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Hello everyone, today I am going to share super doper profitable home business idea with you guys that can generate return on investment near to 5000%.

Note: This post will have all the calculations in both Pakistani & Indian currencies, so don’t worry!; And all Indian students, would-be entrepreneurs need to do is to read this post carefully and after that apply it to Indian market situation and you will be absolutely happy 😉

Presently 1 Indian rupee is equal to 2.18 Pakistani rupees (23-December-2020).

Yep you heard me right!

5000%!!! And to be honest I didn’t want to share it because I had my own thoughts about it but then I thought well forget it, let’s make someone else life good too! 😈

Means if you make sales in this business, for instance with every 1 rupee sales you will earn at least 50 rupees in profit, that means 5000% return on your investment, it sounds unbelievable right! 😓

But it’s not, bear with me😉, get through the whole post and you will definitely agree with what I am claiming here!

Today’s post is about potato flakes/powder manufacturing business!

Business Idea For Pakistan/India 2021-2022 [Potatoes Fakes/Powder Manufacturing]

First here are some pictures of potatoes flakes manufactured at home!

dehydrated potatoes flakes

dehydrated potatoes flakes

dehydrated potatoes flakes

This business idea is especially suitable for students in Pakistan/India and for all would be entrepreneurs that want to start home business (in 2021-2022) with super crazy profitability and with very low investment.

Pakistan produces around 4 million tons of potatoes each year and around 10-30 percent of it is wasted each year, sadly.

Now here is the thing!

You can actually convert potatoes into flakes or powder that are used in variety of stuff like gravies, soups, in ice creams to enhance its flavor, quality; in snacks, milk powder, in sweets like chocolates and even in different meat mixtures.

There is tremendous and ever increasing demand for potatoes flakes in Pakistan, for instance in year 2015 Pakistan imported 2,764 tons of Potato Powder and Flakes worth 3.78 million dollars.

You can setup of this business anywhere in Punjab although the best place in Punjab as per research is Okara, because back in 2015 Okara produced 34% of total produce in Pakistan.

The reason I said Punjab, because Punjab produced around 97% of total produce in the country, back in 2015, so you can see why!

While in India for year 2017, Uttar Pradesh was the major Potato producing State with 31.26% of production share, followed by West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh with 23.29 %, 13.22%, 7.43% and 6.20% share respectively.

Let’s talk about profit margin a bit more!

Profit Margin in this Business:

A single potato water content is about 75% means if you want to produce one kg of potatoes flakes/powder you will need at least 4 kg of potatoes.

In its peak produce season, the cost of potatoes drastically comes down to about 10 Pkr per kg (5 Inr per kg) mainly in high production areas in Punjab (and the same is true for India like in UP).

That means it will cost around 40 Pkr (20 Inr) in terms of raw material required while if we add around 30 rupees (14 Indian rupees) for rest of the cost like labor, production cost, fixed cost, variable cost etc then a single kg of potato flake/powder will cost us around 70 rupees (34 Indian rupees) per kg.

While I can bet you it will be way lower than this, yep way lower!

It could well be around like 50 to 60 Pkr (28-30 Inr) per kg at best.

Now here is the deal you can get in touch with its target market (importers only) and sell it for like half of the price of the global price which is anywhere from $1.4 to $1.6 per kg; this price doesn’t include import duty, taxes, freight and ware house charges including all that per kg price could well cross over $4 easily.

Presently $1 equals to 160 Pkr (& 73 Indian rupees as per Dec-23-2020 exchange rate) and $1.4 equals to 220 pkr (103 Indian rupees), now you can easily sell it for $1.4 to $1.6 per kg to big buyers aka importers and you can earn around 200% per sale.

