitely convert into more mind-share consequently increase in sales.

The brand font with fiery texture on the inside further highlights the uniqueness of this brand.

The full white bowl, represents quantity along with quality, the white background color represents the brand cleanliness, a health wise safe product.


Brand Slogan: n/a

POTATO CHIPS Packaging Design:

unique potato chips packaging design ideas

POTATO CHIPS Packaging Mock-ups:

potato chips mock-up idea one

mockup ideas for chips

The brand name is simple yet elegantly presented; the whole focus here is on color combination, overall packaging design, to make it stand out among the crowd, to make it grab its target consumer attention forever! 😉

The two chilies, in red and green not only represent spice in the chips but also provide a symmetrical harmony to the packaging.

And the three chips pieces at the bottom further improves the design symmetry while the background medium black gives its target consumer a sense of quality, higher perceived value.

In a nutshell, the background color leaves a classy, elegant impression in its target consumer mind; such a product will be more preferred by people that are represented by social benchmarks like Elite, Upper Class, Middle Class in a society.

So that’s it!

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