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So you guys are wondering how you should devise your marketing strategy or any strategy for that matter when all the strategies all the tools all the creativity seems like making little or no impact in today’s market. You are thinking if there is any way to have that one amazing strategy that would take you to the top spot and would leave your rivals in dust.

Well there is, it’s time to create super strategy, now most of you would be wondering if the best strategy can’t work how can one devise something like super strategy. That’s easy peasy ;) you don’t need rocket science all you have to do is to think out of the box. But let’s just discuss why you even need a super strategy.

Reasons For Super Strategy:

  • Market complexity and flux: These are probably the most common and widespread reasons why you can’t survive or make a strategy that would work for some good time. As with every passing day the complexity in market increases and your strategy can’t keep up with the pace of change.

  • Super human capacity: Yeah not the super man thing ;p but these changes and complexities demands super human capacities in an ordinary Mr dum dum (Strategist aka jack of all Lord of none). Who is more capable but yet the demands increases making even the best of the best nervous and less productive. Plus you can’t have the spider man superman to fix it, yeah this is real world.

For the above reasons you need super strategy.

Super Strategy

A super strategy is a strategy that would overcome the current market challenges in effective and efficient manner and would assure leading spot in target market for the organization who devises it. It would ensure and remind people all around that competitive advantage can be sustained.
Now to make super strategy you need super strategists right ?!

Super Strategists

Well you can have them very easily a super strategist is a strategist who is not “Jack of all Lord of none” but “Lord of one”. It’s time to hire guys who are “Lord of one”, who are exceptional at one thing like a strategist that is good at advertisement campaign only is far better than one who is mediocre at promotion mix.  

Another example would be “Air Bus A380” a marvel of present day extreme engineering and tech, it is made in parts or components and these components come from around the world while the major contributors by value are 4 companies (Lord of one guys) from around the world that makes this jumbo jet a reality.

In simple words what makes Air Bus A380 is Air Bus A380 is the cream contribution of different components makers, who are good at one component, specialize in one component, they are not like Jack of all, making all the components and for that reason Air Bus goes to them instead of going for companies who are "Jack of All" these components makers are super organizations or super suppliers (because they have hired human resource that are super good at one thing instead of "Jack of all").

By having the “Lord of one” guys at your Bus means assurance of super strategy that would outdo every Tom, Dick and Harry of your rivals who are the so called “Jacks of all Lords of none”.

Bottom line:

Go for super Strategists to have super strategies to achieve and sustain competitive advantages.

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