Which One: Home Based Business Vs Storefront? Please Tell Me!

Well it depends on many, many things; I can’t just say home based business is better than storefront that’d be stupid, so how about I give you some really good reasons to consider each option and decide for yourself hmm!

Sounds reasonable right?!
Home Based Business VS Storefront Business

And if that doesn’t sound reasonable 😓 then that means you want an easy, short answer just like those Americans who thought a business tycoon would fix America; AGAIN!

That’s a false analogy I guess😜, I am not supposed to compare having a straight forward answer to a question to the selection of a president, I am comparing apple and oranges here or worst!

I looked at that dictionary font type article written by Chron about home based business vs storefront, honestly that one gave me cancer!

Just look at it!

Anyway getting back to the topic! Yeah, no more red herrings! (yep I am hot in logic!)

Okay, In this little article I will give you some good old solid reasons that you can utilize in effectively deciding between home based business or a storefront.

So let’s get to those “sounds reasonable” reasons!

Home Based Business VS Store Front: 10 Big Reasons!

Number One: Investment

If you have like tons of money then you should go for storefront and vice versa

Number Two: New Idea Vs Old Idea

By new Idea I mean if your business is about completely new idea that has never been tried before and you are not sure if it will succeed or fail (plus you are one man army) then in that case go for least investment and home based startup will definitely cut down a lot in costs but if your idea is something already doing great in the market then you need to go for storefront.

Number Three: Specific Product or General Product

If you are offering something that is too specific like it will sell inside your own little community, neighborhood like d*pe, mj ops 😅 I mean like natural milk or vegetables you have grown on your rooftop organically etc then go for home based as you won’t need big storefront as you may not have that much stuff to put on display there, you getting me?! Good!

Number Four: Little Extra Cash VS Big Cash!

If you want a little extra cash each day by selling little stuff then home based is the best place to start but if you want big money then storefront is the way to go!

Number Five: Experimenting

If you are unsure about how a specific product idea will turn out when done practically and you want minimum risk to experiment on it (and again you one man army) then home based business should be your launch pad and once it takes off! Move to storefront.

Number Six: Really Excited!!! 😋 vs Not really excited 😒

If you just a little excited like you know that you would more likely fail in starting this business but for some stupid reason you want to try then in that reasonable, rational case start from home so the guilt of failure becomes a bit lesser when you fail…!

Number Seven: Post Retirement, Little Busy VS Really Busy!

If your plan is to keep yourself little busy while earning little cash post retirement then go for home business but if you really want to achieve something even at that old age, want some more extra challenges or perhaps want to being end up quite depressed due to business failure then start with a storefront!

Number Eight: Its Easy Vs No its not, you need planning!

If you think running business is easy-peasy, piece of cake then you don’t know anything about running a business because it’s not that easy and you will fail with that kind of thinking therefore the lesser of two evil in this case is to fail from home!

Running any business requires a good deal of planning, analysis of product demand, target market demographics and all that!

Number Nine: Good in achieving Tremendous WOMM & Internet Marketing

If you have this amazing skill of achieving superb word of mouth marketing, making people go crazy, have this unique internet marketing skill that makes you seen by your target market online without paying a penny online then success from home will be far too easy compared to those who need to read word of mouth marketing, marketing tips for dummies!

So those who are not good in these things should start from storefront with typical flex, flyer, booklet, pamphlet advertising to get it done.

If you are not sure about that, like how should your marketing strategy be like ?! (read this post!)

Number Ten: Just Wondering!

If you have already launched your business in either of these two places but you are wondering which one would have been a better choice, tell you what, it doesn’t matter, neither of these places or options guarantee success, therefore at the end of day what really matters is your hard work, perseverance, making mistakes and learning from them, correcting them, avoiding procrastination, getting right things done at the right time at the right place for the right reasons with the help of right people, resources, tools, approaches, methods.

That’s what really matter!

Over to you guys!

Let me know, explain to me logically, rationally why my “reasonable reasons” are wrong (really I don’t give daymmm!) or right! (yes they are absolutely right because I STRONGLY BELIEVE! they are, got any problem?! 😐 Yes I know belief is not equal to objective verifiable evidence, really I don’t care!) 😒.

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