Product Strategy of Apple Part 2nd: iphone5

Apple Product Strategy second part

Today we are going to talk about the second aspect of Apple product strategy. So let’s get to it.

Target Market

When we think of target market we think of a specific segment in market that is more likely to buy our product than the rest of the market. But Apple philosophy is different regarding target market their target market isn’t a market segment rather it’s a global segment. You see Apple is a brand known world around and bought world around by “customers” who prefer value, status symbol, comfort and that’s what Apple is all about, isn’t it ?!

Basically their target market is each and every individual that prefers ultimate value and have money to pay for that and that’s not limited to their iPhone flagship basically all their products are designed for that particular global segment.

That’s why we find 249 company outlets in US, 27 in Canada, 7 in Japan, 3 Hong Kong, 8 China, 91 in whole Europe, single one in South America and 20 in Oceania. We won’t find company official outlets in developing countries though their products are in high demand among the society elite there.

Product related market survey

Well Apple again here goes against the standard norms instead of doing a customer survey regarding their next product they believe customer knows nothing or in other words customer don’t know what they want.

It has been the Steve Job philosophy for years that customers don’t know what they want. So when it comes to product related market survey, it is in terms of what features or products are highly appreciated by people (target market) globally, remember that their surveys revolves around those products that can be added to their planned product consequently augmenting the product features further.

And that’s what they have been doing with their iPhone flagship combining three products in one portable compact product rather super product.
  1.  Smart Phones
  2.  Personal computers
  3.  Entertainment
These are three different products that we find all in one place in one gadget and it definitely provides the ultimate value (with current available technology), ultimate smart phone experience; cater to the personal computer needs plus all the mp3, entertainment, videos, music.

But like I said Samsung has outdone Apple this time by using similar strategy. They added couple of more products that market appreciates and were waiting for, like “Super Camera 13 mega pixels” in their smart galaxy S4, extreme processing and speed by adding products like quadcore 1.6GHz, 2GB Ram. And some really out of the box features like air gesture, eye scroll and smart stay. Except for these things everything of S4 is identical to Apple iPhone 5.

That’s all for the Apple product strategy, hope you guys have got useful information and gained valuable insight regarding how Apple product strategy works, what constitutes it, what big organizations like Apple and Samsung considers in developing their products.

Thanks for reading, keep visiting and keep learning.

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