5 Easy Low Capital Businesses in Pakistan to Launch Now!

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Last time I shared a super cool well thought-out post on 30 business ideas for Pakistani market with incredible ROI, in that post I discussed some really awesome business ideas that can give you tremendous return on investment (ROI) although majority of those ideas require if not high then modest amount of investment.

Note: Present December 2016, One gram gold value equals to 3800 Pakistani rupees, since gold value remains stable while currency value fluctuate thus we see hike/dip in gold price, therefore I will provide estimate of each business ideas in gold too, which will make estimates of this article valid even 100 years from now.

Now if you really are serious about business, about earning some serious return like 25%-60% per Pkr then you should read that post thoroughly, not just that, every idea there, in that post I discussed in detail thus making it a lot easier for you to start work on one.

And if you want some sure stuff, that will deliver, no matter what, then here is a little thing that you don’t want to miss, 7 most successful businesses in Pakistan with great ROI.

Okay enough of blabbering 😐; let’s get back to the main topic of this article.

So let me ask you something: honestly, you really think that you can start a business with very little investment? You really believe that? Are you really that deluded to think that you can earn handsomely with very little investment?

Well, maybe you are not quite deluded, foolish after all, because there are few businesses that can deliver quite handsomely with little to no capital.

I have made a list of five, I could make a list of 100 but then honestly that will result in information overload where you, the reader, won’t be able to decide which one to consider, so I believe 5 is beyond sufficient.

So let’s get to those not so super great businesses (just kidding dude!) that you can launch with almost no capital!

5 Outstanding Businesses in Pakistan with Low Capital

Taxi Point

Step One

Well this one is an entirely new business idea but I guess it’s worth it, what you need is contacts of like 50 taxi drivers in a particular city and a smart phone.

That will cost you few days to get and obviously you have Smartphone with you, don’t you ?

Step Two

Next thing is to make deal with each of those taxi guys to give you a certain percentage of customer money that you will find for him.

Third Step

You need to identify hotspots, spots where you think loads of people come and go and may need a taxi, this again may take 5-10 days to identify.

Fourth Step

Put a small tin plate or something at each of these hotspots on which your cell number is written along with something like “Get a taxi now in 10 minutes, sms your location and we will send you taxi right away in just 10 minutes with minimum cost!”.

Fifth Step

When you receive message from those hotspots, forward it to those fifty taxi drivers you have, and text back to customer number to send you taxi number as soon as he gets one.

That way you will know which taxi guy has taken your customer and so you can then demand that “certain percentage” from him at the end of the day.

That’s it, you may need to polish this idea further to close any loopholes, potential issues etc that may come as a hurdle to this idea success.

Packaging Store

Well, how about packaging rice, different pulses, sugar etc for a very nominal amount like just for 3-5 Pkr, the idea is to buy a simple heat sealer (shown in picture below) and different sizes (half kg, 1 kg, 2kg, 3kg etc) of plastic packaging that will cost around one to two thousand Pakistani rupees.

Heat Sealer for Packaging

And also buying an accurate weight scale, to do weight measurement, that will cost you around 4-8 thousand Pakistani rupees.

Target Market

And after that talk with shopkeepers, retailers, general stores in your area to package stuff for them and then according to the demand hire one or two guys along with one or two heat sealers to get the job done.

Cost & Net Profit

The whole thing will cost you around 10-15 thousand rupees (2-4 grams of gold), if you hire one guy and you give him 8-10 thousand (2 grams of gold) in salary, still you will be able to earn 10-20 thousand in net profit per month.

Tea Point

How much would a cheap couple dozen tea cups, few tea kettles, 10 kg sugar, 1kg tea, couple of dozen chairs along with few tables and a tea stall will cost?


Around 20-40 thousand rupees (5-10 grams of gold) at maximum! 

You don't need to buy new chairs, tables, old ones will just do fine too!


When you have all of that, all you then need is a right spot to start working!


ROI here varies from 40%-70% per rupee in profit. 

There is also chance of you becoming the famous CHAI WALA... you never know... ;-p

Chai Wala Pakistan

Burger point

Again taking tea point example, a burger point won’t cost that much either, almost same stuff is needed except for tea cups, kettles you will need dishes, burger plates etc along with oil, eggs, salad, spices and a person who knows how to make a spicy burger.


So hire a guy, a guy who is young not over 22 years of age, single obviously, the younger the better, (doesn’t mean younger than 18 years), because young people tend to agree on lesser salary and work more plus they don’t have much needs plus they are hardly the “thief type”.


You will earn (at-least) 10-20 thousand rupees in net profit on monthly basis , given that you have got a sweet spot to sell.


ROI here varies between 40%-70% per Pakistani rupee!

Biryani Point

If you have figured out the above two business models types then you will easily understand this one too, all you need is constant supply of fresh chicken, cut down in 12 pieces, rice, an experienced guy that can make delicious biryani, chairs and tables, biryani stall equipped with heating, water and all that.


The whole thing will cost you around 50-120 thousand pkr (13-31 grams of gold).


Once you get all of that, second thing is to find a sweet spot where you can sell the stuff easily!

Some college, university, government office, NADRA office, judiciary complex, hospital etc would easily make up as a sweet spot.


Here ROI varies between 30%-65%, that means when you invest one rupee in this business, you will earn somewhere between 30-65 paisas as profit along with earning back that one rupee.

That’s it, if you want more practical, actionable tips, suggestions, help on small business, startups, marketing, branding, financing your business, hiring firing procedure, policy, different kinds of business strategies etc, if that is your goal, to learn practical stuff not just some boring theoretical blah blah!

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Over to you guys!

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