Mobile Data Cable Manufacturing Business Machinery Details (Prices, Machines, Total Cost Break down, Required Investment)

Hello everyone, this post about details with regards to data cable manufacturing machinery or setup that includes information on machines like prices in RMB (RMB or Renminbi is the official currency of China) that you can convert to your local currency and also necessary explanation of each and every machine plus how to calculate total required investment for this business if you want start this business and where and how can you get the whole setup.

mobile data cable manufacturing business idea total required investment, total cost, machinery details

Let me first provide you over all price structure or cost break down of each and every machine that you may need to purchase in order to successfully launch this business.

Mobile Data Cable Manufacturing Business Machinery Total Cost & Other Details:

Some details about the above quotation, in Cutting and Stripping part of the table you have three options, one you don't purchase any of those machines and do cutting and stripping of data cable wires manually through labor.

Two you buy two machines where one is used for stripping the outer part of data cable wire and the other is used for inner stripping of the data cable wires on the inside.

Third you purchase automatic stripping machine that will do both of these tasks automatically.

In USB Wire Soldering segment of the table you have two option either to purchase the middle end machine with less features or to purchase high end machine with more features.

These machines are used to solder wire from cutting and stripping part with different cables head types.

Just as follow:

In Injection Machine again you have two options, a high end machine and a middle end machine with difference in prices, while you will also need to purchase mobile data cable molds for inner plastic molding and outer molding just as follow:

In Testing Machine part of the table, again you have two options, whichever suits your budget/requirements, with thes machines you test the manufactured cable and once its confirmed as okay, you can then pack them manually or via the packing or winding machine.

While along with these machine you will also need to purchase compressor because injection molding machine requires it (also required by soldering machine) and hopper dryer which again required by injection molding machine, it is basically used to cool down the inner and outer mold material in seconds and lastly crasher machine which will recycle the leftover molding material for next time use.

Now with the above explanation you can easily calculate the total amount of investment you will need to setup of data cable manufacturing factory.

That's it, over to you guys! 😉

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  1. Do you have chargingcable rolls ?

    1. No I don't but I can connect you with someone in china and you can import it from there, although I think due current economic crisis and LC's being not opened; perhaps that's why you are here!


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