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Apple need to reconsider its strategy

If you are being targeted because you own the market, you enjoy great image in your customer mind and still you face tough competition where you nearly get miss by your competitors then it is just matter of time. As Apple climb to top spot was inevitable in Steve's era so is its fall if it sticks to its one product philosophy for specific market segment.

As for as the competition is concerned its one giant against two giants which seems so far getting into dead heat but the forecasts suggest that the Cupertino, Calif tech giant is being drifted towards the corner slowly but steadily by Samsung and Google.

It is constantly losing to both giants in terms of its brand value that means that both are taking on the Apple turf and turning it into their market share.

Brand Name
Previous brand value 2012
Current brand value 2013
Percentage change in brand value
Previous market position
Current market position
108 billion
114 billion
5% +
14 billion
21 billion
50 % +
182.92 billion
185 billion
1% +

Considering the above statistics it seems like Apple don’t really know what to do. Its android competitors are moving fast to take its spot and it won’t be long that we would see Apple being overrun. We are seeing rise in Android market share while drop in Apples(iOS).
It’s high time and Apple still has the opportunity to turn the tide against its competitors and simply iOS7 won’t be enough to change that, look at it where does android comes short, there is not much difference between the two.

Time for iPhone mini

Yeah if they can do it why can’t you, if they use your strategy of one single exquisite piece of perfection why not you (Apple). There are two good reasons in my opinion to do an iPhone mini.

1.      A worthy distraction for Apple against its rivals particularly Samsung.

2.      It would be total waste if you don’t convert such an immense brand value into cash, Apple is a global brand synonymous with ultra features ultra perfection. This would surely give Samsung and others tough time to breath and space to Apple to readjust.

Some would argue no need for that iwatch is in the pipeline but you know and we know there are some real Crichtons in Watch industry that are doing in Watch for centuries it’s not like going from mac to iPod/iPad to iPhone while here with iPhone we at least have some real info on market and we can predict the market response to a mini iPhone and it won’t be hard for Apple to come up with one. 

As they have years of experience and expertise in that exquisite gadget. They can make one for the Asian market to retaliate and earn a lot. Beside all that the investors response to Apple iwatch isn’t that promising. A poll conducted by Yahoo Finance seems to suggest something else.
  • Very interested (18,325) — 18 percent
  • Somewhat interested (19,529) — 19 percent
  • I already have a watch (65,179) — 63 percent
So in my opinion Apple needs to go mini as that’s what it has been doing best for years. Or else it should brace itself for an impending disaster created by its on dumbness and complacency.

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