10 Super Lucrative Business Ideas For Students in India 2021-2022

Well the reason for this post is, I have been receiving quite a number of emails from my Indian readers particularly students who wanted something specific to their own country, India.

So here it is, a post with some really kick-ass business ideas for students from allover India!

Now before going for the main topic of this post, I think I should clarify few things.

The thing is, any business model, business or startup idea etc isn’t always country specific, in fact most of them can be successfully launched (with minor changes, tuning) in any country, situation.
business ideas for students in India

Look around, the equal of Amazon (U.S.) is Ali Baba (China) or Flipkart (India)/Indiamart (India) or Shopify (Canada) or Nike (U.S) is Adidas (Germany) or Li-Ning (China) etc.

Or take a local pizza brand in India that is competing well with the likes of Pizza Hut, Domino’s in your city; surveying, judging other businesses you will see that almost no business or startup idea can be country or location specific.

So what’s my point?!

The point is, I have already shared some really kick-ass business ideas for students in Pakistani context which are as much relevant to you guys as to them!

After all, Pakistan and India are neighbors, keeping politics aside I think business culture here in Pakistan is no different than that of India, sure Indian economy is huge but that doesn’t change the fact that what will work on this side of the border won’t work on that side of the border! 😉

Now in that post I didn’t share those usual business ideas that you read all over the internet rather something really unique and at the same time not only simple, easy but also super lucrative!

Total five business ideas have been shared in that article.

Here is that post 5 Super Easy Business Ideas For Students, do check it out!

Finally before going for the rest of the 5 business ideas in this post, I think I need to share one more thing with you guys, that is if you are new to this whole business thing and don’t know how to like, manage the whole thing in efficient and effective manner!

Like managing sales, marketing, HR, finance etc, don’t know how to do it because you are a beginner or fear that you may mess up things wasting yours or your Dad money 😓😉 then checkout this post How to Manage Business (efficiently & effectively).

Once you learn and follow of every bit of the above post, you will definitely become an expert in managing almost any type of business successfully, so do read that post, it’s a bit long though!, but that’s what practical, detailed posts are about and we all know business isn’t small thing either so yeah a detailed long post was necessary 😊.

Okay now let’s get back to the main topic of this post! (finally lol!)

Five Super Low-cost Business Ideas For Students, Beginners in India!

Business Idea: Lollipop Business

It's perhaps one of the easiest business idea especially for the beginners, all you need is lollipop molds and a YouTube video on how to make lollipops.

For how to make lollipops at home check out this video
You can easily get moulds done at your home with a vacuum cleaner, a wooden box and some plastic.

For how to make plastic molds for your lollipops at home check out the following video:

Things you will need to successfully launch this business are as follow:
  1. Total investment of 10-50K INR to buy raw materials, packing materials, manufacturing materials, printing brand/business stickers etc
  2. Raw materials like sugar, water, food colors, flavors
  3. Packing materials like plastic wrappers, rubber bands, plastic bags to put in lollipops in bundles etc
  4. Manufacturing materials like different plastic molds, plastic sticks or straws etc
  5. Sticker with expiry, manufacturing, brand name, price, contact, address etc mentioned on it and you will paste that sticker on each bundle of lollipops plastic bag.

I mentioned 10-50K INR in investment for a reason, like if you want to start this business with minimum cost then you will need at least 10K INR to buy essential things like couple of plastic molds, sugar and transparent plastic wrapper etc.

Although you will be able successfully start it with 10K INR but your business will grow pretty slowly due to less investment as you won’t be able to produce large amount of lollipops to cover large market area consequently earning a lot more plus growing your business further.

Business Idea:  Chewing Gum

How about having a unique super tasty chew gum made at home/hostel … !

Although making it at hostel is a bad idea.. your hostel mates won't stop a second to chew loads of free gum... 😐

So if you have started making lollipops and you made a plastic mold on your own, following the above video then how about making some plastic molds for chewing gum, like making a lemon mold for lemon tasting gum, a strawberry mold for strawberry flavor so on and so forth.

To learn how to make chewing gum at home, watch the following video
Investment required for this startup is no different than the first one and the raw materials that are required to make chew gum are pretty easily available at any retail store and are mentioned in the video.

While in packing material you will need everything except for rubber bands and you already know about manufacturing materials required, finally you will obviously need sticker with the above mentioned things though instead of putting gums in plastic bag you can go for a bit better looking plastic jar, with brand/business sticker pasted on it.

Now having lollipops in different colors, flavors along with chewing gum in different colors, flavors means more sales consequently more net profit.

