Google Notifications : How to not Annoy Your Followers ?

Google notifications: How to not annoy your followers


This happens most of the time, you think sharing few dozen posts a day on gplus won't annoy people!

Just kidding, most people don't share few dozen/day but to be honest still those who get those notifications feel like they are getting few dozen posts!!!

Hope you guys understand what I am talking about!

This kind of thing drives me crazy, like why would you post so many annoying posts!!!

Not saying what actually posted is annoying, maybe what is being shared provides some real actionable insight, but you guys can imagine what I am talking about! I mean you know right?!

I am talking about your notification bar being filled with one and the same guy/brand stuff! THAT ANNOYS ME A LOT!!!

I have actually un-followed/blocked/muted far too many people/brands due to that!

And as far as I can recall this is the only reason I un-followed brands/people on gplus!

Now coming to the question how to not annoy the your followers!

I am offering my take, would love to hear more from you guys on it.


How To Not Annoy Your Followers ?!

Now to avoid annoying your gplus followers you need to do the following couple of things

Compare & Implement

What I mean by compare and implement is pretty simple, instead of just wondering or going by gut feeling of how much should you share, why not compare to any other great brand similar to yours and see how many times they do it each day.

For instance I follow google small business, they share like once or twice a day, I don't get annoyed at all with them and honestly still I haven't read much from what they have been sharing with me all this time!

That means, more sharing doesn't mean more readers!

Consider Target Audience Perceived Brand Value 

I mean you won't mind if Google share even ten times a day because to you, you believe Google is one hell of brand with one hell of brand value (in your head) so you think, that's okay!

Now if someone, some ordinary Joe or newly started small business do that, you will surely get annoyed, that is because they don't have the brand value that would give the same level of authority, acceptance when it comes to gplus notifications!

So there is a correlation aka relationship between perceived brand value & gplus sharing frequency!

How to fix that ?

Now in case you want more sharing frequency and so you want to fix that, well there is a simple approach!

Be like google, ;p I know, I know! that's not possible! Just kidding!

The other way around this problem is to connect with your followers, connect with them for like couple of months constantly, by discussing things of interest to them, saying hi, hello, how you doing..., sharing what they share etc.

This will help you in affording more sharing frequency in the end because now they know you personally, you have a relationship with them! And thus they prefer you (Check Familiarity principle).

And that means you will not only be able to afford more sharing frequency but will also have more engagements (comments, shares etc) from your target audience aka your gplus followers on  your posts!

Isn't that what you want ?!

Note: Familiarity Principle is defined as“a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.

Lastly going by gut feeling, sharing once a day is more than enough!

Over to you guys!

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