Five Steps To Develop An Effective Team

effective team
We all hear, this mantra of effective teamwork but it always seems overvalued, because we often overlook thing or two when developing and managing an effective team, to attain desired outcomes and so we never get there.

Teamwork is not about getting bunch of smart guys together and getting the job done, rather teamwork is about getting bunch of smart guys together to get the job done effectively and efficiently. If it isn’t so then one should question the purpose of team, teamwork?! 

I believe team and teamwork means taking a precise and effective approach to a situation so to achieve most desirable outcomes.

Now to have such a team and teamwork in place it is imperative to see the overall picture of the basic layout of an effective team which would ultimately brings you the desired outcomes.

Okay now let’s get through the basic layout.


Motivated team members are essential for any team, if your team members aren’t motivated then it doesn’t matter how great plans or means you have to achieve the desired outcomes, results, things won’t turnout the way they should. Now if your team is motivated, you will get there even if you don’t have great plans, means or resources (having limited resources) as they would give their 100%.

So you need to motivate your guys, motivate them like by tempting them that they have a chance to acquire new skills, to learn more, to earn more. You are “The Manager (Team Leader)” you know the drill, some people work for money, others for social and corporate recognition some for both, while others for learning and acquiring new skills.

Identify the motivating factors and motivate accordingly.


This is the second step; you need to find skill fit or skill match of your team members as per the needs of situation, goals and objectives. Remember any mismatch will result in undesirable outcomes like waste of time, monetary & tangible resources.

Be Clear

The third step is to make each and every member of your team understand about the Do’s & Don’ts, the means and options available, required goals and objectives.

Be Flexible

This is the second last step, being flexible means flexible incase of errors, mistakes. Flexible in your team approach to the situation, to achieve desired outcomes so that whenever the essential and significant elements of situation changes, you change with them.


Final step is to put an effective system of communication and correspondence in place among team members, team leader and with organization. 

Effective communication among team members would ensure team effectiveness, communication and correspondence with team leader would ensure team leader about his/her hold on overall situation, to see the whole picture, where things are heading so on and so forth. 

While effective and timely communication with organization would ensure the flow of required tangible resources, skills & expertise, information resource and other intangible resources.

That's it, speak your mind, what you think makes an effective team!

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