5 Reason MBA, BBA HR (in Pakistan) has Greater Scope than Finance but not Marketing

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Hey guys, I have been asked online via emails, messages to write an article that delves on the scope of MBA, BBA specialization in human resources in Pakistan and to make a comparison of it with other specializations like marketing, finance etc.
While I have wrote extensively on why marketing is way better than out of all these three options I still needed to explain the benefits, pros & cons of other two as well.

In this little article I am going to elaborate on scope of being Specialized in Human Resources in Pakistan while at the same time I will provide comparison of each point with finance & marketing.

Still for deeper insight you guys should check those articles too, let me give you the links though!

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Now let’s get back to the main topic of our article ;)

Five Reasons Human Resource is better than Finance but not Marketing

1.      You learn how to run things (business activities)

2.      Your personality is groomed

3.      You learn essential or core of finance too

4.      Your job is relatively easy compared to marketing but tough …

5.      Salary, Future, Opportunities

You learn how to run things (business activities):

Yep, you not only learn how to run things you also learn how to run things efficiently and effectively (eventually!), you learn how to hire, train, develop human resource, learn how to delegate, utilize human resource, learn how to look after overall financial aspects aka the great financial picture of your firm and plus also come to understand a little bit about marketing.

So you sort of become jack of all master of none type of guy, this happens in marketing too, but in marketing it happens relatively fast, it may take 2-4 years to learn all that when you come from marketing background (read the above article on how that happens) while being an HR guy it takes around 5-6 years to learn the same thing.

In finance you don’t learn all these things therefore you can’t run "the things" and by that I mean running and managing the whole business efficiently & effectively!

Suppose you have 5-6 years experience in HR you can easily launch your own business but being a finance guy you can’t even after 10 years of experience, while in case of marketing you can do it in just about after having 2 years of experience in the field.

Some of you may say this is stupid, you may claim that being a finance guy you can do it as well, well except for few exceptions, why don't any of you try and see how it turns out in the end, I have seen many finance guys ruining and wasting their money while they thought they could do it!

Your Personality is groomed:

Well it does happens!, you are supposed to be the inner face of your company when it comes to dealing with internal & external stakeholders, so you learn how to handle people efficiently & effectively, you learn how to speak, when to speak, where to speak, what to speak!

Although it starts happening from the first day being a novice but the real grooming starts around after 2-3 years in your job, when you are asked over and over to present your firm, your brand, yourself to the firm stakeholders.

In marketing that start happening in matter of months while in finance it never happens!

You learn essentials or core of finance too:

Well that’s true, you not only learn HR management the practical way but also being the boss, being in control of things on the inside you need to learn essential aspects of finance too and that starts to happen somewhere around 3-4 year after being employed as a novice.

In marketing it starts happening around 2nd year and in finance well…

Now remember, that doesn't mean you don't need to learn about marketing, yes you do but it is not as extensive as finance!

Your job is relatively easy compared to marketing but tough …:

Your job is relatively easy compared to marketing because marketing, honestly marketing is tough, achieving market growth, sales, market penetration, making new clients, developing and maintaining relationships etc all of these activities demands a lot of effort, patience, perseverance, learning but that doesn’t mean its not rewarding at the same time, it is!

And by “but tough…” I meant compared to finance, it is tough in the sense, that when you hire, develop, train staff then you are equally responsible for whatever that human resources results in.

If they don’t perform well, you will need to provide answers.
If they run away with your company money, you will be the one facing the music.
If they are on picket you will be the one to negotiate.

In a nutshell anything wrong with your firm human resource you will be the guy to provide explanation while in finance if one follows standardized procedures, SOP’s he/she won’t have any trouble but in HR in most cases there aren't any solid SOP’s; contexts, situations varies and so the demanded actions needs to be adjusted accordingly.

Salary, Future, Opportunities:

When it comes to salary, in majority of cases, in the beginning of your career you get paid almost same or equal to that of a marketing guy but after an year or two the marketing guy gets almost double, yes this happens in Pakistan perhaps happens all over the world too.

Why ? Because marketing is way more demanding than the rest of the two!

While finance guys, in majority cases they hardly get raise until they get whites in their hair ;p I am not kidding! and yeah, earlier in their careers most of the finance guys start with lesser salary compared to the other two.

Future is great, CPEC is coming, that means a booming small medium business (SMB) in Pakistan and since SMB employs around 80% on non agriculture labor force, that means you will get tons of opportunities in future.

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Read the above article if you want to how much you will make in salary by having a particular job after doing an Mba, BBA.

My suggestion

To get more out of MBA, BBA in HR, to get best opportunities and have great future I would suggest to learn practically essentials of not only finance but also marketing.

Now you can do that by two means either to learn it by getting job and slowly learning these things, that may take from around 3-5 years or you can learn these things practically by subscribing to this website.

To be honest this was the real purpose of this website in the first place to provide practical, no BS stuff on marketing, human resources, finance, business, you will learn things here that you won’t learn in any university, college.

I provide practical stuff that you can utilize in not only context of Pakistan market but also internationally, so if you want that, to learn the practical stuff no BS! boring theory then subscribe to this blog, it takes just a second, so do it! 😉

Over to you guys!

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