Promotion Mix: Advertising In Visual Media Five Things To Remember

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You are looking for an effective and out of the box marketing strategy for your product/service in terms of promotion mix than you got to the right spot. I have collected some really insightful points that would help you to create interest of your target market into your product through your visual media campaign.
So let’s get to it.

Five things to remember

1.      Story telling: we hardly forget stories. They inspire us to take different paths in our lives. Stories get our attention, it gives us food for thought it remains with us and good stories become word of mouth right?! So your advertising should be based on some real script it should have a great story to tell it should inspire your audience to take steps (buy your product/service) in their daily lives.

Like in great stories we exaggerate Hero’s, their feats and accomplishments and create a picture that is more appealing and inspiring likewise when it comes to your advertising on visual media exaggerate the Hero’s (product/service), its features and specifications in a way that interest and inspires its audience.

Most of you guys might have seen the “A day made of glass” a series of videos made by Corning Gorilla glass what actually they have done in their advertising is exaggerating Corning glass brand in terms of features and specifications that don’t exist but the great script of video makes a video (story) so appealing and inspiring that people have watched it over and over plus they believe corning is going to bring smart glass gadgets very soon.

But honestly that is quite too stretched considering the level of technology we have today though I admit that there has been some developments in smart phones made purely of glass in Taiwan but comparing that to the video series makes it look very primitive. What corning accomplished from that is they have perfectly anchored their brand into market, everybody knows it and everybody wants or prefers Corning glass on their smart devices.

2.      Trendy: Your advertisement should be based on trends that relate to it in current market and relate to your product in one way or another. Like if your advertising is about a smart phone your video should have things like hologram, space age tech, all these great technologies so on and so forth present in your advertisement. This doesn’t mean that your smart phone has it but it’s the exaggeration that would capture the attention of your target audience.

This shouldn’t be limited to just your device but include all those elements in your advertisement like the guys who are going to be part of your advertising should have outfits (dresses and other related paraphernalia) be relevant to the current trends. This will anchor in your market mind that “this is what you need today’s world, this is what everybody loves to have”.

These linking’s would create an overall picture where your product/service would give a strong feeling and sense of being “Today’s World need”. So you need to anchor your product/service not only on the basis of exaggeration in its core features/specifications but also on the basis of all other elements that are part of your advertisement.

3.      Avoid attack: Never ever attack any other brand in your advertisement especially when you are targeting audience in that particular brand stronghold. As it makes impossible to win over hard loyal customers of that particular brand. As such customers are emotionally attached to the brand and thus view such attack as an indirect attack on them (in terms of their preferences) and they see their brand as victim of “cunning advertisement”.

Lastly imagine how would Justin Bieber fan’s act towards you, if you instead of making a great track/album begin to verbally attack him. If you want to win over the fans of Justin Bieber or anyone for that matter you need some great tracks, a great album.

4.      Lengthy: Should be lengthy, that means should cover your product/service main/key features and specification in reasonable and interesting way (exaggeration). Never ever go for costs cutting when it comes to advertisements utilize the feasible best resources in best manner to have the best impression on your target audience.

5.      Avoid the Jinn effect.

That’s my way of making a successful commercial or devising successful advertising campaign in visual media; I hope applying these key guidelines would refine your promotion mix in terms of visual media and would add much more value to your overall marketing.

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