B2B Sales Tips: 5 Handy Tips to Utilize in any B2B Sales Situation!

b2b sales tips 5 tips to utilize in any b2b sales situation
When it comes to B2B sales situations, one need to be really careful as B2B sales situations are not similar to B2C sales situations, where you do almost anything you like with least risk as customer in b2c situation doesn’t care much and those really product, price savvy, smart customers are rarity.

Doing wrong things or things for short term benefits in B2B sales situations can result in permanent sales losses, business failure in long term therefore for survival of your business you need to really make sure that b2b sales situations are handled efficiently & effectively.

And when I say efficiently & effectively, in context of B2B sales situations it means following certain tips frequently and thoroughly!

Once you follow these tips, you will not only see healthy benefits of it for your business but will also come to know that without taking these tips seriously you are less likely to survive as a business.

5 Handy Tips!

1.      Being even in price, quality, promise

2.      No over/under delivery

3.      Time matters a lot

4.      Be a respectful, candid, listener
5.      Look for a long term relationship & constant follow-up

Okay let’s start with the first one.

Being even in Price, Quality, Promise

What I mean by being even in price, quality, promise is, to not charge a certain segment of your B2B customers with higher/lower price rather to have an even price all over.

Because your B2B customers are as savvy as you and so you might earn good amount in the beginning by charging different segments unevenly but sooner or later they will find out and they will drop their business dealings with you for good.

Because they are more likely to feel being scammed, cheated on and so they lose all the respect, love for your brand, making them feel disgusted! with your brand.

Though you can be uneven in prices in one situation,  that is when you are dealing with B2B customers that are out-station, so there you can charge them 0.05%-2% extra but that is as much as you can, don’t go over that or else you will end up in trouble you wished you never had.

Likewise being even in product/service quality that you provide, don’t ever EVER think that you will penetrate with high quality to develop your market and then use a bit lower quality to earn even more.

That strategy may help you in short run but your business won’t survive in long run! So avoid such devilish greedy ideas at all costs!

Being even in promise means, not to discriminate between your b2b customers, rather to have an equal promise in terms of product, service, policy etc with all your b2b customers.

This helps you in cultivating an even, reliable brand image among all of your b2b customers in terms of price, quality, promise etc which in return makes your brand more credible, trustworthy consequently more customers, more sales!

No Over/Under Delivery

It means just because one of your b2b customer has the capacity to buy a lot, you “deliver a lot” of your products/services to him.

Or a customer wants a lot and you deliver him little.

In first situation, where you over deliver, your customer might think “wtf!” yes "WTF!" ;p, he might think that your stuff (products/services) aren’t selling and so you dumped the whole stuff with him!

He may either out-rightly reject the business deal or may accept with one thing in mind to never ever deal with you ever again!

Likewise under delivery may make him feel insecure about your brand thus he/she may hesitate to deal with you in future and constantly under delivering may signal that you are not a reliable, worthy business party to deal with.

In a nutshell, avoid both situation, deliver only as much as you have been asked to deliver!

Time Matters a lot!

This one means to deal with your b2b customer when he/she is not occupied with his/her customers or any other things, don’t be a pushy, pesky business dealer, wait for the right time to deal, that is to talk to your b2b customer and see when he/she arrange a meeting with you.

Second thing is to deliver things on time to your b2b customer as in most b2b customer situation, most of such customers subscribe to “just in time (JIT)” philosophy, this one can be esp. true for financially or resourcefully weak b2b dealers who deal with other businesses.

Like for instance a wholesaler may utilize JIT approach due to financial constraints, warehouse limitation etc and so might ask you to deliver things “on time” and if you fail in such situation, it will not only eliminate one of your b2b buyer but will possibly result in bad word of mouth in that market segment from that client that may result in losing many more clients.

Be Respectful, Candid, Listener

Majority of b2b clients are not money, product/service hungry but respect & honesty hungry, which means if you want to get your stuff sold to them you have to be candid, respectful with your b2b client no matter what the situation.

Besides due to immense enormity of “me-too” products/services your b2b client can have what you offer from a dozen more brands like you.

That means if you really want to get your things sold to/through a given b2b client you need to be friendly and respectful no matter what! And in the end it will pay off!

And yeah don't forget to be a good listener even if your client is one stupid hilly billy!

Look for a long term Relationship & Constant follow-up

Looking for long term relationship doesn’t mean you over push yourself to be in a friendly candid relationship with your b2b client from the moment you meet them, such behavior can make the other party annoyed or on the defensive position to avoid you.

It means to develop a relationship with passage of time, it is more likely that initially you may not get the type of response you wish to get from a client but that shouldn’t make you stop from following-up that client.

Constant balanced follow-up can yield healthy results only if given time!

So again time matters a lot!

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