Customer Acquisition & Retention: Using Pride/Self Esteem as a Tool to Lure Your Potential Customers

Strategy for customer acquisition & retention through self esteem
There is nothing better that can happen to a product when your customer takes pride in using your product. This would mean many things, like he is devout to your company and product, he admires and he is not going to ditch your product for any other product. This is great right I mean who doesn’t need such customers right ?!.

Now as marketing strategist you need to develop or provide the elements in your product that will become source of pride/self esteem for your customer and would thus make him/her your company devotee. So let’s get to it.

Strategy: From Potential Customer to Devotee

I have provided a list of techniques that you can use to provide a source of pride for your potential customers consequently making him/her a devotee. This list is by no means is the absolute list of all you can do with your product but rather provide some key “pride making elements” with a good understanding thus making you as a strategist to understand the basics of this strategy. And once you understand the basics,  it will help you to identify and utilize other sources that can result in customer taking pride in your product/service.

  •  Make him/her believe “being Smart”

This might sound like very tough task but it is way easy, all you need to do is to craft your sale strategy in a way that give the sense of being wise, like for instance offering BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) this gives your potential customer the feeling of being wise to buy your product. Or you can use “One time discounts” as a tool to persuade your potential customer “that this is a one discount offer on our products and it would be unwise to skip on it”.

Such approach makes the customer feel proud in making decision about your product as he believes it is smart/wise to buy your product. And you know everybody takes pride in being wise, witty, smart so on and so forth.

  • Culture/social/regional relation

This is another way to make your customer take pride in your product, what you have to do is to add elements that represents culture/society/region. Like inscribing your product, its description, packaging with statements “Truly American food” “Made in USA” so on and so forth.

The first statement represents a culture/society of America and the second one represents a region. These statements will make Americans feels proud and would encourage them to buy your product.

You can use such statements in locations where as per your understanding and segment survey people do take pride in their Culture, Society, Region. These aforementioned statements would be of no value in North Korea, Iran, Pakistan so on and so forth as these countries hates America as per US Global Leadership Project. While it would be a source of pride in Philippine, Israel, Ghana, Senegal as people there loves America

  • One of kind product or Limited edition/number

It is unique, limited and you will be among the few lucky ones to have it” how about that, you can implement this strategy by having this statement on your product package, in your advertisement campaign or through cold calling so on and so forth.

This is a source of pride, have you ever thought about why people take pride in owing Diamond, watches like Chopard 201 carat watch, Lamborghini, Ferrari so on and so forth because they are one of kind and limited edition/number. So you as marketing strategist has to make your potential customer believe that you are offering them something that is one of kind and limited edition/number product.

  • Relate your product to a certain group

For adventure lovers, for fitness freaks, for those who don’t like mediocre” by adding these statements to your product, packaging, in promotion campaign etc you would actually relate your product to people for instance who love and take pride in being healthy and fit, being adventurous, prefer quality so on and so forth.

That’s all, I hope this post has provided valuable insights into customer acquisition and retention, for more marketing insights and strategies keep visiting and keep learning ;)

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