Five No-Nonsense Ways to Finance Your Small Business

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Okay this article is not about the usual methods that are all over internet, talking about how to finance your small business, startup rather this article is about some really unique, practical methods that you can utilize to finance your business.

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So without further ado let’s get to those methods.

Five Ways to Finance Your Small Business

  1. Sales Commission, Offer a whole product
  2. Over achieving sales targets of certain products.
  3. By providing a solid guarantee in terms of ROI to potential investor.
  4. By selling other best brands in your niche.
  5. Making real relationships

Sales Commission, Offer a whole Product!

By sales commission I mean hiring sales guys purely on commission basis with very little to no base pay and thus saving that money to finance your business while managing your sales staff expense, salaries etc through sales commissions.

Remember you will need to offer some really “REALLY” healthy commission to get this one work.

Coming to offering a whole product point, by that I mean, hiring heavily experienced guys to work for you, to lift your brand, business, startup from nowhere to somewhat overnight success because you have offered them a product that they will sell for their own (along with yours), not giving you a dime from sale of that particular product.

Here you not only get some really “REALLY” experienced guys to launch, lift, carry your brand but also helps you to achieve those crazy sales targets which you could only dream of.

And so by achieving those sales targets you can then finance your business like a boss!

Over Achieving Sales Targets of Certain Products

There are always some specific products that have huge market demand with healthy ROI and what you need is to make your sales team run few extra miles more to get you some really good cash at the end of the each day, week, month to finance your business.

What you need is to identify those products and make a sales target day-wise, week-wise, month-wise and then pushing your sales team to get the job done.

By Providing Solid Guarantee to your potential Investors for certain ROI

That means making up a case as solid as 2+2=4 to convince your potential investor to invest money with you and in return you guarantee certain Return on Investment (ROI) and so you get that investment (money) to finance your business.

Make sure that you really can achieve that certain ROI, you need to be absolutely objective about the whole thing here, telling your potential investor how, when you are going to get him the said ROI with absolute certainty.

If you can pull that off, trust me you will get loads of money to finance your business but again this one can only be done when you are really sure and really, objectively know how to make it happen, consider the 2+2=4 point I mentioned in the beginning, you need to be that much sure!

And to achieve that much surety you need some real experience in your niche, which comes with time, effort and learning from failures.

By Selling Other Best Brands in Your Niche!

Let me explain, well if you have a good sales team and even after putting their hundred percent you are not happy with the net profit because you need some more real solid cash to finance your business then, in that case, you should utilize your sales team in selling other best brands products in your niche and saving profit from that to finance your business.

Remember that doesn't mean you should stop selling yours!

Making Real Relationships

This one might take some time but once you have some real friends in the industry, in the niche you are in and your friendship goes beyond “mutual benefits” then you really can count on those friends to help you in financing your business with almost no strings attached.

Remember, don’t violate their trust for material gain, make them trust you and what is more noble way to do it; is then to return them their favors in time, in the same or better manner!

You can utilize all of these five approaches on day to day basis and noting down results at the end of each day in a small notebook or something while following up on the same things the next day and you will surely get the money you need to finance your business!

Remember it is not necessary that you always get some good money rather it is likely that you get good deals like having a great relationship with your supplier will earn you some special deals, discounts, relaxation in credit policy etc 

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That’s it, over to you guys!

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