And yeah just wait a little more for the 5000% profit part ;-)

You can buy a packing machine like the following to pack it in a cool looking packaging and sell it all over Pakistan/India through super stores, general stores, retail and online etc at a way more higher price, like you can’t even imagine that! (explained in 5000% part so wait ;-)).

pouch sachet packaging packing machne

Before going for 5000% part let’s first discuss potatoes flakes/powder manufacturing process ;-)

How do they manufacture Potatoes Flakes ?:

Making potatoes flakes is piece of cake, on a large scale it is produced by having potato mesh wrapped over large stainless steel cylinders, on inside of which heated up steam passes through which dries it up just as follow.

Such a setup or high end production line (factory/plant) for potatoes flakes costs around $750000 USD.

Here is whole production line or plant setup that can be provided by EIMA

EIMA  Potatoes flakes powder production line manufacturing setup plant factory
Picture by EIMA

While on small scale like to manufacture 2 to 3 kg daily, you will need to follow the following steps to make potatoes flakes.

1.      Cleaning potatoes with water and then peeling them.

2.      Boiling them

3.      Making a mesh or paste with hands while doing it in the same boiled water.

4.      Laying paste over sheets (used in dehydrator) and putting them in the dehydrator to remove water

5.      Converting the dried up output into powder with juicer or simply by hands or with industrial grinder.

6.      Packing it by hands in good looking packaging using heat sealer or packing it with packaging machine mentioned above.

Or you can follow the method described by Onions-Potatoes which is “Potato flakes are flat chunks of dehydrated mashed potato. How are they made? Potatoes are cooked and mashed, then crushed by rollers on the surface of a drum. The mashed potato is fast-dried until its humidity reaches the desired level, then the layer of dried, mashed potato is scraped from the drum.”

If you want to start this business with minimum possible cost then you will need only a dehydrator, of which the least expensive one will cost you around 8 thousand rupees (3670 Indian rupees).

Dehydrator small scale low end for fruits vegetable

So you can start this business with a very low investment of 20 thousand rupees (9100 Indian rupees) that includes cost of dehydrator, raw material cost, packaging that you seal with a heat sealer along with branding (sticky page that you stick on each packet that includes details like logo, contact, manufacturing, expiry etc).

Now here comes the 5000% profit part!:

Now most you might be thinking idea toh fit he mgr aloo bht mehngy hn, almost 30-40 (20-25 INR in India) ruppay fi kilo hain off season mei toh hum students ya house wives (ya side business waly) kaisy iss ko karingy, hum thora production k peak season k le wait kr sakty hn.

Well, your this particular concern is right but honestly have you checked prices of this stuff I mean potato flakes in Pakistan (or India for that matter), they are selling it in grams like as if it’s some kind of rarity 😉

Just for instance check Daraz (or Flipkart), there it is being sold in 50 grams pouch for a whopping 430 Pkr (on Flipkart 220 Indian rupees for 100 grams) and that’s the lowest price.

Now if you buy for instance 40 pkr per kg potatoes then for 430 Pkr you will get at least 10 kg of potatoes.

From 10 kg of potatoes you will get at least 2.5kg of potatoes flakes/powder.

Now for instance if you sell all of it as per 50 gram for 430 pkr price on Daraz then you will make a total sale of 21500 pkr!!!

And that’s how you make around 5000% in profit!

Indian readers should do the same calculation while considering Flipkart price 220 Inr per 100 gram and you will get profit margin of 2500% and that is not bad either.

It means for every one Indian rupee sales you will earn 25 Indian rupees, not bad.

Such profit margin is most likely on online stores although offline the profit margin will be lesser about 10 to 20% from what is online but that is still not bad, not bad at all!

On a side note the difference in profit margins between Pakistan and India signifies level of competition, market saturation which is way higher in India compared to Pakistan.

And here are screen shots from Daraz and Flipkart.

The prices in these screenshots are from low to high.

Daraz potatoes flakes/Powder

flipcart potatoes flakes/Powder

That's it over to you guys, if you want to read more similar super awesome business ideas then search then click on this link: Business Ideas

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