BBA, MBA Scope in Pakistan (the truth!)

BBA, MBA Scope in Pakistan
Right so you are done with your easy peasy “botti wali” college life and now you are thinking about wasting some more years because to be honest, if you were "THAT SMART" you won’t be doing BBA or MBA ;d

Cheating in exam in pakistan

Cheating in exam in pakistan

Just kidding so after getting some good grades!

You are now looking which career path to take or maybe you don't have many options 😉 

Or maybe you are just a curious Mom/Dad; want to see if your son/daughter choice of BBA, MBA or your choice of BBA, MBA is a good one for your kid or not!

So without further ado let's get to the main topic!

Five Reasons BBA, MBA has Tremendous Scope in Pakistan

Well when it comes to BBA, MBA scope, it all boils down to this “acchi tarah paro gay toh bht scope hey werna nuclear physics ka bhi koi scope nahi agr achi tarah nahi para toh”, so you got the point right ?!

Every subject, every knowledge domain has its scope, it all boils down to how much you learn it, excel in it!

Coming to scope, BBA, MBA has a lot! 

Let me give you five solid reasons!

Reason One: CPEC

Since government sector is full of sh*t with no jobs and since our population bomb will explode anytime soon, the only sector that can reasonably afford and employ all these people is private sector (esp. SMB’s), which is getting better and with CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) there will be tons of new jobs (Over 2 million jobs will be created with CPEC in Pakistan) requiring professional degrees like BBA (Hons), MBA to manage the whole activity that comes with CPEC.


And one more thing CPEC will really help and expand small medium business sector in Pakistan further!

Do you know that china has invested $46 billion (46 arab dollars) in CPEC and one dollar equals to 104 Pakistani rupees!!!


Reason Two: SMB’s  Sector

Small Medium Businesses (SMB’s) constitute nearly 90% of all the enterprises (businesses) in Pakistan; employs 80% of the non-agricultural labor force [1], that means majority of all those graduates esp. Mba’s BBA’s are employed by SMB’s and that means BBA, MBA has tremendous scope in Pakistan!

Yes, in majority cases you get good pay from these SMB’s 😜

SMB can be defined as a Business or Enterprise with no more than 250 employees.

Reason Three: China!

Besides all that, China is an emerging super power, with huge SMB sector that creates 75% of new jobs every year and 68% of total exports! [2].

Superpower China

So imagine being neighbor of a super power with having CPEC, future is really bright for MBA’s, BBA’s.

There will be tons of high paying jobs, even better days are coming guys!

Reason Four: Your Own Business

If jobs doesn’t work out for you or you are doing a job after BBA, MBA but want something that makes you feel free, independent, want to launch your own brand, business, then BBA,MBA is the thing you should pursue as your career!

With china, CPEC, SMB’s sector of Pakistan; having your own business makes a lot of sense!

Btw if you want to launch your own business, brand but the thing is you are scared or having different fears, then this article is for you, I want to start a business but I am scared!, check it out!

Reason Five: Jobs in Middle East

Okay this might sound contradictory at first instant but it’s not, let me explain, if you don’t like working in Pakistan or you just want really big salary and instead of waiting for it here in Pakistan by building your career step by step, promotion by promotion that will take almost a decade, you want it happen fast then being BBA, MBA in the Middle East is the way to go!

Dubai Skyscrappers night

Gulf countries like UAE, KSA, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait etc have tremendous opportunities for professional degree holders like BBA (hons), MBA’s.

Bonus Reason: Jack of all trades Master of none!

Yep, you can fit in almost any type of organization, that’s the big advantage of being a business graduate (bba, mba), you can fit in any type of business, govt organization, NGO etc, so you always have ton more opportunities, greater scope than non business graduates!

Now let me emphasize my very first point one more time, if you don’t learn it the right way, don’t put real effort in your BBA, MBA then there is no scope for a mere degree in Pakistan!

Han degree toh degree hoti hey!” is just plain stupid! that guy is a moron!

So once you choose it as your career, make sure you put real effort in learning all the subjects, by real effort I mean TRYING TO LEARN 100%!!!

That means No Ratta/Naqal/boti/taveez in exams!

Lastly let me give you potential salaries in minimum, maximum range for jobs you get through doing BBA, MBA, the salaries range varies due to grades/cgpa, institute from where one is qualified, years of experience, individual performance, capability, prior work experience, position held throughout career etc.

MBA, BBA Jobs Salaries in Minimum-Maximum Ranges

Job Title
Minimum Salary
Maximum Salary
Marketing Executive
15 thousand
60 thousand +
Marketing Manager
20 thousand
60 thousand +
Business Development Officer
15 thousand
45 thousand +
Sales Person
10 thousand
40 thousand +
Marketing Assistant
10 thousand
25 thousand +
HR Manager
15 thousand
45 thousand+
Regional Manager
80 thousand
8 lakh
Area Sales Manager
30 thousand
1 lakh + 20 thousand
Branch Manager
15 thousand
60 thousand +
HR Assistant
10 thousand
25 thousand
Senior Accounts Manager
30 thousand
60 thousand
Accounts Manager
10 thousand
25 thousand
Head Accounts Manager
35 thousand
90 thousand
Research Analyst
20 thousand
1 lakh plus
Production Manager
25 thousand
1 lakh plus
Production officer
10 thousand
25 thousand
Regional Director
2 lakh
20 lakh +
Sales Executive
15 thousand
40 thousand +
HR Officer
20 thousand
40 thousand
10 thousand
30 thousand
Brand Manager
30 thousand
70 thousand +

This by no means is the complete list of the job titles one can have being an Mba, BBA rather it mentions the key posts and to give you a little sense of the whole thing.

And yeah the salaries are educated guess, some I knew already and others I collected via contacting around a two dozen guys in different firms, organizations.

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That’s it over to you guys!

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