Startup Advertising: How to advertise Your Startup ?!

Last time we discussed 5 Advertising ideas for Small Business that will deliver, where I talked about some really cool ideas to get your brand that much needed visibility, market exposure, customer mind share.

Advertising for Small Business

If you haven't read that piece, do it now, because I have provided some objective, practical and tested ways to advertise your small business with minimum cost and maximum results,ROI.

In this article I am going to make you fall asleep er... I mean ;p give you a rational approach on how to advertise your small business, following a logical, step by step approach, that will improve your brand presence in the market.

Remember just like everything in this cosmos, follows a cause and effect approach, a step by step approach, the same is true for advertising your small business.

So let's "babble" about it ;d lmao

Seriously, all these websites about marketing & small business just babble and in the end you don't find anything actionable in their babbling but Easy Marketing A2Z isn't one of them, not sure ? Well once you read this "babble" you would know for sure! ;d

okay jokes apart here is how you should do it, step by step.

Advertising Newly Started Business: Two Steps Approach

Brochures/Leaflets/Pamphlets (Step One):

Once you launch your business second thing you need to do is to contact potential b2b buyers aka wholesalers, franchisers etc, b2c buyers aka retailers etc.

And apart from you or your sales guy who gets in touch with these guys, you need to show some seriousness, give them a "new brand feel", earn that "vital trust" of the potential buyers and to do that you need to have a quality, super cool brochure/leaflet with you, giving all information about your products/services plus brand slogan, logo, contact number, email etc

This will give your potential buyer an impression that this is a serious new business with some potentially quality stuff to offer and not just that once they have your brochure they can contact you when they need it plus imagine a newly started business without any brochures and one with it... you can imagine how big the difference is... right?!, how the potential buyers will consider it...

Second thing is to give your sales guy a branded uniform, contact card, employee card etc, that will again emphasize, quality, seriousness, trust worthiness of your brand to your buyers...again just imagine one with all these things and one with nothing...

So this should be your first step.

Billboard/Cable TV advertising/Print advertising etc (Step Two)

After 8-14 months you will have not only visibility but also availability of your products/services with your target market, target buyers and so now you need to go a little further to attain more customer mind share, brand exposure/visibility.

Why wait for 8-14 months ?! Because if you don't have availability and you go for billboard/cable TV/Print advertising etc, the target market would come looking for your product/service while you won't be having it there and so it will hurt your brand, your company image.

So before going for this kind of advertising make sure that you have penetrated enough in the market, your product/service is available there and so when you advertise on mass scale, your target market can get it.

Once you get done with second step effectively, then all you need is to repeat (this second step) your message, advertising campaign to get a constantly increasing mind share, brand exposure, as familiarity principle will kick in

To know if advertising really works (plus to know what is "Familiarity Principle") check out this article Does Advertising actually work ? If so, How exactly ?!

And after all this "babbling" I hope you would "subscribe" for more babbling ;d lol

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