Small Fish Feed Machine Price [all details] [Also Suitable for Cats, Dogs, Shrimp Feed Too]

Hello everyone, hope all of you are doing well, well this time I am sharing with you guys an amazing small fish feed machine with all the details like its price, pellets details like sizes it can do, also details about floating, sinking pellets and if you want it we can provide it anywhere in the world.

This little machine is not only suitable for making feed or pellets for different fishes like surface eaters, column eaters, bottom eaters but can also produce feed for dogs, cats, shrimps etc.

small fish feed machine price fish pellet machine extruder

Means you can actually make feed not only for different animals but also different sizes, so this is something you can not only use for your business (if you won a fish farm) but also for your little sweet cat or dog.

I think this machine is the best deal for your fish farm business because we all know around 80% of our cost in fish farming goes into fish feed, so if you buy this small fish feed extruder you will save quite good amount of money.

Okay, let's talk about the rest of the details like machine price, pellets sizes, machine features etc.

First of all here is that small feed machine!

Small Fish Feed Making Machine Price

Okay now let's get to stuff related to it 😊

Small Fish Feed Machine  Price, Pellets Sizes, Features:

Price of this machine as per latest quotation is $1585/- Usd.

Fish Feed Pellets sizes (this machine can do are as follow):

  • 1mm (Suitable for fish lesser than 50 grams in weight)
  • 2mm (Suitable for fish more than 50 grams in weight)
  • 3mm (Suitable for fish more than 200 grams in weight)
  • 4mm (Suitable for fish more than 400 grams in weight)
Pellets shapes can be customized.

Okay, now let's talk about rest of the features this machine has.

Machine Features:

The pellets made with this machine will float on water for at least 12 hours before sinking to the bottom thus it is not only suitable for surface eaters but also for column and bottom eaters too.

And since floating duration is long, it ensures that surface eaters do get optimum level of food.

The Company provides a total of seven models in this machine, the smallest one is the one already discussed here, which production capacity is around 40-50Kg per hour.

For other details on those other models checkout the following table.
Small Fish Feed Machine Models
The weight of this machine is 310 Kg, company provides one year warranty.

The producer of this machine aka company will provide you all the details about operating this machine in form of manual, video and video chat and any other help you may need.

You can convert the following items into feed with this machine
  • Soybean
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Meat
  • Cottonseed
  • Fish
  • Bone
Fish Feed Raw Materials

While making feed, intense heat and pressure make sure that germs like e coli, Salmonella are eradicated, thus the feed being manufactured is clear of such pathogens.

Other features of this machine are as follow:

  1. Enlarged&widened feed inlet, wear-resistant and durable.
  2. Pure copper motor, strong power, low noise.
  3. Thick and flexible belt, silent transmission, strong adhesion.
  4. Variety of feed shape grinding tools are available.
  5. Independent power control box, easy to operate and safe.
  6. Separate variable speed cutting device, feed pellet length can be adjusted.
  7. Spiral discharge opening, uniform discharge.
  8. Wear-resistant slicing, easy to disassemble.
Small Fish Feed Machine extruder

And here is company provided quotation:

Small Fish Feed Machine Price

If you want to buy this machine, then there are two options either you make me the middle man and I get you the latest quotation with all the details like freight, delivery time, payment options, company profile etc.

You will need to pay me $69/- only 😋 and I will provide you all that.

And if you want to do it yourself, then all I need is just $29/- and I will give you company details like address, email, whatsapp, web address etc and you can pursue your purchase on your own 😊.

If you want to watch how it works check out the following video from 10:00 minute onward:

You can reach out to me via email:
or via EMAZ contactform: here
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