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Super Product development Strategy
 In the present day of continuous change and complexity organizations are finding it harder to differentiate their products so to have competitive edge or to increase their market share. So what can be done, well it might seem really hard to achieve but when you observe and understand the basic elements that are making some prominent organizations successful. It becomes clear what you are required to do, the basic elements of these successful organizations or successful products are similar.

These elements not just make a product but a super product that has been game changer for many organizations globally. Today I am going to share my own perspective on what are these essential elements that makes a super product.  Basically a super product is “a combination of number of successful relevant/related products” I hope you got the point.
Now getting into details about what a super product strategy should have lets tackle first the question why do we need super products?

Why do we need a Super Product?

  • To gain competitive advantage

  • To attain market leader position

  • To enhance brand image

  • To create ultimate value so to gain maximum profits

Okay now as you see these are some of the important goals or targets that every organization in the present day tries to achieve. If you want to achieve any or all of these goals then you need to focus on making super product by adopting a product development strategy that would lead your organization to achieve these goals. Now let’s get to the “How” part of the strategy.


Well focus on the following points when selecting different successful products to be combined in one single product.

  • All the products should be closely related to each other.
  • All the products should be good enough:
  1. To fit with each other technologically
  2. To fit with each other in terms of design (shouldn’t affect the super product design)
  3. All products should have great value independently

That’s it; now let’s consider a real life example of a super product that is developed on basis of these guidelines. 

Everybody knows Apple right? And their awesome iPhone flagship and their success, lead in the Smartphone market for years based on that flagship. They not only achieved competitive advantage, but have been leading market in terms of high end phone until now. Similarly Apple brand worth is $185 billion according to Brandz in 2013 and we all know that Apple has been creating ultimate value for its customers for years and has been tackling easily all of its competitors. So it is actually attaining all of the goals or targets that I mentioned earlier on.

Now let’s see what it has been doing in iPhone that made it so famous globally. Well they have been combining 4 major products that have pretty good independent value in their respective markets, with its users.

  •  Smart phone
  •  Personal computer
  •  Entertainment
  • Camera
Look at iPhone flagship, doesn’t it have all the related products; with great independent values for its users like everyone needs a smart phone right and it definitely has great value. Likewise personal computer who don’t want it han? And music, mp3, games, audio; video all comes in entertainment and camera which are without shadow of doubt great products with great value. So they combined these four and made up one thing, one super product that can fulfill your PC needs, entertainment, Smartphone, Camera all in one, that’s what I call efficient and effective customer satisfaction.

All these products are related (like pc with Camera, entertainment with PC etc), they can fit with each other greatly and puts no limits or alter the final product design. Now what happened is that Samsung (Galaxy S4) using the similar strategy for its product development has outdone Apple (iPhone 5) by much improved features in terms of the above four products and thus it has outdone Apple in sales of its Galaxy S4 in US, while its brand image has increased by 51% according to Brandz while Apple has seen only 1% growth in its Brand image in 2013.

This is what makes a great product; a super product and that should be the strategy of present day product developers and organizations. If you guys would like to add something to it, be my guests in comments down below ;). Plus also read my post on super strategy, that will also give you some key insights.

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