So if you are planning to start lollipops I would suggest to not only start chewing gums but also the next business idea that is marshmallows business.

Doesn’t mean you should start all of the three at once, just start with whichever you find the most easy, feasible one! 😈

Business idea: Marshmallows

Marshmallows are a kind of soft candies that can be easily made into different colors, flavors and kids love them and we know it’s usually the kids that spend the most on sweets, candies, chewing gums etc.

So having a pack of 12 marshmallows each one with a retail price of 3 INR, will make you a (net income) 0.25-0.40 INR for each Indian Rupee of total sales, in percentage that is 25-40% net income per rupee of total sales.

The variation in net income is due to variation in cost of different things required in business, for instance if you want to do a serious part time business then surely you will need a place to make this stuff, that means rent, you will also need electricity etc again that will cost, then you will need to buy raw materials, like packaging materials like plastic wrappers, expiry stamp, stickers etc and may be you want your roommate to help you out and you pay him too… so the cost increases and the net income decreases and vice versa.

Net income is almost the same (25-40%) in all of the above three business ideas, the good thing is, once you launch the one that you find the most easy one in all these three business ideas, you will find launching rest of the two, piece of cake! 😉

Marshmallows are easily made and can be given different shapes, sizes in plastic molds… so its all about your imagination, to get the target market (kids) attention.

Here is a video that shows how to make marshmallows!

Business Idea: Sweets Gift/Lottery Boxes

How about having 5INR gift/lottery packs that not only have few candies or few rupees in them but also a cheap plastic toy? And we know how kid’s mentality works, kids are one hell of a curious creatures! 😝

You can make a reasonable net profit, around 20-45%, per piece net profit can be increased by minimizing the toys cost, buying even cheaper candies or putting just one or two INR each bundle of 12 lotteries.

You can also minimize costs (consequently increasing net profit) by packing it in newspaper or other cheap paper though I would suggest to go for printing small cheap boxes, where each box will cost you around 0.40-0.80 INR.

Though you will need to print quite a large number of boxes because majority of box printers, makers don’t do small quantity work as that doesn’t yield them reasonable profit.

Now if you are not sure about it like you don’t know if this business idea will work or .. or you just want to try it at a very small scale, then in that case you can learn how to make small boxes from the following video.

So if you want to check this idea out, you may need to make boxes (at least couple of hundred) with your own two hands, packing them with candies, sweets, rupees etc and then packing them in a bundle of 12 or 24.

Printing your brand name, logo etc and pasting them on the boxes with glue, would make the whole product aesthetically more pleasing, attractive.

Business Idea: Becoming a Sales Guy!

Business isn’t always about making something and selling it, rather it can also be about converting your skills, ability into a net income opportunity.

This business idea in my view is very low cost and requires modest efforts to make a good healthy stream of net income for you, a best business idea for beginners with little to no money!

The idea is simple, you go to a wholesale dealer of a product (preferably sweets, candies, gums etc dealer), handover him your little cash, like 10K INR and ask him to give you products that have healthy demand with reasonable profit margin.

Once you get the products, second thing is having a motorbike with a medium size box attached to it firmly at the back, you will need to make a box, for that you will need to take your bike to some welding expert to make a box that you can easily attach/detach to your bike and is large enough that you can easily carry different stuff in it.

You will get that box made for you in as low 1800 INR excluding paint job which will cost you around 5-6 hundred Indian rupees.

Now when you get done with your daily studies, you can get your supplies from wholesale and then divide the entire region that you want to cover in a daily route plan, where you cover each area once in a week or once in 10 days, it all depends on the demand and how much market you want to cover!

You will hopefully earn between 500-2000 INR daily depending on your efforts, product demand, profit margin in each product, sales volume etc.

Now when I said this idea doesn’t require cost at all, by that I meant first making relationship with a wholesale dealer or giving him your original certificate or something as a guarantee so that he can give you stuff to sell.

That way you will get stuff to sell without investing a penny and yeah still you will need a bike and box… simply because you can’t make money out of thin air, investment is essential for making money and that's the bare minimum investment you will need to make, to make it work!

That’s it, over to you guys.

Don’t forget to subscribe to receive more actionable, unique tips, business ideas right into your inbox for free and yeah do read rest of the business ideas that I have already shared on this website, like I said almost every business idea can be relevant, healthy in any market situation all you need to do is to tune it a bit, so do check out rest of the business ideas here, check out this link Business Ideas 😊.

If you guys need more help, let me know through my email or contact form 😉.

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