Top 30 Super Profitable Business Ideas To Start in Qatar Now!

Okay before going for the main topic of the post that is about why and what are the best business ideas to start in Qatar, it is important to let you know that almost all business ideas can work in any country, any region only if you apply a bit of creativity to it, to tune it in to the local conditions just like Amazon business model has been successfully replicated by Alibaba/AliExpress (China) or Daraz Pk (Pakistan) or Flipkart (India).

qatar doha small business ideas
The business model is the same, they have taken Amazon business model and replicated it all over, you can see similar replications in all other things like equivalent of facebook that is Renren, which means 'everybody' and VK (Russia).

Now that doesn’t mean all successful businesses are replicated, some successful businesses like for instance fast food giants like McDonalds, Hardee’s etc and soft drink giants like Pepsi, Coca Cola etc have moved to almost every region, country thus making sure that they don’t see their equivalent/competitor popping up all over!

So what’s the point of discussing all of this ?

The point is, almost any business idea or successful business will work in any country, region, market; all you need is to tune it a bit to the local settings.

Which brings us to the main topic of this article, when it comes to best business in Qatar, I will be sharing some ideas which I have already shared on different posts on this website but; which can be successfully replicated in Qatar market situation too.

I mean part of what made China great is their replication of not just successful businesses but products too, making them a bit cheaper and supplying to the whole world, that is part of the reason why Donald Trump has been so threatening.

So if it can make China Great Again, definitely this strategy can help Qatar too!

Okay without further ado let’s get to the main part of this post!

30 Best Small-Medium Business Ideas to Start in Qatar:

Before discussing any business idea I think I need to point out few things you will definitely need to launch any business successfully.
  1. Investment (to not only cover your business expenses till breakeven but to cover you, your family until business becomes healthy enough, this can take anywhere from 6 months to 16 months)
  2. Location (suitable for Head Office, Output Production, Customers dealing etc)
  3. Staff (to work in HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Administration, Output Production Units etc)
  4. Vehicles (For market delivery, picking up staff, picking up raw materials etc)
  5. Perseverance, Hard smart efforts, Patience!
  6. Business Acumen (which means knowing not only the tricks of the trade but the whole trade itself, that can be achieved by spending at least 2-6 months with those who are already running that business or similar business successfully and to do that you will need to make relationships).

Okay now let’s talk about our first set of business ideas:

10 Manufacturing Business Ideas for Qatar

I have already shared eight super lucrative manufacturing business ideas in terms of Saudi Arabia Market situation that can be successfully replicated in Qatar situation with almost no tuning required.
Those eight business ideas are:
  1. Mineral Water Manufacturing Business
  2. Water Purification, Distillation Machines Import Business
  3. Biscuits, Cookies Manufacturing Business
  4. Ice-Cream, Ice Lollys Manufacturing Business
  5. Disposable Paper Plates Manufacturing Business
  6. Disposable Cups Manufacturing Business
  7. Carton Box Manufacturing Business
  8. Kraft Paper Manufacturing Business

Profit margin in pure manufacturing varies between 25%-70%, that means, you can earn (net income) 0.25-0.70 QR for each Qatari riyal of total sales, that is quite healthy!

While in import it varies between 15-35%, the variation in profit margin is due to different fixed and variable costs which vary from business to business and also due to business acumen, experience of the Entrepreneur, Managers, Staff etc who manage the business.

To read more details on each and every business idea, check out this post 8 Super Lucrative Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabia!

That post provides sufficient details on manufacturing business consequently will make doing manufacturing business in Qatar a lot easier!

Now let me share with you one more manufacturing business idea (on which I have already written an extensive post) that you can successfully launch in Qatar.

It’s about Potato Chips Manufacturing business, where you will need to set up a whole manufacturing plant to make potato chips like Lays, Doritos etc.

Profit margin varies between 40-70%, to know total cost of setting up the whole plant you will need to read the following article because the cost or required investment varies like if you want to setup low-end machines based plant then it will come cheap and vice versa.

For further details check out this post Potato Chips Manufacturing Business.

Lastly if you are looking to launch a manufacturing from your home, garage or want a small manufacturing setup then you should check out this post, Home Based Manufacturing.

In that post you will learn how to pack, brand semi finished goods like different spices, black tea, coffee, washing powder etc in a cool, company level packaging, with kick-ass branding.

Okay that’s it for the manufacturing business ideas now let’s move to more traditional businesses that you can go for in Qatar!

20 Ordinary but Super Successful Business Ideas For Qatar!

1. Fast-food Point: How about having a nice looking, shiny fast food outlet that not only offer fast food but also middle eastern cuisine, food is something of survival and who hates good food and great taste? Nobody!

Profit Margin here varies between 25-50%; customer flow, market competition, demand, location etc matter a lot in success of such a business.

2. Juice-Hot Drinks Point: Providing fresh fruit juices, juice and shake combo’s in Qatari hot summers while something like Dark Roast (Nescafe) French Vanilla (Maxwell House), Black Tea, Herbal Teas etc in wintry days, nights of Qatar.

Having super cool looking outlet with all the bling-bling and lightning; luxury look will be a plus, profit margin here varies between 20-50%.

And yeah customer flow, location, demand etc here matters too!

