Business Culture in Pakistan 10 Ugly Truths!

Pakistan Business Culture
Yep, there is an ugly face to business culture in Pakistan that would make every Pakistan feel really ashamed or may be proud, I mean there is no accounting for tastes, so you never know! right ?! ;p

I am putting this up to share with the world, to let it know, that like any other nation in the world hamary walay bhi koi dhoodh k dhulay nai hain! (nobody is squeaky clean)!

So let's start with the first truth!

10 Ugly Aspects of Pakistani Business Culture

Milawaat (adulteration) 24/7

Food adulteration in Paksitan

Yep yep Y.E.P! Adulteration, it’s quite the norm I would say here, her cheez may milawat (adulteration in everything), you get it in spices, you get in shampoos, you get in tea, you get it in milk, in everything!

Dhoka (Fraud) 24/7

Yep!, you go to the market to buy something esp. vegetables, fruits you will always get that couple of expired bananas, mangoes, tomatoes plus they often over charge you, like you would get 10 different prices for the same f**k**g thing!

sad desi minion
expired mango

Fashionably late for meetings

It would be quite a miracle if a meeting starts on its due time, it always gets late, like always plus most of the time they just talk, talk and talk, no wonder we are so “developed country”!

Muk Mukka, Rishwat (Bribe) 24/7

Bribe in Pakistan

G han (yes!) you need a product license, bribe will do, you want to launch your brand, don’t worry about registration, license and all that, bribe will do, you get caught evading business taxes or you want to get away with taxes, BRIBE WILL DO! You want to do all the illegal unethical business things, BRIBE WILL DO!

Reference pay aya he (nepotism, favoritism) 24/7

nepotism in pakistan

Yep, that is also something way too common in Pakistan, no merit, no talent, nothing, that is why Pakistan small business sector sucks!

You will find it a common practice even in those multinational companies in here that claim to be SQUEAKY CLEAN!

Don’t tell me about that fraudulent NTS garbage guys!

10 People One job

What I mean by this is, due to immense nepotism, favoritism you will find too many people doing a job that a single talented individual could do all alone!

No wonders things are F**ked up in this country!

Females Only (Discrimination)

All those jobs like being Assistant Manager, Being secretary, being PA, being CSR, Computer operator, being just sitting on your a** in front of your Manger/CEO kind of jobs, all of these jobs are “FEMALE ONLY” and not just “Females Only” rather “Good looking, Smart Females ONLY!”.

Lack of Real Right Approach to Business

Most businesses don’t give eff about branding, advertising, about employee satisfaction, team building, devising an effective business strategy.

To them business is an instrument to hoard money, “Doesn’t matter how, I NEED MONEY!” kind of mentality!

Credit becomes Burden!

If you start things on credit, it is more likely that you will never get back 10-25% of your credit ever! Goodbye to that amount of money!

Because BRIBE WILL DO, so you can’t do anything about it, especially if you are doing credit with a heavy weight type of businesses/customers (people with power, influence)!

Even small light weight guys would make you hate your life for dealing in credit with them, they buy in thousands and pay back in pennies!

CEO/Owner is Never Happy

Angry Desi Boss CEO

If you do nothing duh! CEO/Owner/upper management won’t be happy!

But if you do everything STILL they WON’T BE F**K**G Happy!

Though if you got your a** in because of "nepotism/favoritism/female only" then CEO/Owner etc will always be happy happy!

Okay guys that’s it, the dark side of business culture in Pakistan, if any of you want to start business in Pakistan and is wondering how to do it efficiently and effectively then this ”I want to Start Small Business but I have FEARS!!!” article is a MUST READ for you!

Over to you guys!

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