Startup Hiring Tips: How to hire Sales Staff that won’t quit ever! (One Tip!)

Startup Hiring Tips

In this article I am going to provide you guys some really cool tips on startup hiring, yes the title is absolutely true (inductively speaking), you will be able to hire guys that won't quit ever!

Yep, you heard it right, "how to hire sales staff that won’t quit ever", Now, tell me, do you really believe that ?! I mean quitting is part of the job, sorry my post title is a bit misleading I guess!

Haha wait!

Jokes apart, there are certain ways where you can hire guys for sales positions and then never getting bothered by hiring again for a good long period of time… by good period of time I mean like when your sales person expires 😄 or you do something really…really stupid or they do something that makes you scream “You fired mf!!”

Hiring guys for a startup can be a tough job because:

1.       If that is your first business then you don’t have the expertise, experience in hiring…

2.    Startups are like new born baby and almost all sales people don’t like babysitting and so you end up quite frustrated!

3.    Being a startup you really can’t offer much to the sales guys and they expect much…but you can fix it… I will tell you the fix, don’t you worry! Just keep reading!

4.    According to research average cost for hiring an employee that earns $8 per hour is $3500, so imagine, having to hire couple of guys every second month!

Hiring for newly started small business can be really frustrating. I mean, look posting job ad, conducting interviews, training, probation and then after several months losing those guys and getting back to square one, feeling like really exhausted and sometime really frustrated, having little to no hope.

Because sales staff is an important part of your business and when it comes to startups, they are vital, essential, without them your startup can never survive and so you, your business needs guys that stick around (for years!).

Not just stick around but also performs effectively in terms his/her job responsibilities and that’s where this little article will help you!

So now let me give you that one tip!

Startup Hiring: One Single Tip to Effective Hiring!

My one tip is actually made up of couple of tips 😈 another misleading part of my post title I guess, apologies!!

First Tip:

Offer best salary package, what I mean by that is offering healthy base pay and crazy commission on achieving sales target.  Because your business is new and so you need to penetrate in the market with your new products/services and to do that you need highly motivated, experienced sales staff, offering a best base pay plus CRAZY sales commission will ensure getting experienced sales staff with extreme motivation or job satisfaction.

What I mean by the above few lines is to follow rule of two third, that is to offer two third of your profit from sales as base pay plus sales commission. No I am not crazy!!, you have to penetrate, to achieve market space, to get the word out, to brand your business, to get people buy it, to get them used to it, to pay salary to experienced sales guys who can do all of these things.

Second Tip:

My second tip would be not setting CRAZY sales targets (daily, weekly, monthly) for your sales staff in the beginning because that would be second reason where your sales guys may think of quitting, the first reason was their expectation in terms of salary, which I told you how to fix.

Because, just think about it, who would buy a completely new product/service from a completely new brand ??? It takes time to get market trust, to penetrate and so setting high sales targets would make your sales staff quit because you can't just succeed overnight by overloading your sales guys, it takes time to built success, baby steps, wining battle by battle to win the war!

What you need is to start with easy small daily sales target, once your sales team start working on it and you see achieving daily sales target becomes a cinch for them, then you need to increase daily sales target while keeping sales target commission at the same level, don’t increase it.

And so in the end, after sometime you will end up keeping two third of your profit while they be happy doing the job and you be happy having increasing ROI

Remember!: When your sales guys do better, reward them with a little extra and yeah if they keep doing way better, increase sales target commission… but not so much that they become lazy! Just ponder on that one, I won’t explain it… 

And that’s how you can penetrate market, achieve growth, increasing ROI through the sales guys! who won't quit ever!

Additional facts:

Job Retention, Quitting Facts
That’s it…

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