5 Super Cool Advertisement Ideas For Small Business

If you are looking for some easy, practical yet effective advertisement ideas for your small business, startup then you have come the right page, yep that’s true, it is the “right page” because I  call any page on my weblog the right page! 😉

Okay since you are on the right page, let me give you a little brief intro on what you will learn or take away from this article.

Things you will learn:
  • Advertising options or ideas that you can afford.
  • Why those ideas are beneficial to your small business
  • How can you practically utilize each idea, achieving effective results.

So let’s get to those 5 ideas!

5 Kick-Ass Ideas to Promote, Advertise Your Small Business

Restroom Advertising

It may sound weird, but consider the fact that target market attention span and recall rate of business advertising has been constantly shrinking due to immense clutter, information overload and so companies, businesses are trying hard to get some attention for their promotion efforts and research suggests (1)(2)(3) that restroom advertising is the best venue any business can have.

In restroom advertising:
·                     Recall rate is over 62%
·                     Time spent with medium, on average is 2 minutes
·                     98 percent of viewers surveyed had a positive or neutral reaction to the ads.

Now since science supports it, isn’t that the most obvious, healthy option to utilize when it comes to advertising your business, off course it is, go for it.

Remember, to make more out of your advertising efforts, make sure your advertising is unique and should be done constantly, by unique I mean your advertising shouldn’t be similar to the advertising clutter around you or the norms that are being followed by advertiser all around you, your advertising norm should be, being different from the rest, from the clutter.

If for instance, all of them are using red and white color in their advertising you should go for black and green, if all of them put their brand logo on the top with medium size you should go for logo in the middle with large size, if they write the brand slogan at the bottom you should write yours at the top or in middle.

T-Shirt Advertising

How about making some cool t-shirts with a unique brand message and uniquely added logo and all that and then giving those tees for free in location where you want to improve your brand awareness.

Again remember, don’t do the usual thing like making all t-shirts white with brand logo in black and slogan in blue, rather go for different colors, with different colors brand logos and slogans, make your brand slogan appear in small words if the norm is in big font and if the norm is formal writing you should go for informal, if the norm is about putting brand slogan then you should go for something else, something different that gives your brand slogan indirectly, in a unique way etc.

Consider the following t-shirt advertising for inspiration...
creative t-shirt advertising

creative t-shirt advertising
For more cool T-Shirt ad ideas check out this article by Crooked Brains.

Unique Business Card

Giving a business card means two thing, one your potential client consider it as special attention given to him/her by you and second you can shove down your brand awareness in your potential client brain even if he/she isn’t that much interested in your brand 😆, something is better than nothing, right?!

Again go against the norm, make it your rule, when it comes to advertising, always go against the norm and you will definitely make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Here are couple of unique business card advertising ideas from Digital Synopsis
Creative Business Card Advertising

Creative Business Card Advertising

Blogging+SEO=Advertising/Business Goals Achieved

It may sound cliche but this thing definitely has the potential to turn your business into a big time success only if you know what you are doing!

That means having complete grip on on/of page SEO, keyword research and awesome content made in light of these expertise, I have been blogging for half a decade and one thing I learned online is, everyone claims to be an expert on SEO, keyword research and organic search rankings etc but to be honest I have been disappointed by experts like Neil Patel, because they just keep beating around the bush without giving you the exact success formula.

But in all those years if I found one expert that you can rely on, that doesn’t beat around the bush, that teaches you all the secret formulas without once beating around the bush, that guy turned out to be Brian Dean, so if you really want success online, follow his tips on SEO, Keyword research and I bet you will see satisfactory results for your efforts.

Again when it comes to content keep “Being UniQue” rule in mind. And don’t forget to check some really cool low budget advertising ideas shared by Word Stream

Making Viral Video Content

Well making a real viral video is tough because real viral videos are not planned/produced but making a fake video that goes viral is way too easy.

For instance showing two 5 year old kids doing party whole night in their room and you video them via cam set in room and then sharing it on your business, brand facebook page claiming that “These two years old twins had been doing this crazy stuff whole night, OMG!” kind of thing will make your video go viral while also giving your brand that much needed attention, awareness.

Twins party all night long in Hilarious video!

You can make all sorts of viral videos for instance if your brand deals in sweet stuff and you make a video where ants go crazy for your sweet stuff although you have provided them all other usual stuff that makes ants go crazy and so you claim that your stuff is so delicious that even ants forget about everything else.

While in reality you have sprayed something on those normal things for which ants go crazy and because of that invisible chemical they don’t go near to those things while go crazy for your sweet stuff because you have sprayed something (or simply starved those ants for long time) that make them crazy for that thing!

And you make a video claiming "See even ants go forget about everything else and go crazy for this stuff!"

A fact from Facts about viral content and advertising, famous Korean Psy, a YouTube star has earned a great fortune with viral videos.

Advertisers have invested over $9 million in his channel, why? Because viral content not only spreads like wild fire but also reach maximum number of audience and thus provides an opportunity for brands to reach maximum number of target audience.

Now if you are still wondering how to make viral videos then check this article how to make viral videos ?

And if you want to know if advertising work and how does it works then check this not so boring article on How advertising works ?! also if you are looking for a practical, easy marketing strategy for your small business then check this one, Practical, easy marketing strategy.

That’s it, over to you guys!

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