One More Business Idea for Students in India 2021-2022 (Must Read!)

Okay after quite a long time I am back for my Indian readers 😉 especially students with another post that will give them one super cool business idea, if you haven’t read the previous article check 10 Business Ideas for Students in India!

Now just because I am talking about Indian students here doesn’t mean that the same business idea isn’t applicable to any other country students, that’s wrong, the fact is whoever you are, if you want to earn some healthy cash with very, very small investment (yes!, small investment, just read till the end) this article is as relevant to you as it is to students all over the world.

In fact, all those business ideas I have shared over the years on this blog (hundred plus business ideas actually 😉 don't forget to dig this blog out after reading this post), are as relevant to all of you as to any specific region.

Now let’s get back to the main point of this article.

That is Toy Lottery Business!

Business Idea for Students: Toy Lottery Business!

You might have seen those small tiny toys made out of cheap plastic, check the following picture.

These toys cost around $0.02 to $0.04 per piece let’s take average of $0.03, now imagine if I pack these toys in small boxes (30 boxes, with one piece of toy in each box), total cost of these toys will be then $0.90.

While printing small boxes like shown below, will cost around $0.004 (I know the industry, so it’s an educated guess), so a total of 30 small boxes will cost $0.12.

Now let’s put some sweet popcorn along with toys in these boxes, sweet popcorn are very very cheap here in subcontinent and plus they are bulky, which means not only you fill the box but also it won’t cost much.

Plus kids love sweet popcorn.

Thirty boxes filled with sweet popcorn's will cost less than $0.05, now lets put these boxes in an opp adhesive plastic bag just as shown below.

A single piece of opp adhesive plastic bag costs around $0.008, so the total cost on making this one lottery pack is as follow:

  • Toys total cost for 30 boxes: $0.90
  • 30 Boxes total cost: $0.12
  • 30 Boxes filled with sweet popcorn cost: $0.05
  • Opp adhesive plastic bag cost: 0.008

Totaling the above costs equals to $1.078, which means one lottery pack cost is $1.078, now what if you set retail price of each lottery box $0.070 or around 5 Indian rupees (INR) means each lottery pack will make total $0.070 X 30 = $2.1 in retail sales.

Note: If you think kids won’t buy 5 INR lottery then to bring down the cost further you should simply use cheaper quality toys in the lottery, it is as simple as that!

Here is how that lottery pack will look like, I just did a bit of sloppy Photoshop, you can add colors, images etc to boxes etc.
And here is something similar done in real:

Now imagine if you sell this lottery pack for $1.40 to wholesale in the market and at $1.80 to retailers in the market, you will earn handsomely.

For instance you sell daily 20 lottery packs to retail at $1.80, here you will earn $0.722 or over 50 INR per lottery pack and a total of 1000 INR daily when you sell twenty lottery packs daily.

That means 20 to 26 thousand INR of net income per month if you exclude Sundays.

To start this business you will need just around 25 to 50 thousand INR in investment ($350-$700 in dollars).

Keep in mind that small toys gift packs/lotteries sells like hot cakes so selling 20 boxes daily is a piece of cake, very easy!

Some important notes to keep in mind:

  • To reduce lottery pack cost you can either use cheap toys or lottery fillings, paper shreds etc instead of popcorns.
  • Instead of making lottery boxes which will cost you anywhere from 15-25K INR ($215-$430 in dollars) try to launch it with minimum cost around 2-6K INR($30-$90) with already available lottery boxes, yes these boxes are usually available in the market, you just need a bit of research.
  • Even though you may be tempted to use only cheap toys, which although will work in short term, but in long term your business will hit failure, I am not saying that you shouldn't use cheap toys, I am just suggesting to use mix of both cheap and good quality toys in your lotteries.
  • Try to target retail as in retail you not only earn more compared to wholesale but you will also have least credit (almost none actually), which means your business will run on cash and no credit tension.
  • Toy variety is key to success here, the more variety utilize, the more you will earn.

That’s it!

Over to you guys

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