10 Super Profitable Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

business opportunities in Saudi Arabia

Well if you are looking for some really kick-ass business opportunities to start in Saudi Arabia then you have come to the right spot.

And I promise you won’t be disappointed here! 😊

Because this post is about some really healthy business ideas that you won’t find anywhere else and once you invest in them, you would come here and thank me in tons!

I am going to give you guys 10 super lucrative best ideas that will change your life for good and will contribute immensely to the kingdom drive, vision 2030 to move from reliance on pure oil based economy to diversification.

So without further ado let’s get to it!

Mobile Data Cable Manufacturing Business

Mobile Data Cable Manufacturing Business Idea

If you are looking for a really hot business idea that will fly right off the bat in 2021 and will make you tons of money then data cable manufacturing for all kinds of smart phones is the business you should be investing in.

A quality data cable last for about 3 years at best and there are around 28.8 million smart phone users in Saudi Arabia which is going to grow to 36.17 million by year 2025.

All this data shows there is tremendous demand for data cables in Saudi Arabia and a locally manufactured quality data cable will make handsomely in terms of return on investment.

Not to mention by manufacturing a quality data cable you can earn around 120% to 220% of sales in profit like for instant if you sell a single data cable for one dollar you will not only earn that one dollar but along with that also earn 1.2 to 2.2 dollars in profit!, that’s how lucrative this business is!

Normally to manufacture a single quality data cable cost around $0.15 to $0.25, that’s it and then with magic of branding, packaging and all that you can sell it for a handsome return!

Setting up data cable manufacturing factory isn’t hard either; you can set it up with modest investment of just $20K-$25K.

That’s it and to train your labor force, it takes just a week to train labor force on machines and then you are ready to manufacture data cables, it’s that easy.

You will be provided all the required training, raw materials everything by data cable setup supplier company wherever you desire it.

For more details like machinery, its features, company that manufacture this machinery, their contacts, address etc check out this link: Data Cable Manufacturing Machinery Details/Total Investment Required.

Tissue/Napkin Manufacturing Business

Tissue Paper Napkin Manufacturing Business Idea

Yet another super lucrative business opportunity with huge ROI, here you can earn around 35% (in profit) per single dollar sales when you offer distribution and around 50%  per single dollar sales when you offer it to a wholesaler!

Total tissue consumption in the MENA region has been steadily growing; from 1.615 million tonnes in 2016 to 1.742 Million tonnes in 2017, marking a 7.86% increase in a single year. The four largest consumers – Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt account for 66% of the total regional consumption.

It shows that tissues, napkins have tremendous demand in Saudi Arabia and thus its yet another business opportunity on which Saudis can capitalize on!

Starting a tissue, napkin manufacturing business is easy-peasy, piece of cake, there are no big technicalities involved in the setup.

Your labor force can be trained in just about couple of weeks as to how efficiently and effectively run the whole plant.

As for as investment is concerned than starting a medium to low scale setup will cost you just around $15K-$20K.

By medium to low scale I mean starting this business with importing raw material (jumbo paper rolls) from China, while doing cutting, embossing and packaging at your own unit in Saudi Arabia.

And if you want to manufacture jumbo rolls, raw material in Saudi Arabia, at your own factory than you will need at least $60K-$70K in total required investment.

To make a more informed decision based on real facts, objective data, solid research about whether to get into this business or not, you may need to read this research by Euromonitor International.

And to get more details, machinery information, delivery options, company information please check out this link: Napkin Tissue Paper Manufacturing Machinery Price, Plan, Process, Quotation, Information.

Now for the rest of the 8 business ideas that you can read on this website with all the relevant details are as follow:

10 Profitable Business Opportunities in Saudi Arabia

1.      Mineral, Purified Water Business

2.      Biscuits, Cookies Manufacturing Business

3.      Ice Cream, Ice Lolli Manufacturing Business

4.      Disposable Paper Plates Manufacturing Business

5.      Disposable Paper Cups Manufacturing Business

6.      Carton Box Packaging Manufacturing Business

7.      Corrugated Cardboard Manufacturing Business

8.      Craft Paper Manufacturing Business

9.      Mobile Data Cable Manufacturing Business

10.  Napkin & Tissue Manufacturing Business

To read in details about each and every business idea, please check out this link: Business Ideas for Saudi Arabia.

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