3. Hair Salon: Spikes, Rough Cut, Low Fade with Long Fringe, High Fade with Loose Pompadour, High Fade with Hard Part and Quiff…. In case you are wondering these are super hot hair styles in 2018 so how about having a hair salon that can carter to the needs of young Qataris?!

Having a well decorated hair salon will definitely get noticed and having that salon in among the super rich elite of Doha will obviously make the whole investment worth it!

Not having your Salon among the super rich doesn’t mean it won’t be successful after all half of the Qatar population is below 31 years of age (Statistia) so there is definitely demand there!

4. Indian Cuisine: Offering traditional Indian cuisine makes a lot more sense because over 25% of total population in Qatar are Indians.

And it’s not that hard to do either, hiring few Indian chefs ain’t that hard and won’t cost much either!

Profit Margin here varies between 25-50%

5. Business Consultancy: What I am doing here is a kind of crude business consultancy, the wealthy people often want to invest, helping them to invest in right businesses, startups; you will definitely earn good.

6. Smart Tech Outlet: Qataris are super rich and they have quite penchant for tech gadgets, smart solutions.

Having a business to cater to these needs would definitely worth the sweat, money!

7. Luxury Boating: Offering luxury boating to the super rich is yet another way to get some healthy return, according to a report private wealth in Qatar will increase from $0.3tn to $0.4tn by 2020 and demand for luxury boating in Qatar is also on the rise!

8. Low cost Housing: Indians, Nepalese, Bangladeshis, Philippines’ make around 60% of Qatar total population and majority of this population belongs to lower class with fewer income sources and thus they prefer cheap residences, houses to live into.

Having a housing scheme in the most economical region with relatively good transportation to main cities will definitely prove to be a hot spot for these people.

Now since they can’t afford to buy that means you can rent those houses out for a healthy monthly margin.

9. Event Organizing:  Having a team that is capable of organizing large events, as per client demands, in fact over satisfying client expectations can yield in quite healthy profit margin.

All you need to do is to be capable of organizing events such as festivals, conferences, ceremonies, weddings, formal parties, concerts, or conventions etc with all the do’s and dont’s kept in mind and with all the relevant stuff delivered as per clients expectations.

10. Holidays Planning: If you can arrange a lavish holiday for the wealthy Qataris then you will definitely get them rewarding you handsomely 😉 .

Doesn’t mean planning tours to Europe, U.S, Australia, I mean you can do that even in your own country like taking them for wild hunting to Indian jungles or to the cold and mighty Hindukush, Himalayas and Eden like northern regions of Pakistan or showing them mysteries of Nepal!

Once you get a good grip on this business model, gained at least four years of experience in the industry,  you can then plan holiday tours to other regions, countries of the world!

11.  Laundry Service: Getting a couple of high end laundry machines, imported from china via Ali Baba and setting them up in an urban locality will definitely work.

I mean people hate doing laundry, its time consuming, gets one pretty tired so having a guy or two to look after laundry machines while one with a vehicle to do pick and drop, that’s all you need.

A low-end machine costs just around $1200 while a high-end costs up to $12000 that excludes shipment charges and local import duties, taxes etc.

12. Baby Sitting: Qatari Mum's do have loads of things to do, all married guys know that! 😌 so how about sending baby sitters to take care of their kids, Philippines are best when it comes to taking care!

13. Luxury Desert Camping: If you know Qatari Folklore, Poetry and know how to spice it up at nights in Qatar desert with music, know how to make things more fun in deserts like arranging a mini party, concert with sand boarding, quality food for foodies then you need to start Desert Camping Service.

14. Home Decoration: If you know Italian home gusto, French décoration d'intérieur, American interior/exterior etc home designing then ultra rich Qataris definitely have place (and deep pockets) for your skills, services.

Though make sure it counts because première impression est la dernière impression (French) means first impression is the last impression!

15.  Desert Drone Delivery: Have been partying in the desert, but forgot to take water with you or just want some fresh fruit, a pack of cigarettes or how about ice-cream at mid night, well our drones will deliver, just drop in your coordinates by using our app and we will do the rest.

Sounds kind of unique and interesting, people will definitely take notice and that’s what you need for a successful business, to get noticed by the target market!

Although before starting this one, you will need to discuss it with the concerned authorities at the   Qatari aviation department, Govt etc.

16.  Language School: Since majority of Qataris are foreigners, it makes quite sense to teach them local language and also natives Qataris might want to try French, Russian, Chinese etc not just English!

17.  Gardening Solutions: Are you hot in botany, know what plants, vegetation, flowers can be grown, groomed without much of an effort in Qatari environment then you should go for offering these skills as garden solutions.

18.  Marketing Solutions: If you can afford to keep a couple of marketing professionals who know how to dig out relevant, objective data on a given market segment and how to use that data to provide your client a competitive edge over the rest then you shouldn’t waste any more time!

19.  Elderly Fitness Center: Since half of the Qatar population is above 31 that includes quite a sizable number around or over 50, having a fitness center to cater to the needs of this age group will definitely result in a healthy return for both parties.

20.  Digital Solutions/Software House: If you know how to make smart apps, websites, SEO, content marketing then having a software house with bunch of guys making those solutions will definitely get some traction with businesses, government institutions, universities etc in Qatar!

That’s it for this post!

And here are 3 More Business Ideas for Qatar.

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