Building an Effective Organization Relationship Management Framework

Direct Marketing Strategy
Relationships are important, without having an effective framework in place to create, maintain, evaluate and expand relationships you won’t be able to acquire and retain that huge number of customers. That's why every big business, corporation is utilizing sophisticated relationship management tools and systems.

I am not going explore or provide in-depth review of what systems or tools these big giants are utilizing, to overwhelm you, but rather I am going to provide you a framework to begin with, to attain maintain and enhance relationships with your customers in an effective and efficient way.

Focus on Direct Marketing Systems

strategy for relationship and database marketing
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Direct marketing is synonym with database marketing, the focus here is to make direct contact with target customer to encourage him/her to buy your product/services. While at same time developing and maintaining a customer database. During the whole process you need to focus on the following points.

1.      How much value you (organization/firm/business) collect beside the proceeds/sales.
2.      When do they (customers) offer or what factors push them offer that value.
3.      How can be those factors further utilized to get even more (value).

In present day market place, sales shouldn’t be your only objective and the value that I am talking about is the data or information you collect from your target market/customers. This value collection should be one of your organization/business prime objectives.

Since sales represents numbers in terms of profit earned then similarly this “value” represents key driving forces that push your target market/customers (to buy from you) to increase those numbers (profits).

Utilizing Relationship Marketing

Now use that “value” to enhance relationships via relationship marketing. Like by arranging, categorizing that value (collected data) as necessary and then adopting different relationship marketing measures, tools, to evaluate, enhance and expand relationships on basis of that value.

Last step is to set key indicators for the evaluation of efforts you are putting in to attain, maintain and enhance relationships, for instance some indicators could be like increase positive word of mouth, customer satisfaction, increase in customer base, sales, inquiries about your products/services or product/service awareness so on and so forth.

That’s it, so how about you work on it from today, starting with direct marketing and considering those three key points and then moving on to real time experiments with tools/tactics that you have been using or familiar with and see where it goes from there.

Lastly I have provided framework, download the second figure in this article, that will help you understand the whole process even further. :)

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