Marketing The Perfect E=MC2 (Services)

Marketing the services
Here comes another kind. You want people to buy your thing (service) but the thing is something you can’t show them rather you can just count its benefits and that’s it. You just cant do anything more than that. So how are you supposed to do that?

Think again, guess, why do people believe and have taken E=mc2 as a fact and a fact on which our scientific theories rely on, how about gravity off course no one can see it
but it’s there and almost anyone aware of physics believes in it.. right?!. The same goes for your services but you got to do number of things to put your service in a position that of E=mc2.

How to market E=mc2 (Services)

As it goes we accept a theory as fact unless proven otherwise, if you put forward a theory and you prove it with some observation, reason and logic that’s it for most minds (main stream) in the world to take it as fact/truth. Exactly that’s what you got to do with your services your organization offers, you have to make people believe "when this and this and that happens it’s where our services comes in". Consider the following points for marketing a service in a way to make sense out of it, to make it sound reasonable and logical so that target market buys it.

  •  First of all make your marketing team get it. Make them understand reasonably, logically why a service, why our service and what benefits would the user get after utilizing our service. And the company should make sure that their marketing team does get the same understanding when any new additions to the company range of services comes in. Then in that case the service marketing teams that would take your service to your potential customer needs more vigorous training than the ones who deals in tangible products.

  • Be reasonable and logical while convincing people as only those intangible things achieve people convictions which are logical and reasonable. You are not supposed to go out there saying, we have such and such services to offer. What you have to do is to give them a good reason to consider your service.

  • Give them some good reasons as to why consider your service than others, who are already dealing in the same thing, what makes you so special.

  • As something intangible (service) might often lead to conceptual intangible(1) therefore you as a company need to focus on your reasonable and logically sound points regarding your service and have to reiterate them to your potential customers over and over (via advertisements, personal selling, direct marketing etc) so that it anchors in their minds, become top of the mind brand and so when the situation arises they come to you, your brand first.

  • Your service should be according to your target market, that means they can easily get it, the nature of your service and its benefits to them, like what solution (service) has been offered. Avoid being unclear, alien which makes it hard for customer to grasp the service nature you are offering. Make it as easy as ABC.

  • To make your service more worthy to be considered, taken seriously, add legitimate authorities in your marketing campaigns. And I hope you know what I mean by a legitimate authority (an individual considered to an authority in particular field). But just adding legitimate authorities doesn’t mean assured market demand for your service rather you got to add few ordinary Joes (satisfied customers) that would advocate your company.

  • Make the middle distance between your service (intangible) and tangible/intangible(solution) as short as possible and your service outcomes for your customer should be no less than what made them buy your service in the first place. 

  • Get the right professors on the job, your company bus should have the right professors who can make your students (customers) understand the benefits of your services dead easy. If you don’t have right guys in your bus don’t expect market to come to you for your solution. The more good professors you have the more capable would you become in satisfying your students

  • Your organization should send the message of quality, care, class, great values, in a nutshell make your customer feel great. And for that you got to have right marketing buffs all around to make it happen.

  • Give your own E=mc2 observations to your potential customers, that include satisfaction of customers after using your services, the benefits garnered by your customers so on and so forth. But don’t forget to make it easy for him/her to grasp it. As that's another aspect of your marketing strategy.

  • Provide real hard tangible (tangible surrogate) meaningful evidence when somebody buys your service. It could be nice neat clean piece of paper with signatures from all the big guys in your company and with ensured benefits plus few special benefits. In a nutshell make your customer feel that he has really taken something real out of your company.

  • To be sure that your E=mc2 remains relevant and at front to your potential customers conduct continuous market surveys to improve your services. Your customer feedback worth a lot more than anything, do not ever neglect or overlook it.

  • Remember to count customer perception of your service quality in setting price for your service. This would also help you to cut down things that don’t add up to customer perception of quality and add things that would. To have an idea of how much your service sounds to your customer in terms of quality take quality surveys on daily basis. And identify those patterns where improvements can be added or the company should cut on various aspects that don’t add up to quality or to rethink about those aspects so that they may add up to quality in future. Devise a sharp mechanism for conducting quality surveys on daily basis and to respond accordingly.

Bottom line

For services marketing “Be reasonable, be logical, be sensible, be different than the rest”


1.The marketing of services managing the intangibles
By Angela M. Rushton and David J. Carson
Marketing Matters, Elstow, Bedfordshire and
Marketing department, University of Ulster, Respectively.

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