Direct Marketing: How To Generate Quality And Quantity Leads Via Direct Mail

Direct mail and direct marketing
Having been in direct marketing for over an year, I have learned few tricks that work for me and I wanted to share those tricks with you guys to reap the same benefits.

I have been using three methods for generating quality, quantity leads. 

Why Quantity leads?

Sometime for the sake of survey, market research, customer data, re-planning your direct marketing strategy, you are required to identify all the potential prospects for a given product/service and we do that by generating maximum quantity leads (high number of inquiries by prospects) via direct marketing, though it isn’t the only method we use but it proves to be a very useful one.

Why Quality Leads?

Well when you want to sell your products/services via direct marketing (direct mail) then in that case you need high quality leads (qualified leads), those prospects that will surely buy your products/services and in that case we use couple of other methods.

All these methods are used only in direct mail/email marketing and since majority of small medium businesses today are using direct mail marketing I believe these little tips will help them a great deal. 

I am going to explain these methods with help of some figures, to give you clear idea of the approach. So let’s get to it.

Quality Lead Method One

Most of us don’t read full emails/mails today unless we are looking for solution to some particular problem, satisfaction of a need and the mail/email provides solution to that problem or relates to that particular situation in one way or another. 

We have already talked about writing the right message to the right people to get right or desired response, today we are going to take it further.

Consider the following mail

quality lead generation
Figure 1

For instance this figure 1 is your mail/email to your prospect, it represents your mail content, your offer, product/service elaboration or information, its features, price, discount etc. Now make sure that your key offer, product/service information, features should be at the bottom of the mail, the area that is encircled red. The figure above is just an example you are not supposed to just write one page mail/email/ebooklet/brochure etc, rather it is to give you idea, where to put things in your mail.

Now why do you need to put all that at the end or around bottom of your mail?

Well like I said nobody reads mails/emails unless they are interested, the more effort and time they put to read your mail/email in full, would mean they are interested in your offer, product/service and for that reason, any inquiry from such mails results in quality leads.

This method helps you to weed out the non prospects thus you get only quality leads.

Such mails are
  •  Easy to make (compared to method two)
  • Highly general, thus target maximum prospects
  • Take relatively less time and resources to make (compared to method two)

Quality Leads Method Two

In this method, you start by elaborating your offer, product/service, its features, price, quality etc along with its relevancy to your potential prospects, your mail is basically based on your customer data, where you connect your customer data with your offer, product/service by facts, reason, logic and potential benefits etc the customer will have if he/she utilize your product/service.

Now to do that, you should read this brief practical article on customer data, Giving data back to the customers.

Such mails are
  • Not so easy to make (compared to method one)
  • Takes a lot time and resources to make (compared to method one)
  • Highly specific thus result in better quality leads (compared to method one) 

Quantity Leads

To generate maximum inquiries through direct mail, you have to make your target market curious about your product/service, to do that, you have to avoid offer elaboration, giving information about product/service, its features, benefits rather you have to tempt your reader (prospect) to ask for more.

Make sure that when you mail, they get curious and for that you have to know what would make them curious, what part of the product/service, offer if not elaborated would push them to inquire about it. What medium, procedures would be preferred by the maximum number of prospects to make inquiry. When do prospects respond to a mail in maximum and why etc etc.

Such mails are
  • Way too easy to make (compared to quality methods)
  • Highly general and thus result in lesser quality and higher quantity leads
  • Takes less time/resources  to  make (compared to quality methods)
That’s it, over to you guys! 

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