Product/Service Feedback: What You Should Really Know!

customer feedback
So you are gathering feedback from your customers about your product/service and they points out some really good things about your Product/Service and you think you are doing well. Or you are probably thinking if customers are satisfied with my product/service then why my sales aren’t increasing, why are they stagnant or decreasing.

Reality of some really good things

I am going to provide you today some key insights like what over and over reference to some really good things in your product/service really means.

  • When you are repeatedly told that this and this aspect is great about your product/service don’t be happy that your customers are satisfied rather this would mean any other aspect of your product/service is not creating value and thus not noticed by your customers. Thus you are probably wasting your resources as those aspects are not making any customers. So you better make them good enough to be noticed or cut them totally to minimize your expenses/costs.

  • It is very hard to make your customer to point out the bad or mediocre aspects of your product service. Most of the time they don’t know or they are from that sub segment who would only prefer certain aspect of your product/service and if that is great then they would assume everything is great about your product/service.

For instance if an individual loves a specific flavor in an ice cream and he get that flavor from an ice cream dealer and it satisfies him, he is more likely to point that dealer as the best ice cream dealer in the town. Now for instance there is another guy who loves ice cream but with that he also likes to have it at place which is pleasant.

 Now if that ice cream dealer doesn’t have a pleasant place or surroundings the later individual will not point him as the best ice cream dealer though he may make the best ice cream in the town. 

What you need to do

Now if you are being reported with same good things about your product and service from your customers (and your sales are stagnant, market share is shrinking so on so forth) you really need to change things around so to make the feedback diverse, the more diverse are the good aspects about your product/service would mean diverse number of customers with their diverse product/service needs being satisfied by you.

Now to diversify your good aspects you need to experiment with your product/service strategy constantly and see what adds up to the good things list at the end of the day. Constant evaluation and implementation would eventually get your things right and you will see your sales increasing and market expanding. Remember always think logically and reasonably ;)

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