10 Main Reasons That Push People to Start their Own Business


There are tons and tons of reasons that compel majority of would be entrepreneurs to start their own business, like having a breakup 😈 or not being able to fit in or trying to fit in the society; well in this article I am not going to mention such weird reasons but the main or core reasons that push people to start their own business.

So bare with me! 😒

10 Main Reasons That Push People to Start their Own Business

Financially Healthy

Most people get into entrepreneurship because they have good bank balance probably because of retirement from their job along with all the benefits of retiring or winning a lottery or something in Las Vegas, robbing a bank (just kidding).

When people have money, most of the time they go to entrepreneurship.

Still there are some who are not financially healthy still they have other reasons, motivators to get into entrepreneurship but they really can’t. And if you are one of those guys , then here is a fix, an article that will definitely remove all such financial hurdles from your way.

Big Dreams!

Others go into entrepreneurship because of their gigantic dreams like having a private jet, great super cool mansions, kings life, becoming filthy rich😋 etc.

In fact according to a research around 75% small business owners in US are millionaires [1].


Moving up through the social ladder, hoping a big raise in status, having some recognition in society, in friends, social circle etc again push some people to go for entrepreneurship or drugs ;p JK!

Annoying Boss!

Al though you earn somewhat reasonable income with having a good job yet for some people working under boss is like too much, initially they try to compromise but eventually they quit and go for their own business.

There are other reasons like work place environment "toxic work environment" 😒, job load etc that can push people to hate job and go for something where they are the boss, have power, relaxation at their own terms.

Lack of Good Jobs

Yep, not getting the right job also pushes people to go for entrepreneurship because they don’t want those sh*tty jobs to waste time in.

Great Product/Service Idea!

Some people go into their own business because they believe they have great product/service idea that will change the world or at least their own lives.

They want to see their idea becoming “the success” or the too mainstream saying "Next Big Thing!" and the only thing that can make it happen is to get into entrepreneurship.


Some go into entrepreneurship not because they really want to, rather because they have a good job with some good money, time and so they try to experiment to see if whether they would make even better living by being an entrepreneur.

Born Entrepreneurs

Some are meant to be entrepreneurs, destined to be nothing else, they just have everything that a successful entrepreneur needs to have like skills, relationships, insights, time, opportunity, sheer luck etc.

Forced to be Entrepreneurs

Some people just get business in inheritance like we see in family business, from father to sons, daughters etc, such people may dread to run business or simply just don’t like to run a business for one reason or another but they have no choice.

The Quirky Confused People

These kind of people are rare but still everyone will know that one guy that will just get into anything, goes into job, quits job, goes into business, closes business, goes into another job, quits that job, goes into another business, closes that business so on and so forth.

I call these few people “The Quirky Confused People” 😓

That’s it, now if you are wondering about starting your own business but don’t know how to start it, want to know how to do it practically, step by step, covering all aspects of your business efficiently & effectively then read this article: I want to Start my own Business but…

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That’s it, over to you guys!

  1. Thomas J. Stanley, The Millionaire Mind (Kansas City, MO: Andrews McNeel, 2001). Thomas J. Stanely and William D. Danko, The Millionaire Next Door (New York: Pocket Books, 1996).

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