2013 Top Five Brands Advertisement Strategies Part 1st

The need to understand the advertisement strategy of 2013 top five brands (according to Brandz) is simple. They are the leaders and it is obvious that we need to learn from someone to get to top so why not from the top spots holders. 

I have considered and assessed each and every brand advertisement strategy (two to three ads from 2013) in terms of the following points.

Assessment Framework

  • Aspects

Rational Vs Emotional Tempting

  • Duration

Based on viewers interest
Considering product

  • Actors

Number of Individuals (Greater VS Lesser)

  • Colors

Type of colors used
Effects of used colors on human behavior and psychology
Presence Duration of each color

  • Ad Plot

List of top 5 brands in 2013 according to brandz

  • Apple

  • Google

  •  IBM

  • McDonald’s

  • Coca-Cola

Now let’s begin with the first brand (2013) Apple and consider its advertisements in terms of the above points.

Apple Advertisements

Ad Name: Apple iphone 5 Dream (Do not Disturb) 

Advertisement Strategy of Apple


The ad has both aspects it ask user to consider the Apple product iphone 5(specific feature) in terms of the benefits it provides to the user. Like the benefit of selecting the “don’t disturb” feature that enables the iphone5 to attend only very important calls and messages (selected by user) in specific time. The feature is clearly shown and its usage is demonstrated in the ad.

The emotional tempting is also carried out in the ad; the ad begins with two famous tennis players Serena and Venus Williams playing ping pong instead tennis with the user in a dream. This tempts the watcher emotionally that no more your awesome dreams would be disturb by any calls or texts with “don’t disturb” feature.


Duration: 30 seconds
Based on viewers interest: Perfect
Considering product: It just focuses on a specific feature, so it is great in those terms to highlight a specific feature in interesting way to the target market but it doesn’t provides anything on product as a whole. This approach is very handy in highlighting the specific feature, I would advise the marketing strategists to utilize this approach for highlighting a specific product feature in an interesting way.


Total individual number: 3
The individual count is less but still two of the three individuals are well known around the world. The ad can be summed up as more targeted (those who don’t want to be disturb by their phone calls etc) and yet general (captures the interest of everyone who watches the ad, thanks to Tennis super stars playing ping pong).


Effects on human behavior: Suggests Power, passion, excitement, energy and physical courage.
Presence Duration: 15 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Trust, Integrity, logic and communication.
Presence Duration: 24 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Money, Universal Love, Environment, Mother Earth and specifically attracts youth.
Presence Duration: 17 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Warmth, Safety, Reliability and Dependability.
Presence Duration: 27 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Quality, Luxury & Decadence.
Presence Duration: 1 second
Effects on human behavior: Suggests Exclusivity & Glamor.
Presence Duration: 3 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggests sophistication, Hygiene, clarity, purity, sterility, efficiency, simplicity, cleanness.
Presence Duration: 30 seconds
Effects on human behavior: Suggest Happiness, Optimism, friendliness
Presence Duration: 0 seconds

According to a research (1) Ad in colors are read 42% more than Ads with no colors and according to another research (2) between 90% to 62% assessment of product, person (service), environment ( product & service) by an individual is based on color alone. That means colors play significant role in ads, products & services purchase decisions thus it is imperative to understand the importance of colors in terms of its effects on human behavior, sales and viewership. 

Remember that color duration count in each and every Ad is based on all possible shades of that color present in that Ad. And every possible value (tiny and large size) has been considered in the Ad. Read an elaborate article from Business Insider & Color Affects on color effects on human behavior.

Ad Plot

  • Present a scenario that adds value to a specific feature of product/service (which in this case is dream that adds value to the “do not disturb” feature of the product).
This is the first part of upcoming sequel of this study, hope you have learned a lot from the Apple advertisement strategy, I will be adding two more Ads from Apple (conducting similar assessments) then we will move to the second top brand of 2013.
In the mean time you may like to read how to use visual media to create product demand and a strategy on developing the emotional aspect of your product.

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1.        White, Jan V., Color for impact, Strathmore Press, April, 1997.
2.        CCIColor, Institute for color research.

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